The Doctor's bedroom

Chase - Posted on 30 July 2009

One of the best things about THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD-THE MYSTERIOUS PLANET is, well not the story of course but on the dvd text, they give a description from Holmes's original script of a TARDIS scene not included in the finished story of...the Doctor's bedroom. It's pretty interesting as the bedroom of the Doctor's has never been seen on the old show and RTD insists on not showing many other rooms of the TARDIS. There are plenty of books, wax tablets, Greek Srolls, ancient leather bound volumes, hard and paper backs, in one corner is a work bench with futuristic work being done, a flashing Belisha beacon in another corner, a set of British traffic lights from 1935, lamps used to indicate Roadworks in Progress, the old fashioned red paraffin type. Something about a London Transport Bus Stop (a sign maybe?), a roll top desk is in another corner, weights (which Peri tells the Doc doesn't indicate a part of his life he's used), a massive American refrigerator that can old several oxen, and a train set (see the 8th Doctor stories). I found that quite interesting.  

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