The Stealers from Saiph (spoilers)

Chase - Posted on 15 July 2009

This Big Finish audio read by Mary Tamm is pretty good. It's setting is in the 1920s in France, I think. It moves fairly slow at first but picks up pace well. There are plenty of characters in it but only one or two stand out at first but then they all do, sort of. One gets the idea that if this was a TV episode, it would be SOOO much better. Imagination usually plays into key here and makes the stories better but this would be better if presented as a TV story or a movie. As I've said before, despite cheesy sets and badly presented monster outfits, DOCTOR WHO, the original, is really a visual concept and it is to Big Finish's credit that they have had mostly good stories and a lot of success. The story picks up in pace as a slimy, digusting monster, a parasite seesm to be in place. I may not have been paying attention a great deal but it has some plan and can control people. As this is really a Romana story, the Tom Baker Doctor doesn't do very much but come to the rescue. The second half is very imaginative and dare I say picturesue. The monster is very much a type of HP Lovecraft monster but in DW that's only a plus and the story also reminds me of HORROR OF FANG ROCK and a few others and yet it seems fresh due to Romana on Earth and the setting in time. Mary Tamm does passable voices for other characters including accents and her Tom Baker gets better as the story goes on.  I also enjoyed hearing Mary Tamm's interview and I think having Romana in the time of the Crusades, possibly the Children's Crusades, would be a great story.  

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