ITV teases The Prisoner remake

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daveac - Posted on 29 July 2009

"I am not a number"...ITV teases The Prisoner remake

Spoiler of course

Hope it can be seen outside UK

EDIT - I'll try embed


Cheers, daveac

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Here is my take on The Prisoner remake from an article I posted this past weekend on it.

I'm Not a Number, I'm a Remake of The Prisoner


I'm Not a Number, I'm a Remake of The Prisoner

The Prisoner (remake)As we have been reporting on Hitchhiker's Guide to British Sci-Fi, there is a new remake of the classic British series, The Prisoner on the horizon coming to the AMC (American Movie Channel). The new series is re-imagining what the late Patrick McGoohan created and starred in with late 1960's original series.





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Sorry Louis - I hadn't seen your piece when I found this link.

I have mixed feelings on whether they should do a remake or not.

As I type this I'm listenning to Podshock 157 :-)

Cheers, daveac

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No need to apologise. Even omnipresent Daveac has limitations. Wink

Yeah, well my general rule on remakes and reboots these days are most are unneeded and/or unwanted. Off the bat, I see some problems with this remake. The Village is not as pleasant as Portmeirion of the original. The original had the idea of that even the most beautiful cage is still a cage. Also, Patrick McGoohan played the part with such character and wit that it left some mighty big shoes to fill.

Sir Ian McCullum is interesting as No.2 to say the least. But it seems though he will be in every episode as opposed to having a new No.2 in each as the original.


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Cast includes 'Jane Eyre' well, the actress from that TV production - Ruth Wilson

She is a great actress (I don't like this modern idea of calling females 'actors' )

But I worry when they have to show a 10 minute promo - in the US thats nealy half and episode :-)


Cheers, daveac

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But I worry when they have to show a 10 minute promo - in the US thats nealy half and episode :-)'

The original episodes were an hour long. Are the new ones only 30 minutes? I figured they mainly put together the 9+ minute promo for SDCC, and then since they had it, they made it available on the net.


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Starting today (Friday, Sept, 25, 2009) The IFC channel will begin airing the series at the pace of three episodes a week. The show airs from 8:00 PM (EDT) through 11:00 PM.


The surreal series sarts the late Patrick McGoohan as #6.

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