MERLIN season one

Chase - Posted on 09 August 2009

Season One


Oh my God. If any show deserves to not be cancelled it is this one. Everything is perfect: the characters, the actors, the casting, the music, the cinematography, the setting, the scripts, the dialog, the charm, the action, the guest stars, the music, THE MUSIC! WOW!

You can't ask for better, more charming, more EXPERIENCED young actors than the main two leads, Colin Morgan as Merlin and James Bradley as Arthur. Add to that a smashing Katie McGarth as Morgana and a very experienced Gilles as mad magic hater Uther and you just can't go wrong. All the back story doesn't hurt this and one's mind, if one knows anything about the Merlin/Arthur myths, keeps comparing and if anything that helps one feel amused by what goes on here because it so keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering how it will go or turn out. This may or may not be your dad's ARTHUR and yoru mum's MERLIN but it might just be. WTF? How will we know? Just keep watching.

If Eve Myles is okay as a conflicted heroine just watch her here as a very three dimensional, very motivated villainess with several excellent scenes, especially her singing...yes, singing in her finale attack! What a non cliche. How brilliant. What a well drafted sequence. John Hurt as the Dragon doesn't hurt and Richard Wilson as Gaius just charms in every scene he's in.

This show is not about effects but they are more than adequate. I also thnk I spotted an iron handrail leading to the cells in the dungeon but one can overlook that for the greatness of all the rest of this. The verbal sparring between...well almost everyone is just magnificent, hits the right pitch no matter who it is sparring or joking and Colin Morgan is just charming and cute and warm no matter what he's doing but one can sense a power in him as well as in Arthur.

Morgana: OMG, how deep are her storylines, even when she's not involved! One gets chills just watching her and how she transforms from an idealistic, caring young girl to...well, we'll have to wait and see. An amazing performance and well written.

The castle looks great as if it were made for this show.

Don't miss this show. And Harry Potter, be ashamed.   

Ep2 Valiant

This episode furthers the relationship between Merlin and Arthur, which is as it should be. It also makes Uther (played excellently by Giles from BUFFY) a really stupid ass. That aside and it has to be that way for the story, the music is excellent, the performanes well done and the action super. The effects are not what the story is about but the location is just amazing. I think the effects could be better but they are adequate and the music adds to the visuals to make them menacing and not laughable. I did think I spotted a new modern day type window in one of the castle walls but it does not matter.

Morgana has a bit part in this and even saves Arthur and she and his love/dislike thing is intriguging, moreso if you know the history of the future of the legends and stories. Colin Morgan continues to charm...well everyone really, the other characters, the actors and it shows through, and the audience. He's perfect in this role and that his magic doesn't always come easily is believable certainly moreso than the Harry Potter nonsense. The friction comes from Valiant, another good actor who plays a villain well and Merlin is fired by Arthur as he servant and it's sort of sad but mostly funny as it plays out.

Another good episode with good action and inter relationships among the main characters, especially Arthur and Merlin but a bit with Morgana and a bit less with Gwen. Uther is still a jerk though and can also be thought of as a villain in many ways...I keep thinking of how these characters will grow up and change...

Here, it seems Morgana is the adopted ward of Uther so not making her Arthur's real least as far as we NOW know. Hmmmmm....ther'es that undercurrent and others from the future stories that make this even more interesting     

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