Chase - Posted on 23 August 2009

Good God, I love this episode. I have to admit that when I heard what was going to happen in it, I thought: oh my gosh, this is going to suck so expectations were low. And okay, you have to look past the poor pig mask, the death of pig (poor thing!), and the farting but even those don't detract from it for me.

I rather like that this Doctor is still a bit...anti human. It all fits. I love his scenes with Rose, Jackie, Mickey and yeah, he's harsh on Mickey but not as harsh as in the next episode. I love seeing Mickey and Jackie again and FINALLY seeing some repercussions of the Doctor taking his lo...I mean his companions off the earth and out of their time. It just works thanks to over 40 years of never facing up to that. Mickey runs into a wall. How funny is that.

Tosh from TORCHWOOD here debuts. Don't know if anyone realizes that but she does and she's pretty good here and would make a great companion...pity she has to die on TORCHWOOD but that's TORCHWOOD.

Harriet Jones also debuts here and she's not annoying or irritating or any of that. She's really good and fun and realistic. Of course in the next episode her screaming, "NO take me!" is so poor as to almost negate her great appearance here.

It's funny the Doc has to watch TV to find out what's going on and that he has to nearly wrestle a child. Have we ever seen the older Docs with this young of a child? He gets slapped by Jackie and doesn't consider having a family aboard the TARDIS or domestics. One can see the Rose jealousy thing between the Doc and Mickey and that might go places I don't want it to but it adds a nice layer.

People say they saw Muriel Frost, a UNIT personnel from I think one of the DWM comics but I didn't see her name tag. Of course she dies. One also has to look past the 3 MINUTE cliffhanger but honestly I love that too. The only part that seems prolonged is the UNIT deaths as they sit and watch the Slitheen come out of the skin suit for minutes. It's clear now that Rose and Harriet are blocked as Margaret Slitheen is killing the Indian man. They might have tried to run past her...but...and Jackie's trapped...I love a three way cliffhanger as in MASQUE OF MANDRAGORA and this one could have been edited faster but truthfully I was really entertained by it and this entire episode. 

Having lost people in 9/11 ( A fireman and a policeman) it sort of bothered me that maybe, somehow RTD was trying to say something about gov't causing its own coverups or maybe even causing 9/11 itself. I'm not sure what and perhaps it's best not to think too much about it.      

The scenes to next week might be the first really good edited scenes as they show alot of action and dialog to make things look really exciting AND emotional ("I could save the world but lose you" and "everybody run!").

Everyone picks on this episode for the farting and the extra laughing but it has a lot of action, alot of great dialog, the Doctor lying to Rose after giving her the key, and Rose sort of feeling special because of the key. ANd yeah the Slitheen look...slightly wonky and move ...more than slightly wonky but for some reason even they don't bother me. I just love this episode!    

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