IDW Doctor Who ongoing comic number 1: SILVER SCREEN

Chase - Posted on 16 July 2009

This issue, the first in an ongoing comic of DW (as if we need another one) was actually VERY VERY good. I was pleasantly surprised. It even made David Tennant's Doctor seem fresh and funny and had a large drollop of history and 1920s Hollywood involved. I suppose I could go on and sigh about how NO Doctor Who spin off with David's Doctor can be a pure historical at all, ever, ever but no, for here, the history is woven in clever, what little accuracy there is I haven't checked, nor do I know but it's a nice setting. Of course, there has to be aliens involved but here they are unobstrusive as aliens and even look like human beings so that's nice because to have the alien sci fi stuff overtake the rest of the setting and the story would not work for me. The plot is a good one, well done and the Doctor finds himself using many psuedonyms, for what reason I do not know, he was just being stupid but it doesn't matter, even that can't spoil this. The Doctor finds himself at least three psuedo companions, two of them MALE!!!!! OMG! In any event, he also finds himself tied to a railroad track in the cliffhanger! A good comic and for once, the artwork is pretty good too. Well worth reading.  

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