The Saga of Gary Russell and his DWNY Mug!

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barnabeee - Posted on 16 August 2009

So on listening to Doctor Who: Podshock episode 159, the story was once again told of Gary Russell and his DWNY mug! Or rather the lack thereof! And I feel compelled to set the record straight! And where better than my blog on this very website!

I started running the Doctor Who New York (DWNY) group (on the web at last year, taking it over from a very dear friend who had built up the group since its inception in 2005, but for whom work was starting to take up too much time to keep it all going. Prior to this "regeneration", Gary had joined us at one of our meetups – the viewing of the 2007 Christmas Special Voyage of the Damned”. Before I took over, for those of you following along at home!

DWNY was lucky enough to start having other guests come along to our events early this year, when Paul Cornell and Tony Lee (whose ongoing Doctor Who comic has issue #2 coming out this week (Doctor Who at IDW – August 19th, the same day as our next Pub Meet!) came to our February Pub Meet. A great time was had by all, as you can see from these pictures – DWNY February Pub Meet Gallery. And as you can see from these pictures, they were presented with DWNY mugs. A tradition was born, and our other guests so far in 2009 (Clayton Hickman, Gareth Roberts and Daphne Ashbrook) have also been the proud recipients of a beautiful and legendary DWNY mug!

So why did Gary and his (lack of a) DWNY mug become such a saga? Well, Paul and Tony’s visit too place in the week between New York Comic-Con and Gallifrey, and word reached the lovely Gary Russell of these gifts – and trouble started! No sooner had I arrived at Gallifrey (10 hours later than expected, and via Orange County airport rather than LAX – but that’s another story), than I was confronted by “Where’s my DWNY mug?????” So much trouble was caused that Tony Lee, graciously gave up his mug to Gary! And the photgraphic evidence appears below:

Gary, Barnaby, and the Mug!

As a result of this generosity, Tony will be getting a new one at Hurricane Who (Hurricane Who Home Page– about which I’ll talk more in a future blog).

And so to this Wednesday, when Gary joins us at Peculier Pub for the DWNY August Pub Meet there are questions to be answered! Will he get another DWNY mug? Or something else? Come along if you're in New York, or check back here later in the week to find out!

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You totally omitted all the Facebook taunting that you had to suffer through.

Have we done the crash of the Byzantium yet?

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