Chase - Posted on 22 July 2009

Peter flies through a log and Gray Squirrel grabs onto him. He tells it, leaving it on a tree branch, he is late for Wendy's story but then again he says he might not be late. He arrives on the beach where Wendy is having a hard time: some want a scary story, some want a funny story and Peter wants a story about him. Wendy decides to let each of the others tell the story piece by piece and they begin: Peter and Nibs are comically fighting over a mother--Toodles--and are soon joined by the others in a story they tell. Only the last one, Curly, is not funny: he ends up making everyone wet and Peter scolds him, telling him he is not funny. Curly goes off, upset and complains to Tink who lands in his hand. He asks her to make him funny so she puts a spell on him to be funny but not to say anything until she is out of earshot. It works. He makes the pirates laugh but is nearly killed by them. Hook orders a cannon ball shot at him. This takes place while Hook is making his pirates recite a play, a comedy that he knows they cannot make funny if they tried. The other pirates laugh as Mullins comes out dressed as a woman, falls, and Curly landed in the middle of them. Curly gets away but he also causes the others to laugh at his every word, and during a game of hide and seek, the croc almost gets Peter due to his laughing at Curly. Curly saves Peter from the croc and then Peter saves Curly from the croc. Everyone, in the underground house, including Tink laughs at Curly's every word, no matter if it is funny or not. Curly will just sit and wait and not say anything until the spell wears off. He puts an apple in his mouth. He flies out and sees the pirates about to sneak up on the others at the beach. He warns them but they laugh at him and that is how the pirates capture them. On the Jolly Roger, Hook makes each of them recite some lines from the play and if they fail to make him laugh, he makes them fall through a trap door controlled by Smee who waits for Hook to yell, "Smee!" Peter cannot read. All have cannonballs locked to their ankles. Soon all are tied to the mast. Curly comes and decides to try out. He makes Hook laugh and while Hook does so and his pirates laugh because if they don't Hook might hang them from the mast, Curly frees the others who cheer him on. Hook even lets them all fly away without a parting shot, "The failed day is the day where one has not laughed."

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