the Mists of Time NO SPOILERS

Chase - Posted on 31 July 2009

A Jo Grant free adventure. Maybe I'm just old but I don't like it when I have to download something and then put it on a cd myself rather than have the cd ready made for me with the magazine. I don't like listening to stuff at my computer but like it to be on a cd so I can listen to it in the car or on a cd player or a dvd player or whereever I want to. I also don't want to have to download it and create the cd myself. It's annoying but anyway...

The story starts out like any Third Doctor/Jo Grant in space story and it's kind of good and evokes their time together...then builds. There is a shock ending but I won't spoil it. It is rather surprising too. I think people will have fun with this story in a way but the ending might be a bit of a downer.



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