TRUE BLOOD (spoilers)

Chase - Posted on 09 August 2009

I've waited to see when this show would hit its stride and develop a formula but I realized that it hit its stride on day one and never stopped hitting strides and that it would never develop a formula. The show twists and turns and is so unpredictable, one can never tell what is going to happen.

Of course, my favorite character is Godrick but being the peaceful and all powerful, unity causing vampire who wants peace between humans and vampires and wants to have humans considered their equals, he's probably slated to die either this week or next week. Characters I like tend to die and never come back.

Take a firm mix of the sexual openess of QUEER AS FOLK, make it hetero and mix with bits of DARK SHADOWS's sense of history and unfair play, WEEDS, the psudeo religion of BIG LOVE, bits of FOREVER KNIGHT and BLOOD TIES, a fair amount of setting from SWAMP THING and AMERICAN GOTHIC, bits of WEREWOLF and yeah, that lame TWIN PEAKS and you still won't have what TRUE BLOOD is about. It mixes the best elements of all of these and adds its own freshness of modern day...  

First of all it can be sexy but sometimes it can also be very gory and tasteless. Take Maryann's dinner tonight where she serves a heart pie to Tara (shouldn't this actress win an emmy!?) and Eggs (shouldn't he win a Mr Universe, no body fat award!?). It's disgusting. I also find it gross when vampires mix sex with so much blood but that's TRUE BLOOD.

Sam has emerged from a serial killer suspect to a changling shapeshifter (he mostly settles on a dog but has also turned into an owl) HERO. Who's now a suspect again in a murder that was set up on him. Before I thought he was the killer so this show knows how to build and hold...and make you wait...I honestly thought he was the killer in season one.   He wasn't but there was someone who you'd never expect. Anyway then I thought maybe he was a werewolf. I was the only one who guessed right from the start of his first apperance that OZ on BUFFY was a werewolf. It's in the forehead. Anyway, I thought the guy was a werewolf and the dog that followed him was just aware of it. I was wrong but he was a shapechanger. He's become a great character.

Then there's all the extra side characters,many of whom are more interesting than the three leads but the three leads should not be short changed...they are great, too. The teen girl who's a vampire and a virgin for eternity; Layfette, the homo sexual who is a dealer in vampire blood and who's been kidnapped by vampires; and...

the digusting Maryann. Can a villainess be any worse than she is? Think of a female version of JR Ewing mixed with Alexis Carrington, the demon from the Exorcist, and Sharon Stone from THAT movie. And she's worse. Some kind of demon/demi god with Greek origins in myths or something, she's just awful and horrible and evil but thinks that it's good. And she's powerful. And gross. She brings in a dead rabbit, controls people to have sex with trees and each other when they don't want to, has links to shapechangers and ...pigs and goat masks and sacrifices and she's anciently ancient. NONE of the things in DW have a handle on her. She's truly horror personified and how the characters are going to extricate themselves from her will and her powers is beyond me. Scenes with her and her influence on the others almost make me sick!

The show is not for everyone, obviously. Bill and Sookie's love is central and the maker of Angelique like vampiress is truly the scariest vampire I've ever seen just in the way she's portrayed, especially in the flashbacks of season one but season two's as well. Chilling. Then there's Eric and then there's the main sheriff/judge...and complications galore for all of them.

Sookie's brother is played by SUMMERLAND's Ryan Kwanten with a reckless, feckless, innocence with a lot of sex and sex appeal and charm. And he's not too smart but this doesn't effect the character's usefulness and the audience's heart goes out to him...mostly. He makes some poor choices in girlfriends and yet he has a heart of gold for a gay vampire that his girlfriend killed in the first  season.

Then there;s Eric: the sheriff in the area that Sookie is in. Wow. So many characters and so many ways they can all interact and go and the ways that are depicted are so...well presented most of the time. I could do with a little less heart chewing, neck kissing/biting blood all over while smoohcing scenes but that's TRUE BLOOD, take it or leave it. Like BIG LOVE, DEXTER, and WEEDS but mostly BIG LOVE, you never know what is going to happen next and that's riveting TV.           

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Chase I don't know where you live, but here in the States, this was actually taken from a series of books. The main characters (Bill and Sookie) run through the series.

I don't watch the show (HBO is expensive), but I have read several of the books and found them quite good.

If you like the show, you may want to head to the library.

I thought about it but then thought better of it...for now. I mean I don't want the books to spoil the surprises for me and if they are not like the show, then I don't want to be dissapointed by the changes but once the series ends, I may. Thanks for letting me know about this. I think there were or are 7 books right now?   

OMG! This show is astounding! Every actor is on his or her game. Every plot line is worth watching, thinking about, enjoying and waiting for. I can't believe how thrilling it is to not know what is going to happen before it happens and to be satisfied when something does happen. I've been criticized for being overly critical of DOCTOR WHO season five, seasons two of BEING HUMAN and MERLIN and many other things but this show can just about do no wrong. If DOCTOR WHO and those other failures quality wise could just keep us guessing, surprized, non embarassed, and somewhat logical just as this show has faults and flaws but it's hard to find them to be honest. It's quirky, funny, scary, sometimes too gory, adult, and exciting. NO ONE can guess what's going to happen in this show and that makes it great TV!

Before people go all "IT's adult!" so it's not fair to compare it to DOCTOR WHO, there's a kid's series called UNNATURAL HISTORY which is pretty much the same in a way: quirky stories, quirky likeable characters and interesting plot lines that don't make us feel like fools and belittle us like season five of DOCTOR WHO.

In any event, I couldn't decide which plot line I wanted them to keep switching to because honestly in TRUE BLOOD, they are all good. Season 3 is just about the best. I must admit to eyes wide open scenes among the characters and heroes and villains, if ANY of them can be called that. They are just real people in F'ed up situations and with strange abilities and long lives...most of em anyway...and there are some eyes closed scenes...when gore happens to characters I love it's hard to watch. I truly don't know how any of these storylines will turn out. The action is intense because almost anyone can die or be hurt badly. It's just thrilling, good TV. When you want a show to keep going on...I could watch this for three hours straight if it went on that long. The werewolf actor who is accompanying Sookie is well built, too, very eye candy and he's a good person to boot. The girl that plays Tara should win an Emmy already. Bill can make one feel for his character and even his torturerer ---the evil girl who made him a vampire...all of them are detailed well rounded characters, for vampires and werewolves and telepaths. And in tonight's ep even Arlene made some real laugh out loud comments and contributions...even the human characters enthrall. I don't know where they are going with Jason's storyline but he's always a laugh and what was he doing to that teen who was making out in the car? And why? It's hard to guess what will happen but when it does, it usually entertains, thrills, excites, and just is a 10/10 show almost all the time! Twists and turns that make sense and are action packed/ character oriented. Eric? Amazing. Sookie: interesting. Tara: just flat out fantastic. And making Sam a hero was such a great idea. I love that character. Just what is going on with his family? Layfette? Just GREAT. Right now this show can do NO wrong! WOW!

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