Chase - Posted on 26 August 2009

I have to admit that I wasn't totally happy with the Sixth Doctor audio JUBILEE. It seemed to be saddled with a time twisty sub plot about if I recall correctly, the Doctor losing his legs or arms or some such grim dilemma that the writers of DW spinoffs and NEW dw feel has to be inflicted on us to make sure we know that this is high drama and evil stuff happens. It also had Evelyn who, despite being the best audio companion for audio, wasn't really suited to this adventure. There was also a sub plot about the Daleks invading and a tyrannical ruler...it all didn't really jell together despite some atmospheric stuff with the Dalek being tortured, imprisoned and using Evelyn's compassion...it wasn't the most memorable audio but not terrible either...

...all that said, this story is perhaps the first GREAT story from the NEW DW show. Chris's Doctor last time made a sort of threat to leave Rose behind, rather than take tea with Jackie...he's such a dick sometimes. I mean it all fit in the show when I saw it but seeing as how the 10th Doctor will have dinner before he TOO goes all, I don't do that shit anymore...it's sort of creepy that he gives Rose an ultimatium.

In any event, the Dalek decudes that he loves Rose. The DALEK! What a villain. What an enemy. They make this Dalek, ONE Dalek, such a powerful genius that it kills 200 people, nearly kills Rose and Van Statten and scares the hell out of the Doctor, who's trying to get out of the cage like a little baby before he realizes the gun on the Dalek does not work. Then he starts to get all revenge minded and evil himself...and can you blame him?

While all this works in the context of THIS show and not the old show....why? Well, the Doctor really wasn't that fond of his planet in the old show...I mean I didn't see him wanting it destroyed but it's not like anyone he loved was living there or that he even had family there any longer...no one really found out much and even in this show, it seemed as if he never really had family there or even friends. Yet Chris's Doctor goes on and on about how they all died, and I"m all alone...well, he really was before too...bar Romana and the many Time Lord villains. He preferred traveling with humans. At the time it gave the Doctor a new backdrop and we gave him our sympathy. The poor man is the last of his race and his friends and planet are all dead but for a few stories in the past, it might have as well been gone before and barely gave the Doctor a wince.

Okay, at the time I saw this first viewing, it was striking how the Doctor was damaged by the Daleks and the Time War and how careing he was for Gallifrey but when you think about it...compared to the other show....welll...it doesn't matter much does it?

Chris plays it beautifully, being manic and evil minded and revenge filled. He can't even see that as he blames Adam for leaving Rose behind, HE sealed the doors and even at the end of the episode,  he tells Rose that Adam left her down there. Rose tells him so did you. To be honest, the Doctor's not likable in this story and hasn't really been at all and in the next story he gets far worse than ever and I totally hated him in THE LONG GAME. And he's focused mostly on saving just Rose here.

Still, the tension is palable and the Dalek is as important as the Doctor as the build up to it refacing him and changing and the inevitable end...comes. That it slowly changes is interesting and amazing. That Rose realizes this is great and Billie does a great job. It is her fault and Van Statten's. Van Statten: i thought maybe he'd be turned into a sort of Davros character but while there is some comparision, he doesn't.

Again, the Dalek killing all those soldiers and scientists and lawyers while Rose and Adam race for their lives toward the closing doors to the bunker was just ennormously powerful and any idea that the Daleks were a joke was erased. The only thing is that the Dalek took a long time to elevate and move...yet Adam and Rose still almost didn't make it. The female soldier that died should have  realized that her bullets were not doing any good. The action doens't really stop and if it can be seen as stopping the only reason is that there is exceptionally good dialog and outbursts from the Doctor as he gets more and more crazy and the Dalek gets more and more good! Fascinating.

The ending of it killing itself is a sad one and I admit to crying during several of the scenes but especially at this one. And again, the Doctor, still damaged but perhaps a bit less so here now, can only think of himself even though he says sorry.

Adam: God, he is more than a bit pretty as the Doctor says. ANd I understand RTD's idea that he only had 12 or so episodes to get it right between the Doc and Rose and every other character had to relate around that relationship. Pity. Because if this were a soap opera, I would have loved to see Adam travel longer with the Doctor and Rose for many reasons. The original idea behind the next story was that he sent info home to have his dad get cured from a disease that was killing him. That would have made the Doctor look even more of a stupid prat than he did in this and THE LONG GAME: let's face it, the Doctor was just mean, mean mean to Adam from day one. When ever did the Doctor just give a companion money and send him off on his own. He knew what would happen and he even lets Adam pass out. Rose and the Doctor in that next story were so mean to Adam and unforgiving...and Rose makes a big mistake in the next story to that, FATHER'S DAY, and the Doc forgives her. She's the best, I only take the best, the Doc states but why then could he not forgive Adam? ANd if they kept the original version, Adam's reason for doing what he was doing was motivatged by the same thing Rose was: saving her dad.

In any event, Dalek moves fast, surprises new and old fans alike and gives a solid performance all around. There are a few flaws but they're minor. Goddard was a  bit stiff and the Dalek flying bits were a bit...stilted. Later, they'll be flying every which way but maybe that's because it was still somewhat hurt? Love the sucker by the way! I always knew those things would be lethal if needed to be. A great story and a great episode with lots of emotional ties between Rose, the Dalek, and the Doctor. ANd giving us a pretty boy Adam. And a good villain in the Van Statten guy. ANd making the Dalek so powerful---love the OMEN type music by the way, that helped a great deal.                            


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