Anne Rice's Earth Angels

Chase - Posted on 22 July 2009

Presumably a pilot that never made it to be on the WB, by Anne Rice of INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE fame. The story has merit and hope for a future series but alas, it didn't make it. A girl dies or is killed. She comes back as an angel of good. She seems to pick traits up from other women, all of whom are targeted to be killed by dark angels. On Earth there is a battle between the dark angels and the light angels. To cast against type, the dark angel leader, who may or may not be the devil, wears white although he's played by the same guy from THE X FILES who played Krychek and also played in KYLE XY. The good angel leader is played by an African American actor, who's very good in the role. Other angels include a villianous serial killer, white angels who may or may not be able to kill. If they kill the dark angels, they might becomes evil themselves. There's a lot of talk talk talk in this but it sets up the series and there are at least two action sequences and one bizarre sequence in a bar. It's not very long in running time but it does tend to leave an impression and with a bit tweaking, a bit less melodrama, and less talk, this might have becomes a series. It also might have needed a new lead as the girl who plays the lead girl is a bit...wet. The others do well though. LIke the WB DARK SHADOWS pilot, we'll never get to know...but at least this is available somewhere...   

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