Possible twist at the end of CoE

Alex - Posted on 09 July 2009

The introduction of the "Hitch-hiker" at the beginning of episode 1 and Gwen later mentioning to the your doctor that "anyone could be carrying one" seems like a bit of a set up.

II wouldn't put it past the writing team to reveal that Gwen's "baby" is actually a hitch-hiker alien. For one thing Clement's psychic ability might not register it as an alien, merely new life. And the scanner simply registered a new organism inside Gwen. Nothing specifically saying it was a gestating foetus.


Just a thought.


daveac's picture

Alex - my thoughts were that the 'hitch-hikers' were found in bodies that would turn out to be some the 12 children (now grow-up) that were handed over to the aliens in 1965

Cheers, daveac

That whole 'hitch-hiker' thing was quite a dead end with the plot, wasn't it? But it did serve it's purpose: introduce that doctor to Torchwood, to set them up for the attack by special forces and the destruction of the Hub.

Can Steve come back to life?

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