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I tempted to say that this is the first truly GREAT Davison story, however I'm most partial to his first season and now that I've reassessed them, SNAKEDANCE, MAWDYRN, and a few others. This ep is particularly good, awesome in fact. Turlough gets more than a moment or two (in TERMINUS he made Tegan laugh at something he said and in this he laughs at something the Doctor says). Here, he's quite personalbe, likable, and gets sought after by a crewman in the old older man chases Adric routine. It all works so well. Janet Fielding is awesome in this,

Davison is in top form, we get a "Brave heart Tegan" during dinner. Yes, they eat. And her answer is, "It's not my heart I'm worried about."  He looks one way in a hall and goes the other way, something his Doctor has been doing for some time but here, it's just...better. His hair is very long in this story, possibly the longest it's ever been, giving him an almost Hartnell look.

Tegan is even self recriminating and that makes HER so likable too. The scene in the TARDIS with Mariner watching her is magnficent as is everything else here. At first, it seemed as if it would be a historical but then with Mariner being so strange and all...we find out what really is going on or rather a bit more at the very end of part one with that amazing, wonderful cliffhanger. "We're not on  a yacht, we're on a ship, a space ship."  Truly grand.

Turlough admits he's a coward but the Doc admits he's not as reliable as Tegan. Turlough's rapport with the crew, and indeed, the Doctor is spot on and just what this story needs. I like the little touches such as the building the blocks up and the hat on his head. 

Again, everyone here is in top form and the sets are great too. The music is appropriate and chilling at times, the effects adequate. I can't rave enough about this episode. Did they use this writer again? If not, I wonder why not. And the direction is tight, too. Of course, no TV is perfect and I'm sure that there are plot points and flubs in ABOUT TIME but possibly not about ep1 but either way I don't care, this was a thought provoking, interesting, faster paced DW than we've seen in a while and it just works so bloody well. Even the Black and White Guardian work well, although not sure why the White Guardian is so weak here, I just supposed it was something the Black one was doing to him or something else we were not privy to, yet.

Again, this is great escapism fantasy and I just love it pieces.        


Another bloody awesome episode. Turlough continues to impress after last ep even if here, he's a bit of a cowardly villain again, turning in Jackson and the mutiny plot. He's at last taking a stand against the Black Guardian, even if it is suicide. Striker and his officiers are bloody good "villains" who are not villains and Eternals who are bored (not a new idea in general but still interestingly plotted out here) are a new idea to DW which is full of savaging invading monsters and powerful energy beings etc. The effects are adequate. Mariner remains to be a great ally/alien being. The callousness of the death of the humans as felt by Striker and Mariner is interesting. Only the Black Guardian gets a bad scene and that's short and his laughter is just laughable, "Nyah nyah nyah,"  he says and vanishes. But even he can't ruin this story. The deck sequences are well done and the cliffhanger exicting. What more is there to say? Davison is marvelous as he tells off Striker, the Venus episode is well done, the ship exploding adding another layer to the mystery, and the prize not yet known. Added to that the taking of the TARDIS and this Doctor once again underestimating his adversary...and another sterling performance by Janet Fielding...she's just wonderful in this and seeing this, I wish she could continue well into the future. It's amazing how good she is and good she makes Tegan. Now that Nyssa's gone, the regulars are just acting up a storm. Truly well done.    


Another good episode but I am sick of the Black Guardian/Turlough interplay and Mark S overdoes the acting here. I do like Wrack and her crew, but I've always liked pirates if there is a good story. I love PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN but hate the sequel and due to that never saw the third one. So Wrack and her men are overdoing it but that just adds to the Eternal's creepy factor. I thought Davison's Doctor was getting hints that Turlough was not all he was cracked up to be...or worse than he wasn't cracked up to be. There could have been some more mstery factor as to what Wrack was doing but it was clear as soon as she gave word about the sword to Davies that she was using some kind of bomb inside the gifts. I also don't know why Tegan had to dress up for the occasion. I mean would you, knowing you might be in danger and have to run for it? Anyway Wrack stares right at the camera and gives a cliffhanger. There's no getting around it: this story is just good for having been set in space...I mean as a yacht race in space! Nothing can really destroy the wow factor of that, even if it was done in Japanese movies first (some kind of STAR WARS rip off using a yacht space ship, and the excellent anime GALAXY 999 used spaceships so advanced they could look like anything including trains). Another good one.




All throughout this story, we've seen hints that Tegan is sort of in love with the Doctor, tantilizing bits of character stuff and in the past we've only really seen a sort of animosity between them. For his part, the Doctor seems unaware of Tegan as a female or as an attractive female. When she first comes out with her dress on, he just harumphs in a Hartnell esque way. Interesting. At the same time, Mariner says he's not in love with Tegan but really he is, he wants life, maybe just as she has but she seems to complete him. For her part, she's really not interested. It would be interesting to see a sequel of sorts if Mariner ever got to return to our realm and went after her. At the same time, if the Eternals had so much power, this ep starts to fall apart but it's still enjoyable. How did Turlough and the Doctor overpower Wrack and her First Mate? If they fall overboard, I guess they have to follow their own rules and go home but how could they lose anyway? Why did the Black Guardian fire up when hit by the Enlightenment (light destroys dark but he's not destroyed)? The whole thing is a bit strange and surreal, even more so than the other eps but not a let down as some places report in their opinion that it was. Turlough tries, at the start to betray the Doctor and does so a few times or at least once, but then turns against Wrack and the Black Guardian. Another good story and a successful end to the triology, all three stories to it soon to be out on DVD as one.

I picked up the 'Black Guardian' trilogy on DVD this week and have been enjoying all three stories in the series along with the extras.  This DVD includes the re-edited "feature length" version of "Enlightenment."

very good story

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