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emeraldscorpio - Posted on 27 July 2009

just saw the trailer for the christmas special "The End of Time". It has all the hall marks of a RTD story.

returning alien/foe-check x2

earth bound-check

earth in pearl-check

returning companion-check

Thanks RTD for bringing DW back. I will be eternally thankful. I definitely think you did the right thing leaving and knowing its time for fresh ideas.


that is not to say I think the story will be bad, but to me it is a clear sign he is/was running out of ideas for Doctor Who.


All the best, Russell, with your new projects in America.


These last two stories are goiNg to be AWFUL! It will be Tennant being all funsy and sad at the same time, John Sims IS NOT the Master, he's awful; Jack will be back flaunting himself and maybe killing a few children, and it's gonna be NOT fantastic.

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Well for a start his name is John Simm, why stateside folk can't get that straight I will never understand.  And Chase I ask if you watched the Confidentials where he played the Master, it is much like the Ainsley era in that he had little choice as to "How to Play it".  I won't write it off till I see it (though I do admit to low expectations) how bout you do the same?  I am the first to admit that I hope that every series ender from now on does not include a massive reunion but let RTD have his Reset Ending and move on Chase, we know you hate him just move on.

Ever watchful,


I was just reading Digital Spy and they mentioned a trailer for the XMas Special, but I cannot find anything posted with it.  Do you know where it might be found for viewing (for those not living in the UK?)

supremacy is relative

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Can't wait!  Actually I can, does anyone else think Waters of Mars has been overshadowed by this new trailer?

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In the end, I think most people realize that Waters of Mars is "just another story", more so when we know what comes after is the Tennant finale. We all just want the finale at this point.

I don't think WATERS OF MARS has been overshadowed. I thnk they both look terrible. And I don't care "what his name is as long as he can't hurt us" (quote from TERROR ON DINOSAUR ISLAND ep of VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA) but apparently John Simm can hurt us by being the Master  (hopefully for the LAST time ever). 

I actually think it looks pretty cool. A darker tone than Simm's last 2-parter. I just hope he has a new peronality to match his new look. Then we can pretend his previous personality was a post-regeneration side-effect. Catching a glimpse of Timothy Dalton was a highlight.

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Well put emeraldscorpio! IRTDWT!

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I like John Simm's Master. It follows the character quite well. Remember, near the end of the classic series the Master was 'changed' by the influence of the cat planet and really started to go loopy. In the TV film he retained the glowing eyes from the cat planet so continuity was kept up, plus he continued his slide into madness. John Simm's version of the Master seems to be continuing this character development. It would be nice to see a beard added to John for the next episode though.

One thing though, what's happened to the glowing eyes? Is he wearing contact-lense shades? There's more to be revealed about how the Master is coping with his animal side I expect.

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Enough with Simm hate... I love him as the Master (and yes I have watched all the other Masters too)

The Master has always been a dark mirror of the Doctor.
Delgado, Ainely and heck, even Roberts slightly, all acted very similar to the Doctor they were playing opposite.

Simm was loopy, hyper, mad and bouncy, but just look at Tennant's Doctor. They are like two sides of the same coin, the yin and the yang, acting like each other (the behaviour, the outfit, the screwdrivers, the companions) so I think Simm was (and is) the perfect Master to play opposite Tennant's Doctor.

But people have their opinions, I know amongst this side of fandom, I'm in the minority here

However, some people might be happy to see the Master with facial hair again. xD
I'm loving his new look (hoodie, bleached hair, unshaven) from what I've seen of course. I'm also thrilled to hear that Lucy Saxon is coming back as well... since we never found out what 'really' happened to her, and Alexandra Moen did such a fantastic job (in my opinion) in portraying her, so I'm really excited about seeing her back.
Doesn't hurt that she's damn fine on the eyes either. ^_^ I'm sure you fellas won't disagree.

I'm really looking forward to the rest of the specials, even through, after how dark RTD went with Torchwood this series, I'm a little fearful of a really dark and depressing end to Tennant's run... but at the same time I know I'll love it, even through I know I will cry like a baby like I did in Torchwood.

However, I hope the regeneration itself isn't on Christmas Day. Christmas is supposed to be a happy day, I don't want to spend Boxing Day bawling my eyes out.

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