Doctor Who's Greatest Moments

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Troy Baker - Posted on 26 August 2009

BBC3 recently aired a special on Doctor Who. It's entitled 'Doctor Who's Greatest Moments: The Doctor" I found it on YouTube. It is in five parts. The focus of the show is the ninth and tenth Doctor - moreso the tenth. Here is the link to part one:


Then here is the link to the next part:


Part three:


Part four:


Part five:


 Since I don't know how to embed videos here I'll leave it like this but if anyboby is willing to so - go for it!  ENJOY!!!Smile

So you know, it's three parts, with part 2 having aired this past Thursday, and part 3 airing next Thursday.

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Being in the US it is kinda hard to keep up with the things going on in the UK, but I try as hard as I can.

I knew that there was a second part. The focus of that show was the Companions. But so far all I've found was the first part. I just wish it wasn't in parts.

EDIT: After I placed this post I checked around and discovered:

Q:What is the third part focused on?

A: The Enemies


...and I found part two on YouTube.


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Found the second show on YouTube. It is entitled 'Doctor Who's Greatest Moments: The Companions'. Unfortunately it is in parts like the first show. Anyway here's the links:


Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


Part 4:


Part 5:


Again I aplologize for it being in parts but that's beyond my control.



OMG, that showed some of the worst moments in the first minute! "I point and laugh at archeolgoists", RUNAWAY BRIDE! OMG! This show looks awful!

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Not to those of us who like RTD's Doctor Who.  Granted, it's not the highest-order stuff ever to come out of Wales, but as a way for dropping in a reminder about a show that's been on hiatus, it serves its purpose well enough.  It's a perfectly acceptable way for announcing what is now the monthly "season" of new material that continues until January.  Savvy marketing, really.  

Have a lemon sherbet. It'll quench your thirst.

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Digital Spy has an article on it's website about "The Doctor's Greatest Moments (of Old)"

This has nothing to do with the shows currently runing on BBC3. It is a selection of some of the best moments from the original series. It also has accompanying clips to show what the article is writing about.

Here is the link to Digital Spy:

My picks would have some differences but it still is a nice little article.


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I have links to the third episode of "The Doctor's Greatest Moments: The Enemies" as usual the episode is broken down into parts (this time six) and is on YouTube.


Here is the first part:


Part two:


Part three:


Part four:


Part five:


Part six:


And with that we have ended the three part special commemorating "Doctor Who's Greatest Moments"



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