First Glimpse at the 11th Doctor Costume

Administrator - Posted on 20 July 2009

Karen Gilan and Matt SmithBBC News has posted an article along with the first published photograph of Matt Smith in his new threads that he is wearing as the 11th Doctor. 

Shooting of the new series began today, Monday in Cardiff. In this photograph (see below for large photo) of Matt Smith along with new companion, Amy Pond played by Karen Gilan can be seen wearing dark rolled up trousers, tweed jacket and bow tie, along with black shoe-laced boots. 

The new series slated to debut in the spring 2010 features Matt Smith as the Doctor taking over the role after David Tennant (whose term as the Doctor comes to an end later of this year). It also features Steven Moffat as the new Executive Producer and Lead Writer for the series, taking over after Russell T Davies completes his term ending at the close of this year with the last of the specials.

On his first day of shooting, Matt Smith tells BBC News, "I feel very privileged and proud to be part of this iconic show."

Source: New Doctor Who costume revealved - BBC News


Karen Gilan and Matt Smith

President Nice's picture

Hmmm. First impressions - WHAT!? He looks like the stereotypical nerd in an 80's teen comedy. Second impressions - Actually not too bad, the bow tie really spoils the look though. On the whole I like it APART FROM that bow tie.

Louis Trapani's picture

When Matt Smith was first announced as the 11th Doctor, he somewhat reminded me a little of actor Crispin Glover. But I would never had thought that his costume as the 11th Doctor would also remind me of Glover's character in the Back to the Future movie of George McFly (Marty Mcfly's father).

George Mcfly


James Naughton's picture

Love the bow tie! Looks great - really excited.


chuckwho45701's picture

The costume reflects back to a more flamboyant side of the Doctor. The bow tie is just top notch. Can't wait!

romana_II's picture

Must admit, I didn't know what to think when I first saw the picture, it's almost the same (expect in colour and patterns) to the 2nd doctor.

But I think it'll grow on me.

And especially after I saw another photo from the filming, he seems to be wearing suspenders too... as a huge fan of suspenders (don't laught ^^) I'm very happy with that.

Also glad to see that filming will be going on when I go to Cardiff next year, my dream of stalking the Doctor Who filming crew will come true !!

Does anyone know if this series will be screening in Spring 2010 like they said in the confidental.

Because it they delay it, I won't be a happy girl. I want to be able to watch series 5 on the BBC!

~Hysterical Woman #1088~
The Wailing Fangirl Podcast

He looks awful. I don't understand why they didn't go with the look from the cover of the DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE where he had long long hair draped over his face, dark, dark jacket and simple shirt underneath, dark pants, almost NINTH Doctor-ish. Instead they are going for a David Tennant look, never a good thing as only David Tennant can pull off David Tennant. I think the bow tie is awful and the color of the jacket and pants look awful on him. His new haircut looks BAD and shows too much of his forehead. His boots What are they thinking? Did they see the cover to the magazine and that photo shoot? He looked fantastic there in that like a new rebelish Doctor. Here, he just looks like next week's geek. NOW I'm worried! As Rose might say in a simple-ish, made for advertisement clip, "Now we're in trouble!"  God!

Ken Deep's picture

He looks amazing Chase. Very Victorian, like any classic Doctor.

"There comes a time, Timelord, when every lonely little boy must learn how to dance"
Merlin_McCarley's picture

I question the Victorian nature of it.  He looks like a 1950/1960 era TV Weatherman.  But I have no reason to hate it.

Aurelius's picture

When i first saw the picture yesterday I wasn't quite sure what to make of it; it took me by both surprise and by storm. I thought about it briefly and came back to look at it today and I must say, I love it. As surprising as it, it feels right.

Chase, many times I agree with your assessments (despite the venom) but on this one you are wrong. What were you expecting? Hmm? Long hair, trench coat and scarf? Maybe have him look a bit like a Sith Lord? I think the promo picture we were given for months was the "David Tennant" look--safe and stylish. As much as I love Tennant, his outfit was, well, rather bland, was it not? A suit and a long coat with trainers. Wow. That's personality. We love it and it worked for him. Moffat surprised the $#@% out of us. No one expected this. It was the furtherest thing anyone expected and it is neither safe nor stylish. What were they thinking? New. Different. Change. By invoking the spirit of the 2nd doctor, we pay homage to the past while looking at the future. Yes it is different; very different. Perhaps it is a bit like the change between Baker and Davidson--how many of us were ready for that? How utterly different it was, but also, how perfect for Davidson's doctor. This too will be perfect. With these first photos, you can feel the magic building. Can't wait for the next season.

P.S.--he may look like "next week's geek" and the 2nd doctor looked like the universe's biggest fool and the 3rd looked like the biggest foop. Wrong on all occasions.

"Gosh, that takes me back. Or forward. That's the trouble with time travel; you can never remember." (The Doctor, The Androids of Tara)

I was expected a better outfit, more akin to something like...and if you read my earlier comments...I said this already...something like what Matt Smith wore in his photo shoot earlier in the year. THAT was cool and made him look a bit more like the 9th Doctor only younger and with more hair. Now he looks terrible, like a geek out of place, and frankly I'm embarassed as a DW fan and embarassed for him that they can make a handsome man look so BAD!

barnabeee's picture

What a fantastic day for Doctor Who news and to be a fan! This is incredibly exciting!


After looking at it a couple of times, I like this a lot. It projects an older demeanour, which is perfect for Matt, and Karen looks great!


Love the new TARDIS too! Retro is in - but it is VERY blue!


And another surprise in a returning character!

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Bullitt33's picture

Personally I'm digging the tattery boots as for years I've sported the same on occassion. I have no qualms with the overall costume.  Intriguing that on his left wrist he appears to be wearing a gold watch band and/or bracelet.  I also find the folded-up trouser leg bottoms very interesting as well.

I certainly was not expecting this TARDIS exterior change. The dimensions seem rather large, akin to the Cushing model.


Troy Baker's picture

The Sun has the same picture but also has seven more in the form of a slideshow. Just go to this site:



And scroll down to 'Click here for slideshow' (the site has them copywrited-blocked so I can't copy them here). click and use the arrows at top to change picture.


Wait! Isn't that Alex Kingston in a couple of those pictures? Will she be reprising her role from 'Silence in the Library' / 'Forest of the Dead'? Digital Spy says that she is returning for a "two-episode stint".


... And with all the discussion of the new costume the fact that the companion has a name now - Amy Pond. That bit of information is being lost in the news about the pics.


Ken Deep's picture
"There comes a time, Timelord, when every lonely little boy must learn how to dance"

He looks so much better in the smaller pic on the page where he's got a scarf on, a long one, and a Mickey Mouse shirt on, that's blue. That is what I'd rather see him wear than what he's got on and even better, the dark outfit he wore when first announced.

It seems we are entering the Colin Baker phase of the new series. 

Louis Trapani's picture

I like the Doctor's look. It is a bit of a nod to Patrick Troughton, although where Troughon was loose and baggy, this is tighter and neater. There are more shots that show off his costume here in this article on The Daily Mail. The bow-tie and braces are very much in the spirit of the 2nd Doctor. Even the TARDIS exterior redesigns pays homage to the earlier days of the series.


tdrury's picture

On the whole I love Matt's costume but agree with many fans that the bow tie looks a bit odd, maybe it with give him something to fiddle with Oliver Hardy style. Karen's costume is quite contemporary by comparison, I'll add my voice to many fans that are glad she's showing a bit of leg thanks to that mini skirt.

The TARDIS exterior was a shock at first but having looked at it in a few photos have warmed big time to it's retro look. I think it will look cracking in HD, now let's hope any internal change is of a similarly trad nature. Personally I want my beloved while walls and roundals back and a console that isn't connected to the ceiling warp drives are for trek not TARDIS!



TARDIS_Tara's picture

My thought was that he looked like a young First Doctor.

That's certainly the First Doctor's TARDIS.

I haven't fully decided if I like this new look or not. I'm . . . okay with it and I also thought it looked very much like the 2nd Doctor. I can't judge too much on just the cloths alone. If this is what they decided to have him wear, it must fit his personallity. And that I can deal with. I want to see the Doctor in action instead of stills. I can't wait for the new series.

"Some people live more in 20 years then others do in 80. Its not the time that matters its the person." -The 10th Doctor

I felt the same way, too but to be honest, I'm not enthused about the next series any more since seeing the outfit of the new Doctor, reading up on some of Scott Moffat's past comments, and thinking about the "quality" of the most recent "stories" such as PLANET and NEXT. All of those things have added up to me being quite worried about the future of this new DW series.

Another smaller thing is : in the first series, the production team included some popular songs, both old and new. I thought it, rather than what one would think, detract from the stories, it added to them. Maybe this was only done once or so, END OF THE WORLD, comes to mind. A bit more of that might help, not overloading the show but maybe once or twice an episode.

As in the mid 80s, I feel the show is suffering from too much going on around it, too much promotion above and beyond similar efforts being put into making the show and getting it to us with good scripts, and gimmicky gimmicks ("Will Donna die?" "Will David regenerate?") rather than a solid base of a season arc or stories (as in the 2005 and 2006 series). 2007 really had no true arc unless you count Martha's "I love him but he doesn't notice me" and that was an okay idea but really...I think they are out of ideas for DW. Or at least RTD is. If they weren't concentrating on PROMS and concerts (which I liked) and other one offs (Timecrash and that John Barrowman thing) and "special" apperances" of the Doctor in Sarah Jane, and another cartoon...I'd rather they just put it back into the show itself.   

namariee's picture

I also feel his outfit is a bit of a throwback to Pat Troughton, who I simply adore, so kudos to Matt. Not quite sure if the bowtie works with him, but I'm willing to keep an open mind. :)

I'm glad he's not doing a leather jacket though. Too recently seen with Eccleston, who frankly wore leather a lot better IMHO. 


I agree that it looks ALITTLE like Pat's outfit but it's lighter. It also is being worn by a man much younger than Pat was when he wore a Doctor outfit. Pat was something like 40 something or even 50 something and that sort of eccentric fit. Here, we have a 26 year old ( I think that's his age) wearing what essentially makes him look like a giant nerd, geek, tosser. I don't think it's going to go over well with the established viewers, girls included, or with the long time fans or anybody really. It looks uncomfortable and gives him no edge at all. IMO of course. Of course, you could put Pat in anything but imagine Pat wearing what Matt wore in the photoshoot and you wouldn't like it would you? Now imagine Matt wearing that and being a dark mysterious, strong Doctor...then picture him wearing what he has on and picture him TRYING to be a dark, mysterious Doctor in THAT! It just doesn't work for me...but again, we shall have to see.

As for other Doctor's clothing changes....sure, they jarred a little but not much. I didn't find it hard to accept Davison's outfit or even Colin's (after the intial shock) or even David's more formal outfit after Chris's (which I think worked better for the new show)...but is almost Pee Wee Hermanish! 

And why kudos to Matt? Did Matt pick the outfit? If so, no kudo from me. If he picked his outfit during the photoshoot earlier in the year, then he should have been allowed to pick his own outfit for the Doctor. There's NO air of authority at all with this horrible ensemble outfit. I hope they change it FAST just like they changed McCoy's ...

namariee's picture

Pat Troughton was, I believe, 46 when he took on the role of the Second Doctor. And his outfit, albeit much more "hobo-ish" did suit him and his eccentric take on the Doctor. 

From various interviews I've read and heard from actors who have played the Doctor, it seems that they (at least some of them) do get a say in their own costume, so we have to assume at this point, that Matt also had a say in his as well. 

I understand your view though. I'm keeping my opinion open for the time being, until I actually see Matt wearing the outfit in action.


carriertone's picture

Matt Smith is very eccentric looking, so they gave him a very eccentric outfit. The more I look at it, the more I love it! I'm glad they are bringing back the eccentricities of the Doctor, which is the thing I felt has been missing for a long time. I am really looking forward to the new series. Moffat, Smith, that awesome outfit, yeah... Moffat can do no wrong in my eyes, and as much respect as I have for RTD, the new series is going to be awesome!

Hey, Chase. Why don't you wait until you actually see it before bitching? This is NOTHING like the 1980's Doctor. AT. ALL. Just chill for a bit. If you see the first episode and hate it, cool. At least then you'll have an informed opinion. Until then, save your venom.


- Carl

"I collect stars, but I keep them in the sky because I just don't have the space at home." - Warren Ellis

Troy Baker's picture

While we study (and pick apart) the new outfit why don't we go look back at the past costumes at this link:



doogie448's picture

Like everybody else who didn't like it on the second I'm a little better with it. But that stupid bow-tie HAS TO GO! He opens up that top button or two (or a lot more for the googly-eyed fangirls) he would look comfortable. Now he looks like he's stuffed into that suit. It's the tie.

They should let him change his outfit every week, like the companions do. He has all those clothes in that room. Besides after all that running and sweating you would think those suits would be kind of funky.

Here's another photo of what I think looks like Matt Smith's new outfit and his second companion Erri...

I'm hoping this means the new Doc will have a few outfits this season as he tries to blend in to where he thinks the TARDIS has landed. That would make a nice change from the standard 1-2 outfits per Doctor of the past.


I do like the promo outfit, as well as this one, but I'm glad they put his hair back to his Party Animals look and not overstyled like in the promo pics.

MythicDocWho's picture

Very Troughton-ish, not so frumpy as 2nd tho, very much going for old soul in new young physique, lets hope he can pull that off though--anyone notice the pic with Sonic screwdriver? Any thoughts on how that looks?

-- Anthony S Burdge Myth Ink Books Editor/Publisher

Editor The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who
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Just an observation. In looking at each photo where the Doc is with his companion, my eyes are always drawn more to her than to him. That's not a good sign either. All the command of attention, all the authority, all the gentle ability to attract and interest comes from and to HER< not him. He just looks foolish. She looks grand. 

Louis Trapani's picture

Just an observation. In looking at each photo where the Doc is with his companion, my eyes are always drawn more to her than to him.

There's a her in that picture? Oh yeah, you are right. Huh. Yes, Karen Gilan as Amy Pond looks sweet too.

I jest, of course. But it is true that I had to go back to the photo after someone mentioned she was wearing Converse (or Converse-like) trainers similar to the 10th Doctor as I hadn't noticed that before. So as for myself, I disagree. I always see the Doctor first in this photo.

Many may had thought the same thing upon first seeing a photograph Patrick Troughton as the Doctor after William Hartnell concerning Troughton's costume. Let's see how he pulls it off. You can't really judge Troughton by what he wore alone, I am sure the same is going to be true with Matt Smith as well.



SaintJames's picture

I can't wait for the next series when the 11th Doctor takes to the stars and back.  His attire, however, sets my taste for an all new 2010 Doctor Who season slightly backwards.  Although his overall view is decent and groovy, the choice of clothes, I presume, does not appeal to the current generation.  Oh yes!  It might appeal to an older generation (like mine); one from the time of suspenders, little bow ties and 'sack-cloth' blazers, but I believe it does not appeal to the young people coming up and getting their first taste for the longest running sci-fi show in history.

This current generation, of MTV and American Idol fandom, is a bit picky on how they perceive the 'other person' and how they are perceived in turn.  The show has no risk of losing old Doctor Who fans like me (regardless of what the Doctor wears), but I feel that if the show is to reach a younger audience then the imagery of the protagonist must be altered.

I feel strongly that unlike any of the previous Doctors--this 11th incarnation should be portrayed with more somber attire.  Yet, the same attire balanced out by the Doctor's jovial and electrifying personality--which is why I truly believe that giving the Doctor a more GOTHIC look would make his character a greater force to be rekoned with.


Hey, it's Doc 11's first episode so maybe he hasn't settled on an outfit (or personality) yet. The fact that it makes him look like an old-school archeologist in formal attire fits the story well enough, suggesting to me that he might tweak it for epsiode 2.

And of course the eyes of us men are drawn to Karen. She's gorgeous!

Danny aka CyberColin's picture

Does it really matter?  It's a costume.  I think Doctor Who should be praised for, yet again, going against the grain by refusing to be drawn into this teen-gothic fashion hype which seems to be massive in the US thanks to things like Twlight, Buffy, True Blood etc.

And what's wrong with a bow-tie?  The Doctor is a TIME TRAVELLER so therefore some of his clothes would always look a little odd that's what Doctor Who is about!

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MythicDocWho's picture

Have to agree with this, we also dont know entirely the context of the scene they are shooting, if we see further pics from other shots then we can give a lil more credence to this as the full time new costume, but if it is at least its not a multicolored patchwork! Now that was/is odd! If they are going for that old soul in young body projection then of course he may wear clothing of that notion...

-- Anthony S Burdge Myth Ink Books Editor/Publisher

Editor The Mythological Dimensions of Doctor Who
The Mythological Dimensions of Neil Gaiman
The Friendly Horror and Other W

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Not a particularly scary costume, or menacing in anyway. In fact I think if I wore this for costumes for Halloween I think I'd be mistaken for a college professor! I perfer some of the more elaborate Doctor Who costumes, althought I would also stay away from the Darleks etc as thats been overdone!

Going as Rose perhaps, or another small time character might be a good idea, but Im not sure if it would be recognised either.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good Dr Who themed costume??

DarthSkeptical's picture

I love the look, personally — and did so from my first glimpse of it.  I'm hoping there will be a story reason for it, though, as with the 3d and 8th Doctors.  I hope it's the result of stealing someone else's clothes, or just having an adventure in the 1950s, where this look might've been more common.  I'm actively hoping we don't get a traditional, but boring, rummage-through-the-TARDIS-wardrobe scene.  I still bemoan the fact that we were merely told that the 10th Doctor got his coat from Janis Joplin.  I always wanted a scene where we saw the Doctor meet Joplin and receive the coat.  I'm still hoping that if the 8th Doctor returns we might get such a scene.

Have a lemon sherbet. It'll quench your thirst.

tarashnat's picture
I guess it was the result of stealing someone else's clothes...

Have we done the crash of the Byzantium yet?

DWNY a New York City based Doctor Who meet up group.

The picture is really awesome.I think such images are really attractive.I can not say anthing about this picture but if we see further pics from other shots then we can give a lil more credence to this as the full time new costume, but if it is at least its not a multicolored patchwork.I often think such dresses are not common in these days.When I was in my college for 640-816 exam preparation I often wear such dresses.So I always prefer to visit this web site and read their often.I love to visit such web sites most often.

This is really a fantastic day for Doctor that Matt Smith is very eccentric looking and That's a beautiful idea to  wearing  some good outfits made by designers .

I love the look, personally — and did so from my first glimpse of it.  I'm hoping there will be a story reason for it, though, as with the 3d and 8th Doctors.  I hope it's the result of stealing someone else's clothes, or just having an adventure in the 1950s, where this look might've been more common.  I'm actively hoping we don't get a traditional, but boring, rummage-through-the-TARDIS-wardrobe scene.  I still bemoan the fact that we were merely told that the 10th Doctor got his coat from Janis Joplin.  I always wanted a scene where we saw the Doctor meet Joplin and receive the coat.  I'm still hoping that if the 8th Doctor returns we might get such a scene.

nice point

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