The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith (SPOILERS)

Chase - Posted on 17 July 2009


In part one of this story, I noticed something about the reactions of the kids and even Sarah Jane. Time Travel to them is bright, shiny, new and awesome. That feeling extended to the sequences as Luke and Sarah Jane join a country fair where they meet Sarah's parents, and on the same day that they vanished or died. Leaving Sarah Jane, the baby alone in a basket on the roadside. I'm still not sure about how they did her past but it makes a dramatic story, at times, almost too dramatic but there you have it. It is well done and well acted and the scenes in the past of 1951 August are just wonderful. The actor and actress playing Sarah's parents are very, very good. The one thing I have with this show and this story is that cackling villain who while being quite effective is anything but subtle. Ditto the little midget monster. The alt timeline changover is well decpicted, special effects wise and the kid/teen actors do a great job, especially the boy who plays Luke as he first feels the wonder of time travel, then worries about what his mum is doing. A good half to this, a good, yet somewhat sad, story.  

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