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Chase - Posted on 04 August 2009

The first thing was the promo at the end of CHRISTMAS INVASION: it was great with lines such as "Allow me to introduce her Majesty Queen Victoria"  and "Let me introduce Miss Sarah Jane Smith" and "K9!!!!"  Mickey steering what looked like a pirate ship, the Doctor firing a fire extinguisher, Rose kissing the Doc! (that one will be good right?) and the start,"Where are we going?"  "Further then we've ever gone before!"  Rose running from what looked like a fire or a ray blast. Alien clock work robots. A werewolf. Monks. What appeared to be Giles from Buffy as THE MASTER! Wouldn't he have been a great Master!!!! Then more running and finally "Bullets won't stop it!" And a Cyberman turns around at us! WOW! Amazing. Just amazing and really gets one ready to want to see those stories.

The second promo I can recall was: well, none for the second season really but I'm sure there were some.

The next one is Martha's face doubled screened with the Doc. She says something like "I battle with my text books."  He says, "I battle with Monsters."  She: "I want try to save money." He "I try to save the Universe."  "I'm going to be a Doctor."  "I am the Doctor."  "Let's hope this box is big enough for the two of us."  Then scenes from several episodes. This one is nice but the next ones are better. This also began to set the Doctor up as some kind of messiah and/or God and/or conceited bas$53d. Really it did.

The next one states something like the same thing as the first with the double face then> "I need a guy who likes to travel."  "I've been around the block a few times."  "...who's smart."  "Suit and trainers works for me."  WHAT THE F DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH IT? OR MEAN? Anyway... "Who has a big heart."  "Two of those actually."  "And who can make the time."  "Ahh, that's my speciality."   While kind of I dunno, embarassing as a date kind of thing, this works. The scenes then go to more of the same scenes mostly from SMITH AND JONES with a new ending to the DW theme music. Really good.

More next time...   

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"...who's smart."  "Suit and trainers works for me."  WHAT THE F DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH IT? OR MEAN?


As in "he dresses well". Not as in "he's really clever". Although Doc10's suit is not exactly what you'd get married in, it's still a suit and the implication is he's dressed well.

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