Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead (Spoilers!)

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Idiom - Posted on 30 July 2009

Just rewatched these two episodes and have completely changed my mind about them. Whereas the first time I watched, I loved the first episode and was a tad disappointed in the second. This time around, I find myself much prefering the second part. It is so different and although the pace is nowhere near as eciting, the plot and the emotional content is so much more rewarding. I found myself being genuinely moved by the separation of Donna and her imaginary kids and not-so-imaginary husband and as for River Song...well, her sacrifice for the Doctor and CAL and those saved in the Library was heart-breaking the second time around.

This may have something to do with (spoliers in white):

The fact that River Song is returning next series and that we get to see the beginning of this relationship and that this whole story was a set up for something that Steve Moffat has planned in the future...

Yes, how a year can change one's perspective.

Yeah I know what you mean. I liked both parts but where this headed was just very melancholy...a standard trait of the show at this time and a lynchpin of RTD. Let's hope that Donna's story can end where she finds her man in reality and starts that very family with him in reality. Also not sure about how the others ended up. Technically are they dead? Or are they alive as bytes in a computer? It's not terribly original is it? I also found the whole thing with the "wife" or whatevershewas River Song terribly stretched out. I mean in part one it was intriguing but it was clear in part two that we weren't going to get anything beyond being teased and while the actress was good, I found the whole thing a bit too "see how clever we are"-ish. To think the Doc's still going to be fooling with the girls that long from now...and is the David Doc her Doc or not? Who knows? There was some great rapport going though...and the whole thing bizarre enough to really work and never ever bore.  

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