DEMONS season one

Chase - Posted on 14 July 2009

DEMONS season one

Ep1-They Bite

this show is really a male BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and it knows it. It is predictable and comfortable but within that, it plays with what we think and what we watch. It's enjoyable despite all of that. Going the type of BUFFY's Giles, Luke's guardian "watcher" is Rupert, a rough, tough, American who get directly involved in the action. Ruby, the female Xander, takes no guff from anyone and gets her own back at others who try to make her feel useless and silly. She's my favorite chraracter thus far. She takes alot and puts up with a lot. Mina Harker, that name just evoked Dracula and she seems to hold mysteries as yet untouched in the pilot.  Mina is an interesting character and it will be interesting to see how she develops and help the others in the appears she really won't at Rupert has to lead her around but there are mysteries about her that we want the answers and solutions to. The monsters and villains are well made, well done, a bit over the top in BUFFY fashion. And one them does some gross things with his food when he's done chewing or digesting. Rupert should have walked Ruby to her apartment door. Does she live alone? The main baddie is interesting too. And gross, too. In all, this episode delivers the action, the jokes, the over the top villains, the sets are amazing and the location work well done. And Rupert doesn't work in the school library but has his own. There was a movie called YOUNG VAN HELSING or something like that a few years ago, even before that awful VAN HELSING movie with the actor who plays WOLVERINE, Hugh Jackman. It was schlocky but not as fun as DEMONS. And DEMONS is fun. Cooke is a stunning looking lead and with his cast, able to hold this together.  I hope it gets renewed. If not we have these six episodes.  This ep does the job of introducing it all and it still entertains IMO.  


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Sorry Chase but this is the worse series we've produced for a while and i'm including Bonekickers in that!  It's so badly written, I think I could do a better job, in fact I know I can!  The series just jumped on the Buffy bandwagon but was 5 years too late and set in the wrong country.  I would much prefer to see a drunken Phil Glenister kick some demon arse, without the use of guns and a questionable American accent.

In fact I suspect that the expense behind this series affected the decision to renew Primeval, which is a million miles better than Demons.

Can't believe you like this and not Torchwood!

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Has it been renewed? Hope so. It's just fun entertainment which is what  I like but both what you said and what I said are just in our opinions. 

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Here is the first episode of Demons series 2

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EDIT: I fixed it - Louis

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I could get the embedded image in initially (when only preview is avilable) and indeed all was well in the preview, however after I 'save' everything was screwed up. It is the two part nature of saving things that seems to induce my problems (well those related to saving YouTube movies Laughing ).

By the way is there a good reason for having to preview your post before being able to save it?

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Okay how do you embed a youtube clip?

Okay how do you embed a youtube clip?

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Actually, taking a quick peek right now at what is allowable in the Filtered HTML, I don't think it allows for embedding. I will need to work something out to enable it for more than just moderators, bloggers, and editors. Sorry.



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Not really an 'opinion' when it lost millons of viewers each week and was panned by everyone who had seen it, ITV pulled the plug a while ago.  Thank god!

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Frm what you wrote above it sounds like Primeval was renewed? When did that happen or didn't it?

It still is an opinion. A fact would be: Demons had lower ratings, number wise, than Doctor Who did. A fact would be: Demons was on ITV and now won't be. A fact is NOT: This was the worst produced show we've had in a  long time. That's an opinion. My opinions are just opinions, not facts. When I say TORCHWOOD is trash, it's trash to me in my opinion. I think that and believe that. That's not a fact. A fact would be that TORCHWOOD season 3 ended with CHILDREN OF EARTH day five. And if everyone tuned out of DEMONS because they hated it, that's not a  reason to say that the statement "it's is a terrible show" is a fact because "It's a terrible show" is still a comment of opinion. A fact is: made up numbers 100000 people did a survey and they started watching DEMONS on Monday night but tuned out of it because they didn't like it. That's a fact. IF researched and given evidence. And from that research you can form an opinion that DEMONS is not well liked or that DEMONS is terrible. You can't say that DEMONS sucked is a fact from that. DEMONS sucked is still an opinion, no matter how many think that or agree with that.   

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If read my reply properly I say that the FACT that this series was an expensive flop, probably affected the desicon to renew Primeval,  Has Primeval been renewed?  No, so therefore the mistake that was Demons made ITV edgy about big budget dramas and they wielded the axe.  It's hardly rocket science!

Demons was an expensive mistake, millions of people thought it was crap and didn't watch it the week after.  There's your FACTS.

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Those are all still just suppositions, guesses, and opinions on  your part!It was a ratings flop can also be taken as an opinion but also a fact so I'll give you that but no where do you say that it was that you said "in fact"  you suspected...well was it a suspected thing or a fact? Did you know for sure the expense affected the decision...

and the decision was to NOT renew Primeval...if that show wasn't an expensive flop too, maybe it would have gotten renewed of its own merit.

So all of what you are saying is not a fact, it's your opinion, just as mine is that PRIMEVAL could be taken to be just as much an expensive flop too. It has three years to win over an audience and in MY OPINION, it didn't but I don't have the facts of the ratings from last year's PRIMEVAL to the first and third to show decrease or increase. Even if I did and I didn't have privy to the minds of those cancelling and renewing, anything I saw is an opinion.  

This episode starts out like an X FILES or an ANGEL or BUFFY episode and resembles throughout a TORCHWOOD story where angelic beings seem to want a little girl. There though, at least with TORCHWOOD, the thematic tone ends. In TORCHWOOD, you get Jack handing over a little girl to the "aliens" who are not supernatural based but science based and although he hates it, he lets the girl go. She might have wanted to go or maybe she was being abused by someone in her family, I don't remember. I try to forget TORCHWOOD as soon as I watch it because thematically it just does not appeal to me. It's very upsetting to always have it thrown in your face that the show you want to watch or like just doesn't believe in God or happy endings or characters that can do the right thing and be justified in that. DEMONS, at least, gives me the fantasy I want.

Here a demon of old is posing as an angel and using the image of a little girl to take more innocent young children who "smell right".  Of course, this being DEMONS, aka BUFFY, the story has to mix the real world in with Luke's driving test and Ruby's little brother who just wants to play X box. Mix into that Luke's training to hit with the whole enchilada and Nina's ability to distract the demon...she claims to have known it before...hmmmm...and you get a satisfying episode the likes of which TORCHWOOD has NEVER done. I've never been happy with how any TORCHWOOD ends but here, at least, I can feel an adventure happened, the characters related well to each other and there was some action and adventure, besides a lot of nasty stuff going down. Oh, and the children aren't ....well, you know.

The people I showed ep1 and 2 to, loved this show and are unhappy it is being cancelled. Truth is, they also like BUFFY, BEING HUMAN, ANGEL, and CHARMED. When I described TORCHWOOD-CHILDREN OF EARTH not one of them wanted to watch that "crap" as they called it. I kind of agree.

Oh and Richard Wilson is just great in this as he is in MERLIN. Only here, he plays  a zombie who has lived a long time (from the 17th century maybe? or the 1700s) and he gives Luke some ancient artifacts to fight with...and a warning about Rupert. I like the whole relationship between the characters here, making this different than Buffy. Rupert is gruff, unlike Giles; Luke is a bit more sure of himself in both worlds, unlike Buffy (I almost never understood Buffy, she was this good looking girl who almost always got dates and yet...she had this angst that her life sucked, even in season one and two, it wasn't really realistic); Luke insists that Ruby is just his girl friend while Ruby obviously has more going on for Luke than he does for her; and just mysterious and I"m sure BUFFY never had a character like Mina before.  

I also love the filming on this show, the graveyyard, the town, London, the streets, the play yard, in the backyard with the swing, etc, all look so much more refreshing than good ole Cardiff. 

All in all a good episode...  

Basically a good episode that furthers the relationships between everyone more and more. Ruby has some great scenes with ...well, just about everyone, including Luke's mum. She also gets to save the day after well, not. Rupert talked to her about giving up Luke and this life before her luck runs out...and by the end, he's proud of her.

There's also the plot about Mr T Tibbs having murdered Rupert's wife and Rupert putting himself and everyone else in danger, including the near explosion of the Library, the Stacks. Mina shows her visions are not always helpful but she does caution Rupert. Rupert shows he does care for Luke. Mina and Ruby sort of bond.

The episode is a bit predictable in that we know the girl Grace is up to something...even though she was a good person before Tibbs had her. We also know that the bomb will be stopped from killing Mina and destroyed the stacks, although to be honest, it seemed when Ruby checked Mina, Mina was not breathing...funny that...

I also thought that Luke's mum would find out more or maybe she does know more but is'nt telling. Ruby's message to Luke was fun and furthers her character.

A good episode and without being overly sentimental and sappy as BUFFY would have been or even over the top as XENA would have been. ANd the actors LOOK so good...

Suckers is the vampire episode and probably one of the strangest in that it is a strong Mina episode and yet, not a very strong vampire episode. The vampires are strong and frankly ever since BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and its ilk--I love BUFFY but I"m tired of shows and movies like it and TWILIGHT spitting in the face of the vampire lore. I like the vampire lore and yeah even the cliches---it is time to bring back  the idea that vampires can change into bats, can't go into the sunlight at all, must sleep in coffins, etc. I'm tired of vampires that go into the sunlight, can't change into wolves or fog and are esstentially just demons.

Anyway rant over, Mina's got a twist going on here. Ruby reads Dracula and finds out that BLOODY HELL, the guy we think is Mina's vamp lover is actually not, he's her bloody son!  I didn't get the whole  blood transfusion thing. Mina keeps cleansing herself of blood---who's? Humans? But she keeps her vampire blood around? For what? And does she age?

Ruby is once againt he funniest, likable character ("We know all about her. She's a boring bitch.") Christian still has IT as Luke,

The vampires don't seem very much like hiding. I mean they are running a blood drive van, which is a neat twist but when they go bowling, Quincy, the leader, takes the head off of Zippy, the non vampire half life that helps the vampires and bowls with his head; and later, Quincy seems to have killed Gail, the waitress IN the diner.

Mina's twist over, the episode goes the way you might think and this is maybe the worst DEMONS episode but it is not that bad. Honest. The people I"m showing this series to, love it and love the entire show.     


Okay I kept hoping this episode would have some kind of a twist to it or that the harpy would turn out not to want to kill Luke or that Luke wouldn't ultimately kill the harpy but no, no twist. I didn't quite get why the harpy seemed as if she were not in control of her demon-ness and it almost seemed like an affliction. The girl playing the harpy as a human, Allison, was very pretty and this episode spotlighted a great deal of location work. It seemed not much money was afforded the show as Ruby seems to wear the same clothes over and over and that's a shame as this show deserved more than it got. The effect of the harpy as the harpy was well done and the music well used. Shaking things up among the main characters was welcome and that would continue into ep6. Sarah Jane's sidekick (Clyde?) appears in this as a gang member who threatens Allison as she's saved by Luke's kungfu, mix of self defense.  A handsomely mounted episode with not much humor and no real twists and Luke takes his eyes off Allison while he trying to give her a wormwood test to see if she's really the harpy. It's also at first easy not to feel sorry for Luke but later it is easy to feel sorry for him as his life is that of Buffy's...monsters out to get him and girls lying to him. Best quote, "Well this is intense."


This episode sets Luke against Galvin for the most part as an old enemy returns, Mr. T he calls himself and manipulates Luke after Luke is hit by the ball of a psychic half life that was masquerading as a clown. What I don't get is that the chase with the clown happens on a crowded street ...with guns! I also think that we're supposed to think T is a ghost but he's really something else entirely...I think. Not clear on that. Mina shows another dark side and may have become next season's villain...if there was going to be a next season. Ruby continues to impress most of the time and is loyal to Luke, who can't see that she's really the girl for him. The whole Luke's father thing is a bit cliche but I guess that's what makes this show...a cliche in a way but either way it's engaging as the cast is engaging, Richard Wilson makes an appearance and we're not really sure that Galvin didn't do something to Luke's father. Best quote, "Mina has issues." 


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