Peter Pan and the Pirates and more info, Peter as a vampire

Chase - Posted on 23 July 2009

THE LOST was a comic that had Peter Pan as a vampire hustler! 

Jack O Lantern ghost uses Smee to nab the lantern Peter stole from a cave to revive him and then sets about making ghosts, witches, and vampires arise from the volcano...and if dthe lantern is thrown into it for good, the monsters will be alive forever. Despite the Lost Boys and Peter and Wendy with Micheal and John playing pranks on him, Hook decides to help Peter get the lantern or he will be robbed of defeating Peter Pan himself. Previously he and the other pirates were after Smee, whom they thought deserted. Mullins realizes it is Jack O Lantern and makes reference to the Rake's near revival being nothing compared to this. Plants come alive and nearly get John and Micheal but the others save them. Wendy sees a real witch.

There are three moons in the sky. Peter rushes the others out to see it. Tink tells Peter to remember what the three moons mean: a fairy spell can change your size. Wanting him all to herself, Tink wants to have Peter visit fairy land with her with Peter her size but Peter asks a reluctant Tink to shrink them all. Tintagel is the fairy land capital. Micheal feels he is small enough already and wants to play pirates instead. Wendy asks if they will return to their normal size: they will only if Tink reverses the spell by
noon tomorrow. Peter asks what is an adventure without a bit of danger. Tink does it. Peter tells Tink she is the most magical fairy there ever was. She agrees. An owl attacks Micheal. Peter rescues him. Tink opens the galley trap: the door to fairy land. Tink opens it and they fly in a strange hole to the golden area and a flying building with musical keys and bridges and tubes. And other fairie and Oberon the king. Oberon greets Tink and Peter. Tink introduces them to the king and queen Gloriana. Peter takes Wendy by the shoulders and off they go. Tink is jealous and she and Gloriana (who wants Tinks' affair of the heart to go Tink's way) plot against Wendy. Using fairy dust, Gloriana makes John land on the King after Wendy drops in. And then Micheal. Peter apologizes for the beginners but Nibs also falls in and the whole fairybuilding shakes. Oberson zaps them all out in a magical whirlpool but Peter escapes thanks to Gloriana. Hook complains of his bad playing which only happened after Peter cut off his hand. The little Lost Boys, John, Micheal and Wendy appear in the pirate ship on Hook's keys. Hook gets the twins and John, Mason gets Wendy and Micheal, Smee gets Slightly and Tootles and Starkey gets the rest. Hook kicks Short Tom out and puts them all in the bird cage. To persuade them to cooperate Hook fishes with Curly, Slightly, Nibs, and Tootles. Wendy tricks Short Tom into knocking the cage over and they get away, chased by Short Tom and then the Pirates themselves. The other four get back on deck and Nibs breaks his bonds. Nibs uses a fishhook to trip up Mason who was after Slightly and Curley. Everyone escapes down a crack below deck. Hook sends the pirates down after them, beneath the ship is the croc. It is 11 o'clock! Wendy wonders, "Oh Peter, where are you?" Tink shows Peter the armory of Tantagel. Peter wishes Nibs and Curly could see this: they'd love it. Micheal gets stuck as the pirates shed lantern light on them but Wendy shuts the light off and they free Micheal just in time. They fly into Hook's cabin and into a treasure chest. Hook comes in and tells them if they surrended ten min ago he might have treated them decently or five min ago he might have spared their lives. He tears apart the cabin and threatens to cleave them all to the brisket. Peter plays with the swords but he feels something is missing. Tink tells him he forgets everyone else and everything else but Tink wonders why he can't forget the Lost Boys and Wendy. Peter had forgotten but now that she mentions it there is something wrong. Peter tells her if she doesn't tell him they will no longer be friends. But Tink tells the truth. It's impossible to have all his attention. Any mirror in fairy land can show them where the others are: the Jolly Roger. Hook finds them and puts them in a net. Up on deck he asks again where they can find Peter Pan. Tink sends Pan and herself to the Jolly Roger. Tink tells him to hold still and she makes him large again. The croc comes up at the net and Hook drops it. Pan catches it just in time and lands on the ship. Peter flies at the sail and cuts it over some pirates. Mullins and Mason put a sail down and this downs the little ones into a bucket of water. Pan hits pirates with an oar. Tink makes the others grow out of the bucket just as the pirates close in. "Face me like a man," Hook yells. Pan fights him knife to Hook. Tink tells the others to fly, "Peter Pan can look aftaer himself. You can't." Seeing everyone is safe, Peter tells Hook another time and leaves, then crows in the sky.


Don'nt know if anyone saw this before but in this episode the Croc attacks both twins, first the smaller white boy and then the taller black boy. The black boy falls as the white boy gets up to a tree, flying there. The black boy then avoids the Croc which is almost on him by flying up to the tree ONLY when the black boy Twin flies up there, he is an exact Twin of the white boy twin! It's fast but it's there and I think this adds to the charm of the show's ep!


 only just realized that during the course of the original series there were original promos and ads that ran. In one that I've seen PETER introduces the show and Jason talks over clips as Peter. In another Capt Hook does the same, telling everyone he'll have the whole lolly gog of the kids hanging from the yardarm over a bunch of clips (one is Mike riding on a toy of some kind down a long swirly upraised road DON'T RECALL THAT EP!). Anyway these are set to really grand music. I believe one of these was shown during a Sat Morning airing of FRAU BRUMHELDA or whatever that ep is called. They are really cool promos!



Michael complains that the others have gone off on some adventure and having fun while he is left home sleeping. Tink tells him to take advantage of it and sleep in. Michael bugs her enough so that she will take him to Small Monday Island Fair. Meanwhile, getting 12 hours shore leave are pirates Smee, Starkey, Alf Mason, Robert Mullins, and Billy Jukes. Hook allows them but is left with Cookson. Tink and Michael see this and sneak in to have some fun at the expense of the pirates since riding on a merry go round is boring after flying in the clouds and being made to walk the plank of the Jolly Roger or nearly get eaten by the croc. Michael uses a fake moustache and a fake beard to fool the pirates using some of Tink's magic as well. They make Mullins believe a gypsy fortune teller has told him to kill Smee; make Starkey enter the ring to fight a tiny midget only to be faced with a large troll (that's appeared in other episodes, also sitting in on this and in on the joke is tiny bearded Irish man? Elf?), make Mason believe he cannot hit a hammer and ball bell ringer (and Michael gets him to donate to the retired elf's and gnome's home); and make target ships fire back at Billy Jukes). The pirates find the fake beard and moustache and attack Michael but Tink helps him get away by blasting them with some smoke screen and a flash. Michael wants to go back for more fun! At the fair, a mean blond fairy will not let them in. Michael has to be made small. He doesn't want to be made into a fairy since the events of Wendy in the Croc but it's not the same thing. He rides a Neverland roller coaster which has no buckling in on the seats and a scary gateman as the operator and the seats vanish. Michael loves it. The pirates pay the blond fairy, who only wants money or gold, to make them into fairies so they can track Tink and Michael down. In the meantime, Hook declares the shore leave over and takes Cookson ("If you don't do as I say, it will be the hook in the cook!") in a rowboat to track them down. Cookson's navigating is not great but they do get there. Tink and Michael flee to a turtle ride but are chased by the pirates. Hook arrives and his yelling and attacking of the fairy causes icicles in the cave ride of the turtles to fall and separate Tink and Michael, who's caught. Tink is alive much to Michael's surprise and when Michael and the pirates are put on Hook's sword, Tink offers Hook a deal: she will make the pirates their right size and not be fairies any longer if he just returns Michael. He agrees. Tink makes them back to their right size and form but leaves their voices as fairy voices. Hook runs away from them as they chase him in their haste to serve him. Jukes says, in fairy voice, "We're with you,sir."

Slightly and Curly spy on the pirates Smee, Starkey, and Mullins as they play cards and Mullins must give them money but he offers supernatural hokum instead. Smee gets a horn that Mullins says can communicate with the dead. Hook is given this by Smee and he tries it out, humoring him. In the meantime, Slightly and Curly tell Peter this story and when Hook tries it out, it is near Peter, who's voice Hook overheard but Hook mistakes Peter's voice for his dearly departed mom-ma. Peter plays upon this and tells Hook as his mother that her only son was to be a pilot in her wishes, not a pirate! Hook sets Jukes onto a new plan: to make him fly. Tink tells Peter that humans are not meant to fly, it's impossible. As they spy on Hook using a telescope Wendy feels it is not a fair thing, even to someone as mean as Hook. Hook tells him that he wants to go where no man has gone before. Billy Jukes believes some other famous captain has said that before. Jukes' many air craft fail and keep dropping Hook in the drink, the ocean, much to the laughter of Peter and the concern of Wendy, as well as the confusion of John while Slightly and Curly watch from closer spots. In one such attempt, Smee tells Billy that if his machine killed Hook, he will drown Billy in his own liquids! In the meantime, Hook believes that the Twins can help Billy build a flying machine and he walks into the forest so that Peter will attack him. Yet the pirates get the upper hand and capture the Twins. On the ship, Hook threatens the Twins and Billy if they don't work together so they decide it might not be such a bad thing and slap each other's palms. After many more failed attempts and a few near drownings of Hook (as well as the pirates threatening to kill The Twins and possibly Billy too), they make a flying machine that works and Hook's other obsession (one of them being his dear dead momma): destroying Peter Pan will take effect. Peter realizes that whoever controls the skies controls Neverland. Billy hides a knife in the ropes of the Twins' bonds and they cut their way out, thanking him even though he's not there. Hook loads up his air machine with pirates and guns and cannon and attacks Peter and the gang. The Twins arrive and tell Peter how to stop the device as only Peter can fly under the attack. Peter does and causes the device to fall out of the sky. The Twins grab up Billy Jukes and save him from falling as well as from Hook, "One good turn deserves another," "Billy Jukes" they say. Failed, Hook admits that to have flown is better than not to have flown.


I'll spit on you door and hinge!
I'll cleave you to the brisket!
I'll have you darning the water, strung from the yardarm!
Long Tom'll send those cups scampering!
You useless mannannys, you'll spend the rest of your miserable day in the louse house!
You'll sink in the briny with a holystone bow tie about your neck!
I'll spit you crow's nest to keelson!

Stir up your stumps, seadogs!
On your feet, you foot dragging lolly gaggers!
Take those rosy cheeked sprigs back to the ship, mateys!
Grapple those cullies!
Tip me your flippers, you salt horse cullies!
Put your backs into it, you grog blinded lolly gaggers!

Stow your tonges, you gubbers!
Tar your gab!
Cease this shindy making, you ship husbands!
Belay your belly aching!
Pipe down you swaddy lickers!

Gall and brimstone!
Odds, Bobs, Hammer and Tongs!
Blow down me mizzen!
Keelhaul me for a barnacle!
Shiver me timbers and soak me for a sardine!
Me flabber's gasted!
I'll be flummoxed!
I'll be keel split!
Poke me in the eye with a kippered herring!
Breat gobs of galleon grease!



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