Doctor Who Multipurpose Title Generator

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Idiom - Posted on 01 August 2009

Here is my Doctor Who Multipurpose Title Generator. What do you think?


The Planet of...

The Invasion of...

The Tomb of...

The Web of...

The Curse of...

The Seeds of...

The Power of...

The Caves of...

The Green...







































































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For nouns in the lefthand column you could also add Daleks, Cybermen and even Sontarans.

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i'll close my eyes and pick one out with my finger.


The Invasion of Death,

The Power of Doom,

The Tomb of Doom,

The Web of Death,

The Seeds of Horror, 

Man Of The Atom

This is great and it works perfectly. Kudos!

Check out my blog "Realm Beyond Sight":

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