HARRY POTTER 6 (spoilers)

Chase - Posted on 15 July 2009






I have to admit that I"m not a big Harry Potter fan. I can't get through the books, they sort of ramble on and on and detour to tangents, have too many characters, etc. I like the movies much better but only just. I took two family members, who love Harry Potter to this.

Visually the movie is wonderful. Action wise, there's more of it to recommend than not. It is also tense and scary and very, very upsetting in some scenes. It is a tear jerked IMO.

Harry's world puzzles me. In one scene, there's a class learning potions. The one who created a death potion wins a prize. Then everyone is on about fighitng the evil one or that evil can seep in and win. To me, most of the school seems imbibed with some form of evil already. The attack on the school seemed strange and rushed, was it just to kill Dumbledore? It was at night, I guess, so....everyone was asleep and the villains left as fast as they came?

In any event, fans will love this, non fans, not so much, I don't think. I have to say the three young leads are as engaging as ever, the adults ---the main adults are well played and characterized. The villains upsetting and nasty. There's nothing wrong with these fantasy movies, they just seem enveloped in evil, darkness, and trouble...and it wraps around the entire production. Glad to see Drago, somewhat less evil than we thought.

Twists and turns abound and they make a kind of sense when you know the whole story. With two more movies on the way...this shows no signs of losing ground though.     

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I've read all the books in the series and I've seen all the movies to 'Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire'.

I don't know how much the movie diverges from the book but the death of a character close to Harry was a bit of a surprise (when I read it). It sets up a big change for the last book. The last book is so massive that there will be two movies to encompass it all.


Lots of times I find it easier to read the book because there is usually more character development that you can get when watching a movie - not to mention all the parts that are cut to fit in the time constraints of a movie. If you look at the books there is something missing from every one in the movies.


Any way the projected release dates of the movies are:

Part 1 - November 19, 2010

Part 2 -  July 15, 2011

Please note that the dates are subject to change.


Big stuff coming!

Look out for it!


I don't think the books are bad, they're just not my cup of tea. Also thanks for the info. Are there short stories in the Potter universe?

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To my knowledge J. K. Rowling didn't do any short stories with Harry Potter.

With that being said - there is a lot of fan fiction out there that uses the characters from the books. Some good - some pretty darn awful, just check on the fansites and you're bound to run into something.




As to reading the books - for me it was easy because I'm an avid reader to begin with. That's probably why it was so easy for me.

Thanks. I read a lot, too, but when I"m not interested in where a book takes me, I lose interest in finishing a book. I never got through book 2...I left it when the gnomes were being caught by the Weasley's at their house during a summer break I think it was. Yet I read all the Alex Rider books in the span of a month...  

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