VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-No Way Out, The Blizzard Makers, The Ghost of Moby Dick, Long Live the King

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An Oriental like area in a country not our own: a woman named Anna Ravec helps two men open a coffin. A live man, Anton Kowslow comes out. He will soon up himself into the hands of Admiral Nelson and no one else. He trusts only Nelson. Nelson and Crane come in, wearing plain clothes and show the cautious men their IDs. Anton looks forward to having deep philosophical discussions with Nelson in the future. At Horse Shoe Cover, four miles south of the harbor, they are to meet Seaview. Crane and Nelson take Anna out. Anton goes into the coffin and the men put a lid on it. The coffin is put on a truck and it drives off past a sign that says Huai. A Chinese man and Cuban point a gun and a machine gun at them. One man driving the truck is shot as is the other man (dead?). The coffin is shot all along its length. Nelson shoots a bomb at the two men, one falls, the other gets away. The truck hits a building and a water pipe breaks or a hydrant is turned over. Nelson and Crane get in the truck--the passenger man is taken out--he looks okay. Nelson and Crane drive the truck off.



Seaview surfaces amid excellent stock music. Anna had taken off when the shots were fired. Nelson and Crane go to Sickbay where Doc (Richard Bull) checks Anton--he lost a lot of blood but he is strong and stubborn. Doc says, "There's always hope."  Crane and Nelson go to Sparks with a top priority message for the scrambler: code Alpha Number--they have their escape from Jakarta. The US government men get the message code--4362---"That's the Seaview."  Another says, "Uh-huh." Good Seaview music. One of the DC men, Warren Parker, goes to the airport. Sparks decodes the message back--827 Alpha. Nelson smokes (yuck). Parker is an expert that is to debrief Anton en route about the South East Asia Red spy network. Anton has key information. In a mock Seaview hallway, a man does excellent karate work against an Oriental man and knocks down another. One of these, Vlaslov is dead--his back snapped. The karate man, Victor Vail tells his boss, Colonel Lascoe they might as well weed out the incompetence here instead of in the field. Lascoe tells him he is the perfect pupil...or is it he, Lascoe, is the perfect teacher. A plane lands. A sign at the airport reads Djakarta: Parkir Untuk Lopang Terbang. Go figure. Mr. Parker goes to a limo--a black sedan, meeting the driver and asks for a light. The driver gives him the code. The plane was one hour late--it hit a 40 mile head wind. The driver is Victor who drives Parker toward Seaview which is anchored up the coast 20 miles ahead. Parker tells Victor he may turn on the radio--which activates two sharp knives that spring out of the back of the back seat--killing Parker in a brutal scene. Victor smiles as if he likes this too much. Oddly, there is little blood in the car if any. No blood is seen, thank goodness. But how does Victor hide this from Crane and Curley when he pulls up to their road block. Crane tells Parker he was feeling land locked and is glad he is here. He points out Seaview is up the road one fourth of a mile and just past a bend in the road. We hear jungle sound effects. Crane brings Victor who is posing as Parker, down the ladder into the Control Room. Nelson tells him, "You want to see Kowslow."  Victor smiles, "More than just see him, Admiral. Alot more."



VOYAGE theme song is played. Victor asks about Kowslow and he and Nelson leave the nose area. Control Room: 35 miles in deep water due east. Code 729 Beta to Sparks; Parker-aka Victor tells them to include in the message that he has been aboard two hours and has not been able to debrief Kowslow yet. Nelson tells Sparks to include Mr. Parker's remarks. Doc tells them it is a miracle Kowslow is still alive. Victor tells him, "Nothing's impossible."  Nelson agrees with Victor--the info is more important than the man. Kowslow wants to talk to Lee and Nelson. Sickbay has Patrick Culliton as a guard. When Doc, Victor, Lee, and Nelson are in Sickbay, Kowslow demands Anna be brought aboard--he knows what they will do to her--he was once one of them. She is in a secret hiding place. Doc tells him to stop--he's killing himself. Crane says, "We can't go back. They know we're here."  But Anton wants Anna aboard and insists on it. Seaview theme. Nelson is in plain clothes and in a car but stops it, gets out, and goes to a door at night. There is no answer so he goes inside. It is dark and there is good stock music to be heard. Nelson has a small flashlight. He opens a clothes cabinet and an Oriental with a knife attacks him, jumping out at him from within. They fight but, unbelievably, Nelson wins and holds the knife to the man's throat, getting the info of where Anna has been taken: something like Bentova Bangtum on Java Head Road north of town-2nd floor west. The man tries to get away but Nelson hits him down and uses the man's own headband to tie him up. Nelson drives to an old style hotel. It is either night and lit up too much by the production team or it is dawn coming up on the night. Nelson climbs a second story trellace to the second floor and goes into a window. Anna is there but he has to cover her mouth to suppress a scream. Her hair is down and he tells her to get dressed. The Oriental gets free and calls Colonel Lascoe in some other language. Nelson and Anna climb down the trellace as Lascoe tells two guards to search. The pair run for the car and are shot at but Anna, given a gun by Nelson, who drives, shoots out the window. One of the bad guys is hit in the shoulder. Anna and Nelson come down Seaview's ladder. Anna wants to see Anton right away. Victor smiles, "Welcome home, Admiral."  He looks at Anna, "You must be Anna Ravec."  The pair exchange suspicious looks as if Anna knows him and fears him. After Nelson and Lee take her away, Victor leans against the wall and smiles.



Seaview is undersea; Victor in the hallway, trying keys to the office of Nelson. He gets in and searches it and looks at plans of the Seaview. Nelson and Lee are in the hall, causing him to hide in Nelson's locker closet (what is it with these spies and closets!). Nelson and Lee discuss opening another Sickbay for the crew to keep security better on Kowslow. Crane leaves; unbuttoning his shirt, Nelson is about to fully open his locker but doesn't move the clothing aside. Victor readies a death chop to Nelson but Chip's call to Nelson requires him to leave for the Control Room. Victor leaves after Nelson does. Nelson leaves, his shirt still open. Crane wants DC to know he'd like to have Kowslow alive. Victor calls Colonel Lascoe--calling him Dubov or Debob or something--perhaps his first name or some code? Lascoe tells him, "Kowslow must be silenced but remember you're also very valuable to us."  Sickbay: Culliton has a sailor hat on and cocks his rifle in warning to Victor not to go into Sickbay--it off limits to everyone now. Chip tells Victor that Capt. Crane and Admiral Nelson are in the nose and Victor goes there to complain. They talk about talking to Kowslow. Nelson tells Victor that the orders to not let anyone in didn't apply to him--of course, he can see Kowslow. It was a misunderstanding. "Of course you can see Kowslow."   Crane reprimands the guard, "In the future you're to listen to all orders and carry them out as given!!!"  Crane lets Victor go in. Anna has her hair up again and tends to Anton. Victor tells her to get some sleep but she stays--she owes Anton more than a few night's sleep. Seaview theme is heard as this burns up Victor. Later, Crane is in Sickbay and he relieves Anna. Crane calls her, "Quite a girl,"  to an awakening Kowslow. Crane says, "I used to feel the same way about a cute little nurse from Toledo. Then, ahh, my hospital insurance ran out."   Nelson tells Anna in the nose, "I run a tight ship--when I say relax, that's an order."  Anna tells Nelson that Kowslow will always be in danger even though Nelson promises to find them a safe haven. Victor is on the ladder listening and he then hides in the hallway. The Doc is with Anton but leaves to return in one hour (what is he on--a lunch break? or perhaps he is going to the other Sickbay that opened for the crew). Victor calls the guard, "Mack"  and tells him he is sorry he got him in trouble. The guard, visibly angry, stares ahead, calling Victor, "Sir"  several times in a tone of anger. The guard lets him in. Kowslow says, "Hello Mr. Parker, at last we get together."  Victor says, "Yes, at last."  He takes out a rag to strangle him.


ACT FOUR                

Victor stops when Crane and the guard come in. Crane takes Victor to the Control Room to answer a DC call (AKR24). Sparks calls for them and gets Warren Number 3 Special Unit 731, Boston Triple Charlie. Victor keeps touching Sparks' shoulder to send for him--Chicago Orange 89. The US government men realize, "It's not Warren."  They answer back in a stall--35 Ranger Green. The teletype is sent to the Radio Shack telling Nelson and Crane it is not Parker. Nelson says, "Perhaps you'd better add a sign off."  Victor says he is not finished.  Crane confronts Victor directly, "You're wrong, you're very much finished."  Victor hits Crane and runs out. Nelson chases him. Victor hits a guard and fires the machine gun at another, killing a crewman and almost killing Nelson, who ducks aside in the hall. Another crewman runs at Victor--FLUB TIME--Victor shoots the machine gun right into the man and we even hear the sound effect of it being shot--and the crewman isn't shot! The crewman fights Victor who is karated down. Victor jumps up and holds onto the rafter beam to kick another man and then karate chop him after the crewman falls down! Perhaps he was mad that his valor sweater shirt rode up when he reached up and held onto the rafter beam. The fight music is good stock music for such fight scenes and other than the silly flub of the machine gun firing and not firing--this fight is rather well handled. Victor climbs into the air vents and into the round drains. Curley leads men on a search--both he and Chip's men find nothing. Nelson says, "He can do an awful lot of damage until we find him."  Men search the nose. Men search the office (office from THE BUCCANEER which may or may not be the observation nose--it doesn't appear to have the windows there). Nelson looks--and we see the tiny Seaview model in the nose--so it must be the nose but somehow...oh heck. From the vent, Victor watches Crane and men search rooms. Anna's Room is C-22-L. Crane tells her Parker is not Parker--is not who he claims to be. He takes an insistent Anna to Anton. Nelson calls about the search. Control Room: Nelson figures the spy is in the vents. They send a crewman (name sounding like Wally or Wallock) into the vents. Nelson tells him to work his way extreme aft forward. Victor hides in the vent and chops the crewman out (dead?). Crane goes into another vent. Victor goes to Sickbay's vent and watches as Anna removes a poison vial from her skirt lining and puts it in a needle. She goes to give the needle to Anton. Wind blows Victor's hair as he watches, smiling. Anton gasps in shock as he realizes it is Anna trying to kill him. He holds her back as she yells, "You taught me, Anton, the party comes first--death to the defectors!!!"  He calls for help but Victor comes out of the vent and helps Anna try to inject the needle into Anton! Nelson and men rush in; Anna pretends to be trying to stop Victor, "Help me!"  The guard hits his rifle butt into Victor's back. Nelson and men take Victor out. Nelson goes to get the Doc. Anton has passed out. When everyone is out of the room, Anna prepares the vial and needle again. Crane is in the vent and sees this. He shoots the needle out of her hand and jumps out. He fights with her as she attempts to scratch him and get away. She cries as he tells her, holding her, "There's no place left to run or hide."  Nose: Crane tells Kowslow he must thrive on excitement--"Doc even says you improved through it all."   They found out the Victor Vail is the man who posed as Parker. Anna was a double agent. Both were unknown to each other. "Double agents, triple agents, where does it all end?"  Anton muses. Nelson says, "That's something you have to tell us."  Anton says, "Yes, as soon as I get to Washington."


REVIEW: The slimy villain Victor Vail as played with a smile while murdering (played by Jan Merlin) and the equally monstrous leader Col. Lascoe. Vail, using his karate, seemed unstoppable. The ending with the second assassin on board in the form of the girl Anna, was  a complete surprise on first airing. It is still difficult to expect it coming---but it makes sense and is all the more a shock. This episode featured knives coming out of the back of the car seat of one of Vail's victims. He smiles that wide smile and it makes you want to be sick! The title is similar to the fourth season and last episode NO WAY BACK. This episode was very good but all the secret coded messages can get annoying. Strong villains and a realistic search sequence once Victor is known to be the killer make this one very interesting.  



WRITER-WILLIAM WELCH and JOE MADISON (teleplay by same pair)






Philadelphia Times: Summer Snow Startles World.


Chicago Bull: East Paralyzed By Cold Wave--Death Toll Mounts As             Mercury Dives


NY Chronicle: Freeze Panics Atlantic Coast--Summer Blizzard Rips            Florida, Building Code Under Fire


DC Tribune: Nelson Blames Blizzard on Gulf Stream Drift--Washington            Skeptical of Wild Theory, Ad Funding Reaches Goal--           Funding to Start Next Month


Miami Dispatch: Nelson In Florida--Seeks Backing of Dr. Melton on             Gulf Stream Theory, Magic Man (or Mountain) Plans             for Building Program.




A car passes a sign: Welcome to Sunnyvale, Florida--the sunshine city--the sign is surrounded by snow, ice, and wind. A bald man called Frederick Cregar says at all costs they must stop Nelson from getting approval and setting forth on stopping them. This is interesting as the man playing Cregar also was one of the men playing Dr. Gamma in ELEVEN DAYS TO ZERO and in ELEVEN used the term, " all costs."  And was bald there, too. A man in the car is conversing with Cregar. They will do the telephone plan. A very old repair truck pulls up to Dr. Charles Melton's home. The man who has a tough guy, Brooklyn type accent all of a sudden, puts something in the phone mouth piece. Late at night--when Charles and Mrs. Melton (Sheila Matthews, looking lovely as ever) are asleep, the phone rings. Gas comes out of the mouth piece and knocks Charles out. The wife will be out for ten hours. Cregar comes in and organizes the men who take Melton away.



Seaview theme as it rides on the surface amid wind sounds and snow. On the Conning Tower is Chip and Crane, amazed that this rough, winter-type weather is the Gulf Stream. Chip wonders if the Admiral will be ready when Seaview gets there. Lee tells a wondering Chip, "If I know the Admiral, he'll be waiting on the pier."  Ski comes up and tells them not to be surprised if there are icebergs nearby. Nelson has to get to DC to get approval so he will put to sea in the morning, he tells Lee he doesn't take anything for granted. Melton is the leading climatologist but right now he has a many diode thing on his head, asleep, while some doctor operates on him. The right frontal lobe is circumvented by a device put on Melton's stomach--a packet taped there. He can be programmed with tapes and the info only they want him to know. The leader, Cregar says, "We'll see,"  as if he doesn't believe it. Melton awakens with pain in his temples which will go away in an hour or so, the doctor says. Cregar shows Melton a tube and says it is Admiral Harrimin Nelson---and gives Melton a gun. Melton shoots the tube. They can record new instructions or change the old ones to new ones. Cregar orders Melton to shoot himself and stops the scientist when he starts to comply. The more intelligent the better the subject. Cregar tells him that happens to be right about the shift in the Gulf Stream. Melton asks for chemicals and for his notes and slides. He makes a liquid that can be treated to Melton's papers--a liquid which becomes dangerously unstable at higher altitudes--above 500 feet it will blow up. Morning--day--more snow--Melton is returned to home and into bed. His wife awakens after the crooks leave and feels like she's been drugged but has a hair appointment. Nelson is in his cabin: Crane brings Melton in. Melton gives Nelson his notes and slides for the trip to DC. Melton drives Nelson to the airbase--the Military Air Base Check in T-33. It is clear and cold weather for flying as a young Air Force Lieutenant tells him--he will be Nelson's pilot. Nelson tells Melton he will be seeing him but Melton just turns and leaves. He stops for a moment, then dismisses his own will and goes. A corporal stops Nelson on the way out and tells him he has a call from Washington DC. The Lt takes Nelson's bag to the T-33 plane. Later, from his car, Melton watches as the jet plane takes off and blows up into an inferno. At first, Melton seems shocked and surprised.



Chip and Crane get a message on Seaview. Melton goes home--Cregar is there, Mrs. Melton went to her appointment. He gives a gun to Melton and order him to shoot himself in the head but the bell rings. Cregar smiles, "I find it's these unexpected interruptions that give life its flavor."  He waits in the bedroom. Melton opens the door to a running in Admiral Nelson! "I know you weren't expecting me but I'll only be a minute or so."  The last minute call he received was approval from DC. When Cregar shakes his head, Melton does also. A good musical seque into the next scene helps as we see the nose of Seaview. Melton explains: the Gulf Stream is a narrow fast moving current which acted like a wall cutting off the warm equatorial waters but further east you go, the wall moves, the colder the Atlantic becomes. The diversion of the stream increases but this wall has been moved. Nelson wants them to dive to 200 feet that night to take readings. Seaview theme. In his lab, Melton takes out a pen and goes to Nelson's cabin while the Admiral is asleep. Curley logs navigational repairs to Crane. Crane sees smoke and tells him to sound an alarm. Crane pulls Nelson out of his cabin to Curley and Ski and they take him to Sickbay. Crane orders Seaview to surface sa the men put out the fire. Chip goes to the periscope and shows Crane the view: thousands of dead fish. They crack the deck hatch. Nelson in his robe, comes to sickbay. Crane supposes Nelson had some chemicals from the lab on his clothing that caused the fire. When Lee tells him he should be resting, Nelson tells him he needs fresh air but Crane tells him all he will find above is dead fish. Nelson asks a request of Lee who asks Curley to get it: one dead fish. In the lab, Melton tells Nelson radiation could be what killed the fish, possibly from a nuclear explosion. Nelson is not sure yet. Melton tells Nelson the idea never occurred to him. Nelson berates him, "How could you make such an idiotic blunder--it's inexcusable!"  Melton tells Nelson he is  a colleague and a guest on Seaview, not an employee, then feels his head. Nelson asks if he is alright, "Submarine duty doesn't agree with some people."  A crewman brings coffee. Seaview is just under the surface. Con lookout gets an object--a buoy with an antenna. Nelson says, "Up scope," and looks out. Ski, in scuba gear, follows the chain that holds the buoy. Nelson tells him not to follow it more than ten miles down. Nelson says, "It doesn't make sense."  Radiation may be from the chain which goes right down the ocean bottom floor and deeper. Sparks picks up a beam and uses the directional finder to find the source. Radar picks up an island which the finder leads Seaview to. There are many uninhabited islands near here, unnamed as well. They put a party ashore and will come back for the buoy. Melton tries to talk them out of this. Four men in a raft land on the island: Curley, Crane, Ski, and  a crewman. We hear jungle sound effects. A burly man with a rifle watches them from the rocks ahead.



Crane has his hat on and sees a tower and Ski sees a way into the rock base around it. Ski wants to go in right away but first Crane calls Seagull to Albatross (Sparks on Seaview) to let them know they found a nuclear shot tower (huh?). They go into the cave entrance and a voice tells them to drop their weapons. The unnamed crewman goes for his and is shot dead. More shots keep the other three away from him. The voice telling them, "He needs nothing!"  As they are pushed to Cregar's control room, Curley yells at his guards. Cregar entertains Crane. In one hour and 40 minutes to zero the nuclear tests for an unbelievable powerful weapon will continue. Crane tells him Seaview will blast him right off the map. Cregar tells Crane that Seaview is poised above the next bomb, "Admiral Nelson and the Seaview will cease to exist."  Crane, Curley, and Ski are in a stone-like cage. Ski has his sailor hat on. Crane shows them a bug on the light. Curley and Ski joke about bugs--insects. Curley says, "I hope they don't forget to feed us."  Then he whistles--the trio make fake talk. Crane from his boot side takes out a lighter which burns the door bolt and the three escape. Sector 4 is clear a guard says but they hit him near sector 5 and take his weapons. Outside, they seem to have a walkie talkie and a weapon each. Crane gets Sparks to get the Admiral--the hole in the ocean floor has a nuclear bomb, "You're sitting right on it."  Crane tells him to fire a missile at the island. Nelson tells Sparks to report this to Washington DC. Melton takes a gun from an unattended small arms locker and shoots the radio out, "Seaview will go nowhere, Admiral, until the bomb goes off."


ACT FOUR           

Melton moves through the Control Room and blasts the helm controls. Chip tries to get him but is stopped; Nelson distracts Melton while two men grab him from behind. Nelson gets the gun back. Chip puts a detail on steering repair. Sickbay: they find the control pack. There is a man there who may be a Seaview doctor or a corpsman--it is not Richard Bull's doctor. The man is a walking receiver set--like a pacemaker--except this device sends messages to the brain. Nelson saw an experiment just like this once before. If Chip slows down the beeps on the tape in the device he will find a burst transmission which will have coded messages and instructions for Melton. Melton seems to come out of it--he recalls the plane--he feels horrid that he killed the young pilot on the plane. Nelson tells him, "No, you didn't--you're no more guilty of murder than a gun is. The guilt belongs to the man who pulled the trigger."  They hear a message to deliver Nelson to central control. Nelson wants him to follow those instructions. He and Melton go into a raft to the island. The other three spot them from the rocks and bushes. Ski wants to pick off Dr. Melton since they see Melton holding a gun on the Admiral. Crane figures out what Nelson is up to and stops Ski. Nelson has his hat on. Cregar apologizes for the meeting. Nelson says, "Oh, Crane got away did he, good."  Cregar tells him, "No one will get off the island."  Nelson looks at the devices, calling it sophisticated equipment. One more test burst after the one that will destroy Seaview will make the country of Cregar's join the nuclear "club" even though the blast tests have altered the Gulf Stream. The tower has the last bomb which will go off after he and his men leave the island. Cregar orders Melton to kill Nelson but Melton tells him, "The bullets in this gun belong to you, Mr. Cregar."  Crane, Ski, and Curley come in and clear the men out of the room (one is wearing a bad shirt). Before Cregar is taken out he tells Nelson he is wasting his time trying to stop the bomb countdown--it needs a proper code sequence. Nelson opens a control panel--he can't stop it. They can convert the telemetry--the US uses the same relay series to act the firing mechanism. Nelson can act the tower bomb to go off at the same time as the bomb near Seaview. The system can only handle one at a time. Then he joins the second group of wires with the first--they can't stop the countdown but with no signal the other bomb will go off at the same time as the tower bomb--thus giving Seaview time to make repairs. Crane tells them the guards are coming. Nelson urges Cregar to stop the countdown but he won't. Ski shoots a man as more and more guards arrive and the Seaview men and Melton run out. Ski blocks the guards with more machine gun fire. They get to the raft and soon are climbing down the Seaview ladder to the Control Room. Nelson orders Chip to flank dive. Nelson and Melton look out the periscope in turn as the blasts go off, destroying the island. In the lab, they test the water temperature--normal density and salinity. The last blast put the Gulf Stream back!? That illegal test series did it but now it is back to normal. Crane comes in with the weather report from Penscola--the weather is fair and warm.     


REVIEW: There is something unforgettable about an episode that has major snow storms hitting Florida. Milton Selzer is marvelous as the timid scientist who has been taken over by enemies--not evil minded, he portrayed Dr. Charles Melton, a man who seemed to be a quiet, self appraising man--but in reality he was trying to cast off his brainwashing. I will never forget the phone that was sabotaged to gas the good doctor and the exploding plane Nelson was supposed to be on. The feel of snow in Florida even during the bright day lingers in one's memory. I saw this for the second time after one of the worst snow falls in NY history. A good episode if a bit unsound. I suppose a blast could alter the currents but one blast altering it back? I don't know. It sounds good and makes a good adventure. Interesting to note that the actor Werner Klemperer is one of the actors who portrayed Dr. Gamma in ELEVEN DAYS TO ZERO--the unaired version and is back here, using some of the same mannerisms of Gamma. Could this have been Dr. Gamma using a different name or perhaps Cregar was his real name and Gamma just a code name.     








Jim Bryce, a young boy, is steering the cruiser of his father, Walter Bryce as the family hunts a huge whale. When Walter orders Jimmy to go full throttle so they can harpoon the whale, Jim says they are too close. Walter tosses him aside and gets close. Walter's wife, Ellen tells him the whale is twice the size of any whale they have seen. Walter fires the harpoon-electrode into the whale, which dives. It surfaces up under the ship, cracking it in two and turning it on its side!


Act One

Six months later: Seaview dock: trucks pass by. Crane and Nelson discuss the whale mission which is given top priority via a message from Washington DC. Walter is Nelson's former student and has formed the Bryce Institute of Advanced Marine Research. Ellen (although at times, it sounds like Helen), Bryce sees Harry first. It has been ten she is Dr. Bryce also and was the prettiest student to ever have disrupted his classes, Nelson teases her to Crane. Nelson goes on to joke that they should not allow sailors on sabbatical to teach in co-ed institutions. Walter comes in, crippled. Nelson is sorry about their son, didn't know about Walter and finds that Walter doesn't want his sympathy. It was in the South Atlantic that they found the huge whale--which was over twice 80 feet long. Nelson tells Walter that Crane, as a sub commander, has to be of a skeptical lot by nature. Ellen tells Crane she is not along to darn socks and cook. She is a vital part of this mission (if not the Jupiter II mission a few years later!). The mission: to take an electro cardiograph of the whale's heart--via the core of a sending device Walter already implanted in the whale. He tries it on Crane's heart. After Nelson and Crane leave, Bryce and Ellen disagree: she understands what he is really after and will find a way to stop him. Seaview cruises the surface as we hear the great Sawtell theme song. The devices on Seaview in the nose will record extra energy and electricity of the mammalian heart--a heart that would fill the nose room and is two to three tons in weight. Walter tells Nelson he has not learned about women since he is still a bachelor but no one, Walter says, ever really learns about women. Crane and Chip with command hats on, are on the conning tower and see nothing. They are near where the cruiser was wrecked. Chip, a few moments later, sees a whale. Bryce goes up with Crane's binoculars to view it from the conning tower. Crane follows. Then they go down to the nose and while Crane claims it is the biggest whale he's ever seen, Bryce tells them that whale is not half the whale they are after! Bryce tells more about the mission: the research can save human lives by giving them more info about the heart...humans have heart attacks if they are 20 to 30 pounds overweight but the whales...Nelson backs him up with saying the human heart research with the info they will collect is invaluable. Chip spots a whaler (Russian? Japanese?); Nelson asks Sparks to raise the whaler captain who tells him the whale they are after was spotted by him 30 days ago but his crew wouldn't go after it. Bryce wants better speed by going underwater and Nelson agrees. Seaview dives and we hear the theme song again. Crane tells them to go two thirds speed--not realizing they were in a race. When he sees Nelson in the curtained door entrance, he orders full speed ahead full.


Act Two

Ellen goes to Bryce in their cabin, wanting them to turn back and go on living. Bryce yells at her that the whale killed his son but she calls the whale just a dumb creature. She goes on to tell him that he wants the whale to pay for something he did...he killed Jimmy. He hits her in the face and the force slams her against the wall and down. She won't let him help her up as he tries, "All the revenge in the world won't change anything."  Sparks pipes sonar into the control room system and they hear the heartbeat pounding all over the ship (which makes the scenes more tense as the heartbeat-like music did in BLAKE'S 7-third season closing episode and the BLAKE season four opening episode). Nelson, Crane, and the Bryces go to the nose as the whale is head on. Seaview stops and the whale merges close to the window, hitting it. Crane says, "I take it all back,"  referring to his previous skepticism and questioning to Bryce, "...nothing is bigger than that!"  They will get an EKG on the whale but must tranquilize it first. It passes Seaview. Curly and Ski prepare the tranquilizer. The whale passes in front of Seaview and then turns tail. Seaview follows it but the whale then turns again...on full collision coarse! Seaview turns full right rudder (and we see the full bottom in clear shots). As the whale follows unfortunately we also see a string pulling it (at least on the pristine copy I've seen, the clearness is so good that every detail is viewed...including the string in this case!). That aside, the special effects as the gang watch the whale from the Seaview window are great and are not equaled even later on in the series (JONAH AND THE WHALE and THE SHAPE OF DOOM)! The model work is also quite good. Chip and Lee watch the whale on the mini screen in the control room. The first tranquilizer misses and the whale hits the mid ship starboard side. The ship shakes, leaks spring out, storage hatches 3, 8, and 12 are flooded and the whale hits the other side of the Seaview. Seaview sinks to the bottom


Act Three

Seaview is tilted to one side on the bottom. Diving back, Curly comes into the Missile Room hatch tube--the emergency repair crew did what they could; Chip reports damage control has one half speed and the internal ribbing structure is weak. Chip says, "Any more hits like that and this sub is going to be the sea and the view with both ends going in opposite directions."  Crane feels humiliated by having this done to them by a fish but Chip says, "Calling that whale a fish is like calling Babe Ruth just another baseball player!"  Men are working on the hall structure, bracing it with wood or metal. Crane wants to go back to port. They are in the whale's natural habitat...the underwater mountain range they have fallen into. Walter wants to stay and so does Nelson. Crane tells him and Nelson that he is in command of the ship. Crane gives Ellen a look to talk to Harry. She does, "This whole mission is cloaked in an aura of respectability. He doesn't care anything about heart research anymore...all he cares about is getting to that whale...he will destroy you, me, the Seaview, everything."  Nelson tells her he will take the readings first, no matter Walter's state. Crane comes to talk to Nelson privately. He tells Nelson he is responsible for the safety of everyone aboard ship, the sub is damaged, and he can't risk lives. Nelson weighs the lives of those on the sub against how many will be saved through the heart research. Crane realizes Bryce only came here to kill the whale. He and Nelson argue. Crane snaps, "You're becoming just like him!"  He hands Nelson the book Moby Dick and mentions Ahab. Nelson says, "I know all about Ahab!"  Crane forces him to read from it---passages well read by Basehart who starred in the movie MOBY DICK. Nothing mattered but hunting the white whale--nothing but Ahab's supernatural revenge. Bryce is in scuba gear and when Nelson grabs his arm to stop him, Bryce tells him he thought Nelson would understand. He tells Harry he sees it in his eyes...he does understand. Nelson tells him he was used by Bryce and can't let him go. Bryce hits Nelson in the head with a harpoon handle and Nelson falls. Seaview is up at one half speed and can only surface run. It goes up but Bryce is already swimming off. He sees Seaview moving away.


Act Four

Seaview is on the surface. Crane asks Chip to get Nelson and have him join him on the Flying Bridge (con tower). Chip finds Nelson on the floor of the Missile Room and Nelson refuses to go to Sick Bay. Patterson passes them, working. Nelson goes to the control room and orders them to go back down. Crane belays it and tells Nelson why while Ellen, listening in the doorway hears him. They discuss Bryce and his madness as well as risking their lives if they go down. Ellen comes out and tells Harry that Walter is insane--she says it hurts her to say it but it is true. She saw it coming onto him for some time now. His mind is twisted and warped by his desire for revenge. Nelson orders Lee to bring the ship about but Crane says, "No."  Nelson argues, "We can't leave him there to die--he can save millions of lives."  Crane orders reverse coarse and tells the crew the situation---Dr. Bryce has no chance of survival unless they go back. Ski and Curly are working on leaks, commenting briefly on Crane's assessment of the sub's state. Seaview dives and then turns and unfortunately we see another string pulling it! Ski gives Curly the 20 dollars he borrowed from him in Hong Kong six months ago. Curly just stares (this bit was lifted from ABBOTT AND COSTELLO who did it in various places most notably in PARDON MY SARONG). Seaview moves from 200 feet to 300 feet. They hear the heartbeat from the two hundred ton whale which passes over Seaview and we see its shadow pass over Bryce. He seems to lure the whale away from Seaview, then shoots it but his line gets caught on him and the whale takes him up toward the surface with him. Nelson orders Lee to try to follow them. Seaview blows tanks and surfaces. The whale pulls Bryce along the surface; Nelson and Crane see him from the conning tower using binoculars. He is trapped and the whale dives, drowning Bryce, who took his mask off in his struggle. In the nose of the Seaview, Ellen goes to Harry, "Don't blame yourself."  Nelson calls it a waste--he could have done more to stop, he feels. Ellen says no, he couldn't...,"...he was dead before he ever set foot on this ship. It's almost as though he died the very first time he saw that whale."


NOTE: An engrossing story, difficult to stop watching, even after the fifth viewing or more! The effects are not matched, even today, with computer graphics but there are those two string incidents. June Lockhart, Richard Basehart and David Hedison do top notch acting in this one and there is more drama than usual. The black and white filming adds to the episode as the bleakness of it deepens. The closing music over the Tag is often used music which adds to both the melancoly of it and the affirmation of human surviving through incredible odds...and being able to enjoy living on. It is a touch sad as well and is used again and again...and never bores. Great episode. Some sources, ill informed, believed the GHOST of the title THE GHOST OF MOBY DICK to be literally the ghost of a whale. While this is not too outlandish for VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, this is simply not the case. The ghost is figurative.






MUSIC-PAUL SAWTELL (also includes longer extended end theme which  is not on the CD set) 




Foreign Mid East type country--men work on a scale and plant a bomb under it. They test the dynamite trigger. A ruler in robes and turban goes out to his people who cheer and say religious hoots. The music is appropriate for this scene although the other music is some of the weakest of the entire series (except for the great Seaview themes which run throughout). Men bring in gold to balance the scale opposite the king's.


Nelson narrates or rather Richard Basehart does: "It was the week before Christmas but in this far off land the people prepared for quite another event. For it is written that each year, the Lords of the kingdom must weigh their king and balance his weight with much fine gold--a measure of their true devotion." 


The scale is balanced but the seat are blows up, sending the king flying and killing him.  




A rare sight for VOYAGE: a car on a road in a quiet town containing a boy playing a flute which annoys his teacher-governess, the Countess DeMashe and his military aide Colonel Meger, who takes it away. On Seaview, the ship's cook (?!?) gives Curley (who is in a suit and tie!?!!) some egg nog. Curley rattles off something that is difficult to hear or understand-something about going home to New England possibly. Or Wingdom? Whatever. Ski notes to him that it is far. Curley tells him he hasn't lived until he experiences Christmas in that home town. Ski asks Cookie about the captain and the Admiral. Cookie tells him they are in the nose in their suits. State Department official Johnson tells them King Banyon was murdered (four hours and 35 minutes ago) as a first step to a coup in the country which will be lost to the west if the rebels take over. The heir is in California on tour. The foreign country's embassy called on the US government when the King was killed. They need the Prince, now the new king, protected and brought back in secrecy. He can prevent the loss of the country and stop a revolt. Nelson asks about flying but they feel secrecy and safety are as important as speed. Johnson apologizes but tells them "we are only trying to prevent the loss of a valved ally."   Crane tells him the entire crew was looking forward to a ten day shore leave. Nelson is smoking (cough, cough!). Johnson realizes he cannot order Seaview to go. Nelson says, "Well, Lee..."    Crane says, "Well, I...better break the news to them now."   Crane calls--an emergency assignment has called for the canceling of Christmas leave--their personal luggage will be removed from dock and restored to the ship. Crane goes on to tell them that, like them, he was looking forward to Christmas at home, with family. Curley tosses his hand onto a table. Johnson tells Nelson and Lee, "I can't promise you won't be threatened, even attacked."  Nelson says, "It promises to be quite a Christmas."  When the entourage arrives, Nelson thinks Colonel Meger is the highness but is wrong--it is the boy who, earlier, was playing with the flute--Prince Ang, now King Ang. They introduce each other including the valet Georges, a thin man with a thin moustache and in a suit. Nelson asks the boy if he'd like some ice cream and the boy smiles but Megar not happy about this. He asks about a revolution; Ang asks about his father--is his father alright? Johnson tells him the truth but adds, "You are in the very capable hands of Admiral Nelson and he will see to it that you get home."  The boy says, "No, I am king now, now I give the orders."  He silences the Countess, "No one can say no to me anymore!!"  Chip is told by Crane to dive. Excellent Seaview music as they dive. Nelson shows the boy his cabin, touring Seaview. The boy wants these quarters--the best on the ship. When Nelson tells him these are his own quarters, the boy snootily puts his nose in the air, "Ahh, Admiral, do you wish to keep the friendship of my country?"  Nelson gives the cabin to the boy. After leaving the room, the governess stops Nelson who asks her what her duties are. She tells him she teaches the prince French, English, manners, and how to be a royal gentlemen. Nelson comments more than asks, "Really, well who's teaching him how to be a royal human being?"  He walks away. Seaview theme never sounded so good as it is on the surface. Boy is in his pajamas. He looks in the hallway, locks the door, and puts pillows under the blanket in the bunk. NOTE: there is a speaker and phone on the wall of the bunk. The boy sits in the chair and seems to sleep there. Later, the lock opens and the boy awakens--he has a gun. A gloved hand throws a knife into the bed. The boy shoots and this brings Megar and Georges running. Nelson and Crane are not far behind them. The boy tells them what happened and the Countess takes her gun back from him. It is her pistol. Nelson calms him by asking what happened while Crane just calls it a nightmare. The boy points out the "nightmare"  stuck in the bed. Crane pulls the knife out of the bed. The Colonel touches it--it is real. The boy yells, "You want me dead. And that's the truth. All of you. You want me dead."         



The boy king is on the periscope island in his silk shirt. There is  a stocky blond crewman. Sonar gets flash readings. Nelson tells them to alter course and asks about the boy. Crane says, "He took over the periscope island."  Nelson smiles. The boy tells them, "I will not move away so don't ask me to."  Nelson tells him it is safer there and if he feels safer there, he may stay. Crane asks, "Admiral, how are we supposed to run a ship with this kid underfoot?"  The boy takes a fit, not wanting to be talked to that way. Crane says, "Now look, your highness..."  The king says he will take his lunch right here. Nelson smiles, "Of course."  Seaview surfaces. Nose: Nelson is worried about the attack on the boy even though Crane took all security measures. The boy didn't make it up. Nelson feels it will be a long while before they settle this. They figure it has to be one of their own crew members or one of the king's own people. One of the party might have had standing orders if something happened to the father--to proceed against the son. Crane seriously says, "In my opinion, there's only one person aboard who's likely to kill him."   Nelson turns, seriously, "Who?"  Crane answers, "ME!"  Nelson laughs and hits Crane's arm. An officer comes down with a message: a ship's gone down and they have to alter course to search for survivors. Nelson tells him they can't--there are other ships in the area--they can search for survivors. Crane says, "It's just hard to believe that one spoiled kid is worth all this," then he looks at a staring Nelson, "We hold our course."  Sparks pipes Silent Night and other Christmas music into the Crew Quarters and Mess Hall. Ski grumbles, "Does Sparks have to pipe that music in here."  He continues to complain about the prince's entourage--not just the bratty, fresh kid--the whole bunch. Just then Georges comes in for food for the king. He will prepare it himself. Cookie tells him not in his galley--no one is allowed in there but him and he is too busy to fix the boy a meal. Cookie lifts a meat clever at the valet who is ready to pull his own knife out of his suit. Cookie threatens him to pull it. Georges leaves. He tells the King. The boy goes into the Control Room and tells Nelson. Crane says, "Admiral, can't you get this kid out of here?"  The king says, "You dare speak of me like this. Admiral I want this man arrested."  Crane pauses and then says, "Your highness...why don't you shut up."  Georges takes him out but has to ask twice. A sub fires missiles. Seaview goes down ten degrees and the missiles hit a rock near it--this appears to be new footage. Seaview readies 5,7,6, and 8 and fires. One missile misses but another hits the sub which blows apart (ever notice how Seaview gets hit and suffers damage but another sub gets hit and blow to pieces). Seaview shakes. The highness asks permission to return to the control room. The governess tells them he will behave--he's promised. Crane tells him, "Tell his highness, he's welcome here as long as he doesn't interfere with the command of the ship."  They get another sonar contact--an object on the surface. No propeller sounds. Close up of the Seaview nose from outside as it goes to periscope depth and slow to one third. The boy and Countess come in. The boy sees the scope coming down, "Let me, let me look first!"   Crane asks, "Is that an order?"  The boy relents, not happy about it, "It's a request."  Crane lifts him up to the scope and he sees a boat with a bearded man in it, waving and wearing a checkered shirt. A castaway. The boy tells them they must save him with the permission of the captain, "I command it."   Nelson smiles, "The king has spoken, Lee. All we can do is obey."  Crane looks at the boy. Seaview surfaces. The Colonel doesn't want to take this man aboard. Nelson says, "Down scope. Take er down, Chip."  When the man is brought down the ladder, the boy commands someone to help the weakened, heavy set man. The man sits down on the deck and puffs, "Now there's a remarkable thing to be encountering in the middle of the Pacific--a boy no bigger than a sardine givin' orders."   The boy says, "He is mine. I found him and he belongs to me. I am King and I declare you my friend."   The man thanks him and they shake hands.



Nelson and Lee eat breakfast in the nose. The man, John, told Nelson he was the captain of a ship that went down in a storm. Crane takes this to mean he was the captain of the freighter that went down in the storm. Nelson tells Crane that he passed the Crew's Quarters and heard John tell Curley that he was really king of an island--the volcano erupted and the island sunk. Lee laughs, "He's off his rocker."  Nelson stops laughing, "I don't know--are you certain of that."  In the hallway, John plays a flute. Patterson at the door wears a sailor's hat. The boy lets John into the room and keeps the door open so Pat can see that he is okay. The former Prince tells John that "they"  killed his father and now they want him dead. He sits on the bed near John. "Poor little boy tis all alone in a wide and windy ocean. Well, I'm a big, friendly...sorta..."   The boy asks, "Whale?"  John agrees and the boy laughs, then requests John play a song for him. John plays a song which I cannot really translate too well since I could not understand it but here goes what words I could: "The boy ran to war has gone and in ranks you'd find him, the father saw land of song, warrior boy, thou the world betrays him--praise him,"  or something or such. John playfully moves the flute at the boy but the flinches, making John see his fear. Ang asks where John came from. John says, "Oh, you'd be hearing my story, too, do you?"  He claims he was a treasure hunter who moved from spot to spot looking and digging and he found some treasure and took some home--which is way out yonder where the clouds ride upon the shoulders of the sea."  

Night on Seaview: John buttons the boy's pajama top and puts him to bed, asking if the boy snores. Ang tells him, "No. At least, I don't think I do."   John praises his humbleness, "Oh, you being a wee bit humble now, that's a good quality."  The boy starts to say something, "I wish..."  Nelson, the Countess (good evening), and the Colonel come in. Nelson says, "Your highness, I understand this man is moving in with you. I'm afraid that's impossible."  The boy argues and gets out of bed and puts his robe on, telling off the Colonel, "Maybe it is you who wants to kill me!"  He demands John stay and yells at them to all get out. John stops this, telling there should be no tantrums. If he were king, he tells the boy, he would quiet down and show dignity and serene majesty. "Now, the Colonel loves you,"   John turns to the Colonel and asks, "You do don't you? And the Countess, she loves you too. Now the pair of them only want you good."  John tells Nelson he will go back to the Crew's Quarters. The boy says, "But you're the only one I can talk to."  Nelson says, "I've changed my mind--John stay."  The colonel, in the hallway, tells Nelson he will hold him directly responsible if anything happens to the king. Nelson tells the Colonel that the King doesn't entirely trust the Colonel himself but does trust John. After the Colonel storms off, the governess takes her shot, "You Americans are so soft hearted, Admiral. I hope you made the right decision--it could be awkward if you haven't. Good night."   She walks off, "Pleasant dreams."  Bitch. NOTE: Sara Shane does a good job but she hardly looks foreign--she looks American herself.



Galley: Nelson comes in and sees Curley playing cards--gin--with the boy and he the only two left in the game. We hear Noel playing in the background. Ski and Pat urge Curley to throw his card down. John only taught the boy to play today, "Discard friend."  Curley stares at John but then throws. The boy wins. Curley laughs and pats the boy's head, messing his hair. They all laugh. Seaview surfaces. Taranga Bay: slow to two thirds. They are near the harbor. Sparks only gets jamming which makes Nelson say, "I don't like the sound of that--we've got the king but who's got the country."  They can only receive since a transmission out would pinpoint Seaview's location. The Embassy in the capital has told them that rebels have a government TV station and are telling the people that the Americans have killed the king and are holding his son--Ang! The Embassy warns Seaview not to land. Nelson tells Lee, "As long as the boy's alive we have a chance."  John jumps off his bed and has a fight with someone who enters the room with a knife to kill him...thinking the boy is sleeping there perhaps. The boy yells for the guards and puts the lights on. John throws the killer into the corner of the cabin--it is the governess. A nice sunrise since we could have laid odds on it being the Colonel or Georges. Nelson and Crane run in and Crane has men grab the woman. The King says, "I want her put to death---now!"  Crane says, "Now wait a minute!"  The boy says, "She must pay!"  John tells him, "Here, here, boy that's a tyrant's way--an eye for an eye. If I were king..."   Dough! The boy yells, "Well if you won't do it, I will!"  He takes the knife and tries to kill the woman. Nelson grabs the boy's arm and takes the knife away, "Stop it!"  He orders them to take the woman below and she cries as they move her out. John tells the boy to leave the justice to the law of the land. Nelson tells them the boy has to come to the Observation Nose-the King has to make a very grave decision. Nose--they tell him about taking a video with a camera--moving pictures of him, telling the people the truth. This is risky since the enemy forces can locate them if they transmit. John nods his head to the boy who agrees. "It is my duty, I will do it."  Seaview surfaces. In the radio shack, the king addresses his people--it December 24th, Midnight. He wants the people to rally around the throne, put down the rebels who would "make us slaves and our country a puppet."  Oh, you mean the US. Sorry, just kidding. Seaview then dives. Soon, the TV station is back in loyal hands and there are many demonstrations for the new king. Suddenly destroyers appear. Radar and sonar confirm this. Destroyers may soon launch depth charges. Crane says, "And we have to just lie and here and take it."  John steadies the King and makes him sit down. Bearing 280. Nelson says, "What we need now is a genuine miracle."  John plays his flute--it is after midnight--now Christmas Day. John says it is time to deliver a gift to the people of Ang's country--a real dyed in the wool Royal King. Nelson feels the destroyer will "hit us with everything they've got."  Radio Shack--the scrambler informs them it is a whole fleet of destroyers above! The teletype informs Crane it is the advanced units of the US government fleet. John plays his flute. Palace: King is in robes and a turban, telling John, "Stay with me."  John says, "For a time."   Ang says, "For always."  John says, "Oh, well, now, that's a very long time."   The boy insists, "I mean it--I want to be with you."   "You with me, boy."  "No one has ever treated me like you do,"  the boy continues. He wants to leave with John and go treasure hunting with him. John says, "One day you will but now, show them what a king should look like."  The boy moves out. John adds, "I'll be here whenever you need me."  The boy sits on the throne. Nelson and Crane watch in full uniform dress.      

Nelson or rather Basehart narrates again: "And so it came to pass that in this far off land a new king sat upon the scales while the Lords of the kingdom matched his royal weight in much fine gold, a measure of their true devotion."


Paul Z appears to be one of the royal lords in robes. John makes the King sit up straight in the scale and the boy seems to pick up out of his sad state; however returning when John seems to vanish when the ex-Prince turns away for a moment. Crane and Nelson wonder where John has gone. Nelson nods to the King, "I think the King is wondering the same thing, too."  Crane says, "King? He looks like a lonely little boy, doesn't he?"  The boy finds the flute of John's in the gold tribute on the scale which balances. Joy To the World, the religious song (not the Fishes in the Deep Blue Sea one) is heard. The boy picks up the flute. The Colonel gently tells him they must finish the ceremony and accept the gifts. The boy sits and ends the ceremony. Nelson smiles, "Your lonely little boy certainly looks very much like a king."  


Seaview is on the surface and we hear the Seaview theme. There is a tree in the nose of the sub--a gift from the king. There is Christmas Music playing--Hark the Herald Angels Sing or Joy to the World. Chip, Crane, Nelson, and other officers are there (hey, no common crew--call the union).


Nelson asks Lee, "Something troubling you, Lee?"  "Oh no, I was just wondering about that man, John, who was he, where do suppose he came from?"  Nelson answers, "I dunno. It's a curious thing--"  he moves to the map, "This is where we picked him up."  Nelson points to a place not far from Australia's above left and far off from but under Russia. Lee says, "Christmas Island."  Nelson says, "Yeah,"  and turns away, "Which reminds gentlemen, Merry Christmas to all."   He raises his glass and they all drink, Chip and others saying, "Merry Christmas."          


REVIEW: I really like Carol O'Connor, thus he can do no wrong in this and any other thing he is in. He is so far removed from Archie Bunker here and in his THE TIME TUNNEL episode (where he plays someone totally different from both Archie and John), that one can only give him praise--he doesn't even seem to be the same man! This story was very good and shows the Seaview crew having a spot of fun before the mission is to be incurred on them. Unfortunately, their Christmas is cut short by a foreign affair involving a bratty prince who is now the King after his father is killed. Mike Pettit is excellent as the brat and his reluctant transformation when he meets Old John (O'Connor) is believable and not complete until the strange man leaves him. John was undeniably Saint Nick but this was subtle whereas by an episode like THE TERRIBLE LEPRECHAUN, he would have arrived via a sled and reindeer! Mike Pate, Sara Shane (who played in at least one Tarzan movie), and Jan Arvan round out the prince's entourage, one of whom is trying to murder him. The actors and actress excellently add to the suspense of the story and the inter-conflict quite nicely. A nice story and a nice ending, leaving one in the Christmas mood. This is as emotional as VOYAGE could or would get with a few future exceptions...and it is a really touching story. It is also one of the only four science fiction-fantasy Irwin Allen tales to acknowledge Christmas as part of the main plot backdrop (the other, THE TOYMAKER on LOST IN SPACE could also be acknowledged but here, New Year's and Christmas was being celebrated on Earth and we only see that for a short time and then it was really New Year's). Thus, LONG LIVE THE KING is really the only story in all four Allen shows to present Christmas as an important part of the setting. Mike Pettit is very good as the king, just right in each scene: annoying and irritating to some fans, however, believeable as he is not just a little brat. Pettit also played in THE TRAVELS OF JAMIE MCPHEETERS (which starred a very young and blond Kurt Russell and occasionally co-starred Charles Bronson who is in both Pettit's episodes). Many other Irwin Allen regulars guest starred in this show. These episodes are THE DAY OF THE TOLL TAKERS (having to do with Jamie's group crossing a river owned by his surrogate not yet foster parents) and THE DAY OF THE PRETENDERS. Other Allen-VOYAGE ties include THE DAY OF THE FIRST SUITOR (with Warren Oates and Albert Salmi), THE DAY OF THE PICNIC (with Paul Fix), THE DAY OF THE 12 CANDLES (Paul Carr), THE DAY OF THE DARK DEEDS (with Harold J Stone), and James Westerfield and Leonard Stone play a pair of con artist-killers in several episodes and in one Vitina Marcus plays an Indian girl they blackmail. Such connections can also be found in LANCER, DANIEL BOONE, and THE RIFLEMAN.   



NOTE: Peter Adams plays Johnson.



















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