The Company of Friends (some spoilers)

Chase - Posted on 09 August 2009

Benny's Story is the first audio on the disks. Let's just say that I love Benny now. I wasn't always her biggest fan but the way she comes to life on the audios and having her be a mum is just...brilliant. Inspired putting her with the straight laced 8th Doctor. She has real sarcacstic but well meaning wit, dry humor and a history that combines all of that together to give us splendid lines that cause me to laugh out loud...loudly. Only Benny can pull this off and this actress can only pull this off this way as Benny. She's great, both the actress and the character. Mix well with the 8th Doctor's shoot from the hip and you have a great adventure but the kick is this: the plot is wholly original at least that I know of: a woman wants to free the TARDISes whom she sees as a life form and a species...from the Time Lord slavery oppression! On top of that there's a whole plot about the TARDIS key ("I can't even lose a key without it turning into an epic adventure!" and having it lost...and a lion like life form. And a time bubble and a creature...that may or may not be part of the TARDIS...truly amazing story. Well done.    

Fitz's Story: Fun, funny, satire, good alien developments, and a Fitz who is just right. I mean this actor has the Fitz voice that was in my head when reading the stories. He's just perfect. The DWMonthly used to have artwork or actors that could have been Fitz but it just never seemed young enough. This actor sounds young and does a great job acting wise and interacting with the 8th Doctor and the story moves and is not predictable and it makes a lot of sense and is enjoyable. And there are a few twists and turns. I can't praise it enough. As I feel about Benny with the 8th Doctor, more Fitz please! 

Izzy's Story: the lesbian ghost girl from HEX plays Izzy, the comic stories' character from the DWM magazine. I think her name is Gemina Roper and she's a good she's all wrong. She plays it as if she's in DW and way too over the top as a geeky sci fi comic fan...which, while Izzy was (and a lot of that felt wrong in the comic stories, too), is far too over the top, gimmicky, and comicky to be enjoyable. Roper goes far too into camp for my tastes. That would be okay if the story made some sense but it really doesn't much. It's not explained IMO to any good benefit to the listener and it's rather a boring piece...I'd like to see Izzy again and even played by this actress but toned down a whole lot. If she had played it like a normal person it might even have been interesting or had a chance. As it stands, it's not good at all although I do admit to one line being pretty funny but not the rest.   

This was a good story. Mary was convincingly played, the trouble the Doctor found himself in was unusual, even for him and the twist that he is SPOILERS











the Frankenstein Monster and the Frankenstein Doctor who has to be brought back to amazing. A truly great experiment and I hope they do more. One wonky thing is that one of the members of Shelley's household talks about a mob of villagers with torches. I don't think they would have known about that horror movie convention but other than that this was amazing. A good CD.


The next part (4 I think?) to the Brig, Polly, Ben, Jamie, Second Doc, etc story was on this and it was okay and a bit creepy as Ben, Jamie, and Polly found themselves in a moving morgue  with dead bodies already in it....     

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