PETER PAN AND THE PIRATES--the Croc and the Clock

Chase - Posted on 23 July 2009


Long opening: music no sound effects: by Bennett Mcellelan

Peter, John, Micheal and the Lost Boys are out trying to catch the sun as it rises and falls. Toodles is tired and Tink wonders why time is going mad. Peter wonders where the croc is. Hungry Toodles lands on a tree and shakes it to eat the fruit. A falling fruit hit and wakes up the croc, who begins to stalk the Toodles, who takes a nap.

Peter sees Toodles in trouble and dives to save him. Peter tells him to buck up, he's safe now in a tree. Tootles should know Tink says when the clock sounds, he should know the Croc is near. Nibs leads the other Lost boys, Micheal and John to Peter. If they fix the clock in the croc, time will go normal again. Micheal wonders what this means for bedtime while Nibs thinks there will be no more story time. Peter boasts that he hasn't invented a way to be a clock croc fixer.

Confusion is on the pirate ship. Cook and Smee wonder what is happening. Smee rings the bell which wakes Hook, who gets angry and almost kills his parrot Short Tom. He goes outside and calls Billy Juke to him, who explains the confusion over breakfast, dinner, lunch. Hook orders Jukes to clean up the mess. Hook stops Smee ringing the bell and Hook sees for himself the sun going up and down and up again. He blames Pan and tells Smee they are going onto land.

The lost boys and Wendy plot a trap for the croc who is in a foul temper. The twins nearly get trapped. The black one trips and falls, drawing it away from a tree his brother is in. Peter baits the croc to him and it gives chase but its leg gets caught in their trap. Peter tells them it was easy as pie but Tink warns him not to be so sure. Sure enough the croc gets free moments later and runs at Peter who has his leg stuck in a tree!

Peter gets free and ascends. Using a stick to stop the mouth from closing. Tink warns Peter that he won't fit in the croc's mouth so she goes inside to get the clock, lodged in ribs. The stick breaks from the jaws and Tink is trapped inside. Peter chases, calling it an oversized handbag, "Prepare to meet your doom. I'm not about to give up Tink without a fight." The twins have an idea but Peter tells them he is going to make the croc pay for eating Tink. Peter grabs it tails and rides, "I'm on the tail end of the horns of a dilemma." Or something. The twins make a slingshot in a tree and use a log to fire. Peter gets off the tail just as croc swings it into a tree and goes into the water. Peter tells himself now he's getting mad. The twins fire and the log is about to miss but Peter rides on it, landing from the air and makes the log hit the croc, expelling a laughing Tink with the clock. Peter tells the old girl, croc, sorry, that's match and game. Peter wonders what time to set the clock. John votes for sunrise, Mike for lunch time. The mermaids are getting sea sick with tide in and tide out. Peter turns the hands and wonders if he should make it tea time.

The pirates are in a rowboat. Hook chastises his men for all their noise, which will alert Pan. The sun is still rising and falling. Hook will soon have Pan on his hook, livering there. The croc is stalking the rowboat. Hook sees the water moving and wonders if they have heard ticking: the croc. He feels they are being followed. The croc surfaces and Hook orders them to row. The croc attacks the ship and smashes its wood.

The pirates all escape to a cliff side where Hook taunts the croc. They dry out. Mullins mentions Zeus when telling himself he will kill the croc next time but Starkey disbelieves him. Hook tells Smee that his stupidity is stupendous which Smee thanks Hook for saying. Hook wants to start the croc ticking again or he won't sleep another peaceful night. Hook tells his pirates to secure their stuff or he'll tear them from under them?

In the tree house, one of the Lost boys flies in warning of pirates. Wendy wants the clock to go back and won't stop Peter from having fun with the pirates. With Hook gone it will be peaceful: pick flowers, have picnics. Peter doesn't want it to happen: he wants the clock to go back in the croc: it will be too peaceful for him without Hook. Hook has set up a fake Hook: his coat and hat. He lands realizing it almost immediately, calling for "cod fish." Hook grabs Peter in a bear hug but the lost boys hear and give fight with wooden swords. The croc comes and Hook lets Peter go. Peter uses the fake Hook --the coat and hat to lure the croc after the real Hook already left. Peter makes everyone think, using the voice of Hook that he and Hook are in deadly struggle and that Peter capitulates. The pirates and lost boys call a warning: the croc is upon them. The lost boys fly and the croc sinks, with the fake coat and hat, swallowing the clock again--which Peter had with him and used as the face of the fake Hook. The croc ate the coat and hat of Hook, along with the clock which Peter used as Hook's face. It now has the clock inside it. Peter swims away. The twins see the clock is in the croc but think Peter is eaten just as the pirates think Hook is eaten. Peter surfaces and he crows, telling them to come up the air is fine. Why all the sad faces. Peter tells them to help the pirates get back to their ship. Standing on sure, Hook wants a better gun and thinks he and the croc are in league with each other. Hook sees the croc pass and knows for whom the clock ticks: "It ticks for me."

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