GI Joe (no spoilers)

Chase - Posted on 15 August 2009

Make no mistake, this is an action movie but what an action movie. There's something happening all the time and there are a great deal of character background stuff, meaning flashbacks but even those are action packed. Four major characters get detailed flashbacks and emotionality. The effects cannot be beat and there are sequences that better any James Bond movie, underwater movie, and action movie ever seen. There are many many characters though and the villains are nasty! Mean and nasty. I don't know much if anything about the GI Joe animated series or the comics but if they are anything like this. There are loads of character actors too and action actors including...and I don't know all their names but: Channing Tatem, Marlon Wayans, Brendan Frasier, Arnold Vosloo, Dennnis Quaid, Christopher Eccelston (yes our Chris and he's great), Joseph Gordon Levitt, Jonathan Pyrce (the Master!), and others. Whoever plays the Japanese villain is AMAZING. All in all an entertaining movie.  

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