Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Part One

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TARDIS_Tara - Posted on 27 July 2009

I'm so sorry I didn't post this earlier.

I was sooo exhausted and I'm still knackered today.

Sunday was amazing.

I had trouble sleeping and got up at 4:30.  I was down at the Convention Center by 5AM.

Out in front of the Con was the 'God Line'; everyone with a pass that wanted in, needed to be in this line.

When I got there, there were about five hundred people in line in front of me.  Some were there to get onto the Expo floor, some were there for gaming, some were there for the Supernatural panel, some for other panels and then there were all of us in line for the Doctor Who panel.

When my Husband had come in at midnight, he had gone by to see if a line had started.  He saw about seventeen people in line.  I spoke to one of these people hours later and she said there had been about five people who started the line at 8PM.  So, some people had been in line over 24 hours to see the Doctor Who panel

By 6AM, the line stretched from the Convention Center to the Hyatt along Harbor Drive for over a mile.

Showing what absolute professionals they are, Elite Security tried to rectify the situation.  This almost caused multiple riots.

Up near the front of the line, we missed out on the early back riot, but got our very own a few hours later.

At 8AM, the line was moved inside and split, the people heading to Ballroom 20 (the Doctor Who, Torchwood and Supernatural fans) were split off and sent to line up along an internal wall.  This was accomplised in a fairly calm and orderly manner.

Once about three hundred of us had formed a nice compact line, a white shirt Elite Secuity guy decided to see how much he could piss off a collection of seriously tired and obsessed fans.  He proceeded to get us all to move one way and the other, folding the line and moving it around in circles (when all he needed to do was lead the line back outside).  The line started merging, people lost their place in line, people just now getting into the Convention Center started cutting into the confusion.

Needless to say, people started losing their tempers.

After ten minutes of shouting and confusion, we ended up back against the wall where we'd started out in the first place but now all hopelessly muddled and bloody furious.  They then led us back outside and lined us up under a series of tents in a zig-zag series of roped and chained lines.

One guy, near the front of the line made the mistake of trying to make a formal complaint.  He was led off in handcufs.  I can only wonder how long he had been in line.

At 9AM, they let us into Ballroom 20.

I ended up about ten rows from the front.

At 10AM, we got our Doctor Who panel.

It was wonderful.

David Tennant was not, as we'd seen in photos earlier this week, gray haired.  His hair and eyebrows were back to their normal, bushy brown.  He was wearing a black t-shirt with a swarovski crystal Stormtrooper head on it, over a long sleeved white shirt and painted on blue jeans.

He, Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardner and Euros Lyn came in to tumultous applause.

Murray Gold was down front in the audience.

We were shown the teaser for 'End of Time'.

David Tennant asked us if we'd like to see it again.  We screamed 'YES', so they showed it again.

What can I tell you?

The voice at the beginning is Timothy Dalton.

We saw Wilf, Donna, Donna's Mother, an Ood with red eyes, two black men I coudn't identify, a blond woman I couldn't identify and John Simm as the Master in a thin white beard.

I screamed myself hoarse.

RTD confirmed that Lucy Saxon is returning.  He also told us that the long brown coat will not survive the season finale.

David Tennant confirmed that he is a Firefly fan, but is not wearing the coat as an homage to Browncoats.

There were NO big announcments.

David said he had NOT been called by 'The Hobbit'.

RTD accepted a framed certificate from Guinness naming Doctor Who the "most successful sci-fi series".

He also confirmed that the 10th Doctor WILL be appearing in the Adventures of Sarah Jane in an episode called 'The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith'.

We were shown the new teaser for 'Waters of Mars'.

RTD intoned "He will knock four times."

Someone in the audience screamed back: "Don't answer it!"

David expressed his regret in never snogging Bernard Cribbins.

While there was no snogging on this panel, David did pet the face and hair of RTD, Euros and Julie, who petted him back.  There was a lot of petting but no snogging.

There was no word on the movie other than Julie asking us if we wanted one.  I think she's now convinced that, yes, there would be a market for a movie.

David was complemented on his driving skills on Top Gear and for being 'the fastest Doctor on four wheels.'  He complained bitterly that Billie Piper had only beaten his time by wearing a see-through blouse.  "If Billie Piper didn't have such good breasts, I'd be further up that leader board."

There was some talk about things 'dissapearing' from the set.  John Barroman, and his cleptomanical ways were mentioned.  Julie said that John probably did it just to be repeatedly strip searched.

David was questioned as to what he'd swiped from the set.  He denied any knowledge.  It was then revealed that a coat had dissapeared during the last day of filming and that eBay is being watched.

And then they eneded the panel.

I ran to make the autograph line and then raced back to see the Torchwood panel.

Which I will report on in my next installment.



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