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Troy Baker - Posted on 09 July 2009

The Guardian has a story on their website about the possibility of the new movie version of 'Doctor Who'. The speculation is that the news will be revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con.


Here is a link to that story:


There are no details about the movie's plot in the article.

All these reports about a movie announcement at SDCC sprang out after we speculated about it in Doctor Who: Podshock. Hmm.. 

Hopefully it will star Matthew Smith and be written by Scott Moffat, not those other two people!  

Yeah, I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Tennant and RTD are leaving Who, and that should be the end of it.

I'll be at the DW and TW panels at San Diego, so we'll see if I have the chance to leave some feedback with the Call Box after each panel is finished. Since they're having Q&A sessions, I'm thinking of questions I could also. Also considering the fact that RTD will be signing at the BBC America booth.

Unlike the other individual mentioned in the Podshock, I don't have an iPhone (or any smart phone for that matter) to blog or tweet my thoughts. :)

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This week Digital Spy has a poll on it's website about what you want out of the 'Doctor Who' movie. All you do is click on an item and click to vote here is the link for the poll:

Since it is from Digital Spy I don't really expect a very scientific poll but I think it would be fun to participate.


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Digital Spy sure doesn't offer much variety in their poll.  Personally, I'd prefer that whoever writes any potential movie doesn't pay too much attention to that sort of thing.  Ken's classic quote about, "Non-creative people making creative decisions" comes to mind.  This is how Spider-Man 3 got so messed up.  It started out as a simple story of Spidey vs Sandman.  Then Avi Arad convinced everyone that Venom needed to be shoe horned into the script somehow to make all the fanboys happy. 

Enter: The Conquering Chicken

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I never said it was a good poll but I just put it out there if you wanted to participate.

I have a choice of my own that's not on there - a story centered around the 11th doctor correcting a consequence from a previous incarnation. We would do a flashback to set the story showing what the previous did and then we come to the 11th to fix the mistake done at that time.

Kind of like Tom Baker did in 'The Face of Evil' (of course the events were caused by the same Doctor (4th) in an eariler time, supposedly. We never really knew for sure, but it was the  4th Doctor's face on the mountain). We just didn't see the flashback from the Mordee expedition that created the problem.

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I like the idea of The Doctor going back to right an unintentioned wrong commited by a previous incarnation, as a Doctor Who fan.  For the general movie-going public however, I don't think the concept would work as well.  Too much continuity bagage.  It would go over well with Whovians, but sail over everyone elses heads and bomb at the box office. 

To be a successful film at the box office, the story would need to stand on it's own.  That's always the biggest drawback for movies linked to tv shows.  The writers have to pander to the wide audience at the expense of the fans.  Some writers can pull it off, though.  There are plenty of already existing stories from Doctor Who that would have made excellent stories on the silver screen.  The Empty Child springs prominently to mind.  If it hadn't already been made into a pair of episodes, it would have worked just fine as a Doctor Who movie. 

Enter: The Conquering Chicken

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I think that any new film should follow on from the last film, the Paul McGann one. It's the area of Who that has not been explained and is unlikely ever to be in the TV programme, what's more it would not impinge on the TV thread and would give McGann a well deserved crack at the Who whip.

It's even possible that a regeneration could be the climax if Eccleston fancied a day's pay.

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