Chase - Posted on 10 July 2009

The orginal movie by William Castle is a good movie, despite what some say. It has everything. A nice family moves into a house inherited by them from some uncle who used to do experiments to prove life after death. In many ways this movie is a precusor to the original DARK SHADOWS. It has a young blond daughter, a little boy, a strange maid, a mother and father and a huge haunted house with a bat...I know little more about this movie but it is the remake that I want to review...

MONK'S Tony Shaloub (also in GALAXY QUEST) is the lone father of a little boy and a teen daughter. His African American nanny is played by one of the funniest women on the face of the Earth and she makes every scene she's in better than it should be. They inherit a house from the dad's uncle...a house with glass walls with hieroglphyics on them, strange symbols, and the walls move around, making it difficult to move about the house or...get out when the entire thing goes on lock down.

Then there are 12...yeah, 12 ghosts. There's a mystery behind who is the 13th ghost but I won't ruin that now. Suffice to say that this movie is alot different than the first one and much much better. The ghosts, even if not explained in detail in the movie, all have backgrounds. The dvd goes into each back story in full detail so it's worth getting just for that. Each one is more scary than the last one and together...they make a formidable threat.

The action is intense, the twists and turns unforeseeable, the villains revealed in shocking detail and the house itself interesting to the end. There are also some very funny moments thanks to the maid and, oh yeah, the surfer guy from HACKERS.

For some reason, the movie did not do well and reviews are all poor but I like this movie a great deal. It has a great deal of actoin, surprises, intelligent and likable characters and some nasty villains and scary ghost monsters...and those 3d glasses to see the ghosts...but only for the charaters in the movie not for the viewers...       

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