Chase - Posted on 22 July 2009


by Chris Trengove and Peter Lawrence

Peter, Tiger Lilly, Hard To Hit, and Wendy play hide and seek, Harde reminding Peter he promised not to use flying. Peter tells him everyone knows he is a boy of his word and he will beat Hard anyway. Hard thinks finding Wendy will be easier than tracking a grizzly bear. Peter has had enough of the stupid game and it's time to change the rules: he takes to the sky. He finds Wendy in the tree but she reminds him of no flying. Hard tries to hit Peter, telling him he doesn't need to change rules to win, he can beat anyone in Neverland with his hands tied behind his back. Wendy makes the two boys stop fighting. Wendy tells them they will have a proper contest. Peter will make the rules for the indians and Hard will make the rules for Peter and Wendy. Hard makes Wendy and Peter's task to get a handful of moss from the neverbird's nest. Peter tells them their task is to bring back one of Short Tom's feathers. They part ready to take on their tasks, even though Short Tom is on the Jolly Roger.

Using a log, the Indians float to the ship and climb up a chain. Tom tries to warn Starkey but he doesn't take the hint. A rope almost hits Tom's leg, thrown by Hard. Peter swings over the neverbird's nest using a rope but he cannot fly. Wendy had a better idea. The bird is on the nest so they can't get it. Wendy has Peter imitate the bird. The Indians get a feather but Tom's yelling (like Hook: Odds, Bobs, Hammer and Tongs!) brings Starkey to net them as they dive off the side of the Jolly Roger. He threatened to cut their cables. Nabbed and soon to be stabbed! As Peter diverts the Neverbird with a fake call, Wendy climbs to the nest but a baby hatches. This brings the momma back and Wendy has to climb down, Peter telling her she cannot fly. Wendy lands but the giant white bird menaces her. Peter helps her and they run for it...right onto a cliffiside. Tiger Lilly takes out a knife to cut them free of the net and they land in the water. They swim off, despite Starkey's threats. Peter wants to jump for the vines to go to the bottom. Wendy almost misses and clings to Peter's legs as he slides down. The foursome remeet. Despite Hard and Peter thinking they both won, Wendy and Tiger realize they both won. Equal. Peter insist, "I won." Wendy wants to call it a dead heat, a draw but Peter won't hear of it. Hard to Hit tells them his forefathers were all warriors, their son is warrior, he will go on.. He will go on. Peter's new challenge for the indian pair: the mermaid's caves---bring him one of their lyre's. Hard's challenge to Peter: the cavern of Whereever, bring him his lost tomahawk. Tiger tells Wendy this is crazy but as Peter calls Wendy, Wendy wishes Tiger good luck. Peter asks if Wendy can hold her breath until they get to the mouth of the cavern. Wendy tells him, "I know you have a poor memory..." But she was the one who got the doozemmoth. She dives first. They swim underwater but get caught up in a current and a whirlpool driven on a by a huge face, who tells them whoever comes to the cavern of whereever lives here for ever!!! He blows at them.

The Mermaids are unpredictable, Hard tells Tiger, who tells her she is not scared of any mermaid. They might be friendly, they might be fierce. The indian dive to the Mermaid Liar and get a lyre. The Mermaids capture Hard in a giant bubble where he can breath...but he is dragged down by the Mermaids as a prisoner. The giant bubble was breathed out by one of the mermaids, the one with black pigtails.

Peter and Wendy land and can breath in the cavern of whereever. Around them in bubbles are lost items: keys, boomerrangs, crowns, hats, etc. A voice tells them it will show them Hard's comes flying at them. Peter jumps high, spins, and grabs it. Peter will never let it go but it gets away from him. He falls and claims he is not hurt. The tomhawk comes at them again. Tiger Lilly dives and tires to cuts the bubble holding Hard to Hit but it won't break as he is dragged by the Mermaids lower into their colorful lair via a pearl like chain. Wendy and Peter continue to dodge the tomahawk and two bubbles nearly smash into Peter but hit each other instead. Tiger Lilly swims back down again and hits the Mermaids out of the way, sending the bubble with Hard to Hit to the surface. The black haired one grabs her foot as she follows but she kicks her away. From inside the bubble, Hard uses his knife to fire from the lyre like a bow and arrow and it breaks the bubble. This makes a pink smoke. Hard swims upward. Wendy tells Peter to forget the game--they can be killed. Peter tells her that nothing is more important than winning. The voice repeats this as a question, adding, "Not even your life?" The face sends whirlpools at them from his face. Peter has the tomahawk and breaks a bubble to catch a boomerrang. He gets it and rides it, telling Wendy to grab his feet. Peter tells Whereever that he is wrong: everyone knows that boomerrangs go back to whoever threw them. It takes them to the ocean surface...where they let the boomerrang go. It lands on Smee's head...he threw it. He tosses it back into the ocean. Peter and Hard get back to the spot at the same time. It's a draw. Peter wants one more time: a clear winner. The first team to drop all their goods into Cookson's stew pot wins. Wendy is about to give up this stupid game and when Peter evokes that she made the rules she must stick to the game. Hard agrees. Wendy wonders if it is possible for Peter and Hard to Hit to agree one something more twice in one day; they do: on continuing the game. Wendy hoped Peter had forgotten like he usually does. In a two canoes, the foursome ride to the Jolly Roger as Cookson cooks. 2 pds of carrot and celery. He puts wood in too. Tiger and Hard sneak on deck while Wendy and Peter climb along the outside. Cookson puts in more salt and less scuvy. He comes upon the barrels where the indians are hiding.

He doesn't see them. They start to toss in their goods but Cookson comes back in, "What in the name of Zeus!" He attacks them with a large cutlery knife, like a machete, "I cut you like piter, piter bread, not Peter Pan." From a viewport, Peter and Wendy watch. Wendy tells Peter they have to help them. Peter tells her he must win the game. He jumps through the window. Cookson chases the indians "Boiled Potatoes" on deck but the indians run into Smee and Hook, Hook grabs Tiger, Smee grabs Hard. Hook is frustrated by Smee not understanding his meaning. He will make the indians walk Johnny Plank. Peter tells Wendy he will never learn that some things are more important than games. The croc swims below the plank, which Hook starts to chop with the indians on it, both tied up. Wendy tells Peter he will help them. She flies off. Peter joins her and they dive past Hook from the sky into the water. They untie the indians. Hook orders his men to get into Johnny Boat and give chase. The pirates (all but Cookson) all get into one and row off. The croc is nearby and eats Smee's oar and Mullin's oar. Hook is annoyed by their failure.

Peter tells the foursome, "Looks like I won." Wendy reminds him, "We, Peter, we won." Tiger tells Peter that she and Wendy were stupid to go along with this silly game. Peter dumped the moss and the tomahawk in Cookson's pot. Tiger tells Wendy to come on, she's had enough. The boys will never stop arguing. The girls leave the boys. The boys shrug. On the Jolly Roger, Smee wonders what manner of seasoning is a tomahawk. In his soup, Hook finds a parrot feather and thinks Short Tom is cooked in the stew, "My only friend in the world." Hook curses and threatens. He calls Cookson telling him he will swing. Cookson jumps overboard, time to abandon ship.

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