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Chase - Posted on 23 July 2009

PETER PAN AND THE WARLORDS OF OZ compliation book one to three

Nibs narrates. "I think I've had just about enough of Peter Pan. When I was younger I enjoyed his flying around and accepted his feral behavior but now I find this maliciousness of his most annoying. I'm aware of the fact that Peter disposes of us Lost Boys after time for we grow older and he does not. I've been with Peter for years and during that duration I have not seen any new Lost Boys."

The other two surviving Lost Boys are Slightly and Tootles. They are six days on a Viking Boat and want to walk on solid ground again. Peter would not allow the boys to leave him. Nibs suggests they go someplace else for new adventures. In Nib's native country of
Norway they worshipped the storm god Thor. Peter wanted to be like Vikings so they built a long ship. While on a trading mission in the Orient, they learn from a kind merchant of the fabled land of Oz about a road of gold in it. Entering Oz, they plan to invade Emerald City but find a war going on. Since the death of Capt Hook the croc was a friend on thieir journies and could talk! Emerald City is in bad shape. The boys find a dead dog named Toto. Peter wants Slightly to pass it over to him he is starving. Before they can eat, the boys find the Lion nailed to a cross. Jack Pumpkinhead and Patchwork Girl arrive and explain. Many visitors come to Oz. An evil one came and poisoned the Scarecrow's mind and made the Scarecrow disband the council and rule with paranoia and suspicion. Those who spoke out vanished. Peter asks Tink to save the dead Lion. He fought many battles. Lion tried to rally the people against the new visitor but the people acted cowardly and turned him over to be killed. He died for their sins and with his death came great darkness. Tink uses fairy dust to revive the Lion. The visitor employed gnomes to dig for an ancient artifact of religious significance.

Nibs narrates still: they saw speaking trees and the road which is a cheat: it is only yellow bricks, not gold. On the road, the hooded person is Nick Chopper, the Tinman of Oz. He lacked his heart now but is still pleased to see the Lion. The Tinman cries as the Lion reveals he had brought the heart with him. The visitor is a Nazi. At scarecrow's tower outside
Emerald City, the visitor Josef Mengela, talks with a witch. She tells him to suck on a hog's ass but he stabs her after she makes his officers into hogs. She tells him she will revenge herself on him as she dies. Josef wants to hide this from Scarecrow but he is already there with a tigerman. Scarecrow tells Josef that this is not the first time the witch has been killed. She always returns. Fraulein Lebeau is a voodoo priestess who revives the long dead flying monkies into a zombie army. TickTock man and other strange beings work for the Nazi and have found Thor's Hammer and gauntlets. The gnomes are looking for another sources of power..a heart of the beast. With these things, the Nazi hopes to revive his Aryan Golem. Tootles tells Slightly there must be some way to escape Peter. The Lion overhears this and tells them he will help them escape using Ozma, a women who can help them get home. She is Queen of Oz and has been in exile.

The Wicked Witch from the West returns from the dead in the cave where they meet Ozma. She will not allow the stranger to conquer her home: Oz. She gives them powder that will return the monkies to dust she made them from. She explains about the golem and decides to confer with the gods. She will also talk to the skull of her dead sister Glenda. She gives Nibs the powder and he is fearful of having it. Tinman sees the Golem and thinks he will need a bigger axe. He finds one and cuts the golem in battle. As he does this, the Croc grabs the powder from Nibs, also eating monkies. The croc is changed into a giant lizard New Godzilla like Alien like giant monster! He eats monkies and turns them to dust. Nibs rushes to help Tinman who warns him back. Thor arrives and kills the Golem and takes his hammer back. He wears no shirt but a cape and pants. Thor thanks the witch who says, "No problem." When Nibs asks Thor to kill Josef, he tells them he does not kill his own kind and should rather punish the ignorant who were conquered by him. Thor sends him home and takes the three Lost Boys home as well. Peter tries to stop them but the Lion holds him back. The Croc tells them Tink will stay in Oz too. He tells them he, Tink, and Peter do not belong on Earth. Peter protests but the Lion tells him to relax, he might like it here. Tinman asks, "Now what are we going to do about Scarecrow and where has Dorothy been during all this?" Not the end...

The war has been going on for a year now. The catalyst was the death of the sand witch, her body a dimensional opening to Wonderland, allowing Wonderland warriors and citizens through. Peter and his allies are able to kill them easily though and are winning the war. Peter shoves a sword through a Wonderlander man's head and smiles. Tinman axes a vampire like being in half as it comes up from behind Peter. Peter says, "Oh ripping!" Peter thanks the Tinman, who tells Peter that Peter takes too many chances but fortune and good luck seem to always be on his side. He says Peter's presence is good for the warriors besides. Peter says, "Bet your ass!" He is worried though, because of great massive firepower behind war machines the Wonderlanders have now. Lion and Dorothy are killing Wondelanders, Dorothy shoving a spear into the upper stomach of a cardman with no shirt on. In the meantime, rumors of an ancient book that will close the rift between Wonderland and Oz makes the Witch, Scarecrow, and Tiger hold
Alice to ask where the book is. Witch thinks Alice stole her book of spells. Alice tells them to piss off. She is metal bracketed onto a table. From a rift come more Wonderlanders: the Mad Hatter, Doormouse, and the March Hare. Mad Hatter uses acid tea on the Tiger, "Have a nip, Pussy." It kills him. They free Alice and get away. There is an explosion. Did they die? The aftermath of the battle of Quadling. Lion wants an end to the carnage. The Wonderlanders appear to be farmers. Peter says they suffered 90 percent loss of troops while his side only lost less than 20 percent. He doesn't want to have a full time job burying Wonderlanders. They want to go to Wonderland. Peter holds the head of a body thinking it can tell him something but then Dorothy tells him it will not tell him much. We see that the body is cut in half with intestines and gore hanging out the bottom and a sword in his guts remainders. Lion wants to visit Scarecrow who can help them. Tink calls Scarecrow a silly ass. He has made his own link between Oz and Wonderland. He tells them to search for the witches' grimore. Stepping onto a platform, Dorothy, Peter, Tinman, and Lion with Tink go off to Wonderland via Scarecrow's device. Scarecrow doesn't go: he doesn't like physical confrontation. He tells them going may sting a bit and tells them to find the caterpillar. His interrogation of Wonderlanders showed him that this being may help them. Once there, Peter says, "Let's do some damage." They see settlements beyond a hill. The Caterpillar greets them. Peter calls it, "Awesome! A fat talking worm!" It prefers caterpillar. It has a human face. Lion tells it they don't have time for games and he has two swords up and ready. Peter says, "Maybe we should beat it out of him." The caterpillar tells Peter, "Oh look, I hardly noticed you till you squeaked. An imp and a pretty one at that. We don't have any imps here anymore. They have all been eaten." The Cheshire Cat appears with the book and wants something in return for it. Lion says, "Give me the damn book, silly pussy." He hits it. Tinman wonders what that sound is. The wind created by the flap of a hundred leathery wings! Peter says, "Oh shit, flying monkies!"

Peter cuts one's head off but one grabs him from behind and wraps him in ropes. They are all captured and taken to a dungeon. Queen of Hearts and her warriors talk to them. She tells them the witches grimoe contains the destruction of all life. Lion breaks his bonds but the Queen tells the Ace of Spades to kill the beast. Lion frees Peter and tells him to free the others. Lion rips up the Ace as Peter grabs the book, "Mine now hag!" She thinks them insane and pawns of the mad Scarecrow. The foursome run to a hall to a docking bay and find a car. They want to get back to Oz. The cat appears again and transports them back to Oz, wrecking the car and making Peter sulky. Scarecrow thinks he can piece the car back together. Dorothy gives Scarecrow the book. At the Gillikin ruins the witch and scarecrow use the book to summon HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu and a giant monster named the servant of Yogsoggoth rises up and asks who dares to summon him. Scarecrow says, "This is where the fun begins."

THOR featuring NIBS
Praying Nibs summons Thor. Older now than when Thor rescued him, Nibs is a great warrior. After a raid on an English town, Nib's village comes under attack by a mighty beast from the sea. Thor sees villagers dead, killed for sport and the streets running red with the blood of children. A shark man monster attacks Thor. It is named Ho Hav Dyr? Thor defeats it and his hammer summons lightning to sear it's flesh off it's bones. It will burn in Hel, Thor says. Nibs running to help joins Thor as a sorceror rises from the sea, looking like a werewolf: it is Fenrir, the son of Loki. Nibs thinks they can take him but Thor warns him to speak with caution. Fenrir hits them with a blaring light and says he will see how they fare against the Minitan. The pair are transported to someplace unknown. They hear the sound of someone in peril and run to the screams. A golden monster is performing a human sacrifice ontop a building. It is a muscled Minotaur who has a bikini clad girl on a stone tablet. Two other girls are tied up nearby in an area of skeleton remains. Before it can kill the girl, Thor throws his hammer at it. Thor rushes at the monster, "Have at thee, vile demon!" Thor fights it and says, "Seems I've been thrashing monsters all day." Nibs frees the girl. Thor makes meat out of the monster and Nibs hopes he doesn't have to clean it up. Fenrir arrives with two skeleton faced warriors with spears, and tells Thor well done, his capacity for violence exceeds his expectations. The Minitans attempt to gain power from Yogsoggoth and would have been a powerful rival to Fenrir. He used Thor to kill the Minitan. Fenrir is asked by Thor if he will fight him now. Fenrir returns Nibs and Thor to Nib's village. Thor tells Nibs he will stay here in Midgard, there is plenty of evil to be punished.

Nibs appears in this full color comic. So does his father! Nibs is Norweign. He and warriors kill a large green monster man. The beast will give them enough gravlax to last them the winter. They will also eat well. Nibs's sister also appear. Holy crusaders come and try to convert them. These holy crusaders look like the Scooby Do gang! And they have a dog! One Knight shoves a sword into Nib's father's back and out his chest. Dorothy (?) Is Nibs' s sister? A warrior stabs one of the Vikings in the back but she splits the warrior in half. Nik, the Viking, says, " was a good day to die." Dorothy prays to Thor and as Nibs cuts a knight's head in half, lightning comes and Thor appears on a chariot drawn by horse creatures. Thor kills the knights but then...Jesus comes to protect the Scooby gang. Jesus sees Thor battles Jormundgand, spawn of Loki, a Midgard serpent and asks why the others fight wearing his cross. Jesus apolozies to Thor! The Witch of the West comes and tells Thor to attack. She lead them here for Thor to destroy because they burn witches. Jesus banishes the witch back to Oz where she will fit in. Thor tells him he knows of Oz and will keep watch of her in the future. Thor scares the Scooby gang away. The dog returns and Dorothy befriends him. OUTRAGEOUSLY BAD!


I know the one you mean. They reviewed it on The Anti-Gravity Room on the Sci-Fic Channel. (An old show they used to have with kids reviewing games, comics, movies, etc.)

I've got the first issue of the Adventure Comics, Peter Pan: Return to Never-Neverland. It takes place in modern times, when Peter meets up with a couple of black boys named Jerry and Mike, who live in
Roxbury, Massachusetts. Peter (black-haired and dressed in nothing but a pair of shorts made of green leaves, and carring nothing but his dagger and his panpipes) and Tink comes to rescue the boys from some bullies. It's daylight, and Peter and Tink (who is dressed in a pink dress, white(silver?) disk-belt, and white(silver?) pumps from the Disco Dolly (Barbie?) Collection at the moment) take them to school. Later that night, they come by and take the boys to Neverland. Jerry (the younger boy) falls asleep --and falls out of the sky-- and nearly falls into the water. Hook tries to capture him, but Peter saves him just in time. (First appearence of Captain Hook, and he's shirtless! Bonus for Hook fans! ^_~).

Jerry is dressed as a cowboy, and Peter has need of a cowboy. You see, the Indian Chief has retired, and a warrior named Panther (I assume that it's Great Big Little Panther, as the Chief was never really named in the book, and GBLP was really just another brave.) is chief. Panther wants Tiger Lily, but Tiger Lily wants to marry Peter. Peter, of course, doesn't want to marry, because it means he would have to grow up.

We also find out that the pixie dust wears off when you touch the ground, but Peter can fly all the time.

Peter's current Lost Boys consist of:

Scott (Blond kid with glasses)
Kevin (Scott's brother, shorter blond kid) from
Alan (Brown-haired kid. Scott & Kevin's cousin.) from
New Hampshire.
Ian (Curly blond hair, Boy Scout)
Dale (Slicked-back black hair, Boy Scout)
Charlie (Wavy Brown hair, Boy Scout)
Travis (Blond. Peter's second-in-command. Oldest)
Ryan (Red-haired, crew-cut, freakles. Shortest.)
Butch (Long, wavy brown hair.)

Tiger Lily --very fashionably dressed in a pink doe-skin dress and yellow headband-- captures Peter and the guys, and tries one more time to get Peter to agree to marry her. He refuses, and she orders the boys to be burned at the stake.

Peter's escape plan?

He's depending on Tinker Bell showing up to help them.

Tink's normal clothes (her new dress is ruined by the Indians) is a single leaf, held on by a belt of something. (She does have underwear and a pair of bedroom slippers, although made of what, I don't know...)

Interesting thing about Tink's eyes: They are all iris. (Blue) There is no white, and no pupil. It's like she has insect eyes. But they don't look like they're multi-fauceted.

I only have one issue, though, so I don't know what happens after that. The release date is July 1991.

There's a map on page 14, with the following locales:

Dragon Shoals
Hidden Valley
Indian Village
Purple Mountains
Mysterious River
Deep Woods
Pirate's Bay
Mermaid's Reef

BTW --The links don't seem to want to





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Why do you need SEVEN threads about Peter Pan?

Nothing Dies Of Old Age On Skaro!

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