Chase - Posted on 17 August 2009

I must admit I hated the previous Sara Kingdom audio HOME TRUTHS. It was glum, grim, and frankly boring and other than the depressing framework, I can't remember a single thing about the flashback adventure. HOME TRUTHS and THE DROWNED WORLD both have a framing story that seems to be a sequel to SHORT TRIPS: COMPANIONS' short story THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY, a Christmas story and which is referenced in this. Frankly, I found it too, dull, depressing, and unnecessary dealing with a boy who dies of leukemia.

It is something of a marvel to me that DW can set stories between ep7 and 8 of THE DALEK MASTER PLAN. It's amazing. Why do it is a whole other story for these seem to be about nothing new and original. The frame work story is about  a living house, which we've seen before and in other media and other fandoms. THE DROWNED WORLD is about a living water which has been done in other things, the least of which was INNOVATION' COMIC'S LOST IN SPACE comic book story about Penny being subdued by an alien boy who is in turn an agent of the living water. I wouldn't be surprised if WATERS OF MARS has a similar story. The 2006 annual has a 9th Doctor story that deals with living water and living rain and it was well done and disturbing but good. Years before that, a McCoy audio story had living water coming up against the Daleks...and I think, winning but I could be wrong. So the living water thing is old hat and the attack on Sara and the miners is long, drawn out and dull when it shouldn't be.

Another movie that seemed to have living water was LEVIATHAN and during the late 80sm, early 90s we had several oceanic movies with some such aliens and monsters or undersea life similar to LEVITHAN, sometimes the aliens unseen and strange. DEEPSEA SIX seems to come to mind but there were others, possibly about three or so more. All of them had stunning visuals which THE DROWNED WORLD doesn't so again, this might have been better as a TV show. Unfortunately from what I've seen of the promos to WATERS OF MARS, that doesn't look any better visually.

In any event, this isn't that great but Jean Marsh, as always, does a good job and the guy playing Robert is good, too. His story, as ever, is sad.        

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