Chase - Posted on 11 July 2009

STAR TREK'S Patrick Steward plays the hero. STephen Gallagher, I think the same one who wrote WARRIOR'S GATE and TERMINUS wrote the entire show---all four stories. If you watch this, with VERY little tweaking it could an Earth stranded Doctor as the hero. He is the scientific advisor to the miltiary. He has a female comp..I mean bodyguard and in this version she truly can protect him. And he's funny, a bit older, and...says stuff like, "I'm off to save the world again..."  I also don't think he likes guns. The stories could almost be UNIT stories. They are also real world stories about viruses and real science usually. A few of the four or maybe all four have been recreated for the now cancelled US version. This version is funny, serious, deadly, and great fun when you focus on the interaction between the two great leads. Don't miss it.

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