In A Fix With Sontarans

Chase - Posted on 26 July 2009

Okay it's terrible, right? Somehow it evokes a child like innocence and feel to it. It falls apart in the end, doesn't it? The one thing that is nice to see is Janet Fielding, her Tegan never changing and just about charming here. How Tegan reacts to a new Doctor---we don't often see old companions meeting new Doctors they have not met before and even when we do, often they don't get a chance to interact on any level beyond, "RUN!" or "Hello" or' "Nice to have met you" as Sarah and the 5th got to say. Big deal. Here, Tegan and the 6th exchange hellos and insults and Tegan gives a hand. Nicola was not available so they had Janet in. Other than that, this is just a kid's show about one kid who wrote in and wanted to have Jim Will Fix It give him an adventure on the TARDIS. Colin stays almost in character until the end of the adventure and there are TWO DOCTOR style Sontarans. That said, it's a bit...silly. But it is good to see Tegan again. Apparently she's back as a stewardess...    

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