Big FInish: The Scapegoats

Chase - Posted on 15 August 2009

Yeech. Awful. Avoid. Not funny at all but camp in the worst sense of the word and would fit in with TRIAL. There's one good scence with Lucy and the Doctor and that's at the end but other than that this is awful. It has goat people in Nazi France. Another cliched setting. Most of this has been done elsewhere and better. I guess it was supposed to be funny but wasn't and just because the cast had fun making it, doesn't mean the audience will have fun listening to it. I didn't. 

One more thing about this dreadful audio: it could not even get the number of times the Doctor changed. The 8th Doctor says he's changed 8 times but if you count only from the First Doctor changing to the second and onward, you get 7 changes. Unless they meant the First Doctor was not the First Doctor but some Other. 

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I've enjoyed the 8th Doctor episodes from BF.

I've listened to:

Storm Warning

Sword of Orion

The Stones of Venice

Minuet in Hell

Invaders from Mars  (Which I particularly enjoyed)

The Chimes of Midnight  (Another that I really enjoyed) 

Seasons of Fear

Embrace the Darkness

The Time of the Daleks

Which I feel is enough to form an opinion.

They're produced well with good sound quality.

Even though "The Enemy Within" wasn't good, I really enjoy Paul Mcgann as the doctor. The theme of these books are mysteries.  Which is great.  Very little use of the sonic screwdriver.


Get some tea and have a listen.


Yeah I liked those too but THE SCAPEGOATS? No.

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