LAND OF THE GIANTS-The Clones, Every Dog Needs A Boy, the giants' language,

Chase - Posted on 27 August 2009


Production Number:

Filmed: (38)

First Aired: 11-23-1969 (36)



Day: giant Dr. Arno, puts a cage with Val and Barry onto a rock. Val gets him to put them on the ground, then to let them out on the false pretense they will lead him to the spaceship. They run into  cave. Arno says he doesn't want to hurt them. They duck from a stick he pokes in at them. Next, he sets fire to send in smoke at them. Barry coughs uncontrollably, "I'm sorry."  Val gasps as smoke fills the cave, "It's no use--we'll have to give up."



Just as Barry is about to go out, Val spots light from another opening and the pair escape back to the Spindrift camp, late that afternoon. They explain to Steve, Dan, and Mark: Arno and female scientist Greta Gault used them in glass tube experiments. Chipper barks at Barry, afraid of him. The three men go the Science Center, jumping up, into, and out of the mail slot. For some reason, Steve yells at the top of his lungs to Dan, "c'mon, just like you did in the Olympics!"  They look into rooms in a huge hallway. Steve, in the vent, finds the room where Fitzhugh complains to two giants, who ignore him totally. At camp, Val alerts Barry to odd, dark spots on their hands and foreheads, which frightens Barry who asks, "What's happening to us?"  Val smiles an evil grin, "We mustn't let the others find out about us."  Steve tells Dan about the room he saw Fitz in and allows Dan to take a look but warns him not to try a rescue--the giants are all over the room. Dan tries anyway and climbs up a drape cord onto some books. At camp, Barry and Val, using a hatchet, hunt Chipper to kill him. The dog gets away. Val prepares a surprise inside the spacecraft. Val and Barry are also in the cage with Fitzhugh at the Science Center---both unconscious but coming around when Dan arrives at the tabletop. The two claim they never left this lab. Gault and Arno return and capture Dan. Arno makes note of Dan, "He's black."  They put him in a tranquilizing chamber tube, fill it with some kind of gas, then smoke, and make a copy of him!



Arno wants to know if they have stopped the clones' violent phase or if they have extended the clones' life span. The Val and Barry at camp are also clone copies. Val insists to Dan in the cage that she and Barry never left. Dan just says, "All right, play your games."   But Val continues, "We're just as confused as you are."

Dan yells at Fitz to shut up when the con man calls out Mark and Steve's names. Steve realizes Dan was caught, "He just couldn't wait."  Arno takes a white cage out of an incubator and puts it near the brown cage---both contain Val, Barry, Dan, and Fitzhugh! The copies have collective memories---knowing all about their pasts. Barry and Val in the brown cage figure they are the originals--Barry overheard something he heard the giants say. Val blesses his "little radar ears."  Greta starts a tape to record the clones' first meeting with the originals but it gets stuck--allowing all eight little people to escape down the pull cord. Greta spots them at the drain and the giants turn on the fluro suction. The drain comes alive with a pulling wind. Dan shields Val, losing Barry to the wind. But both are pulled off the vent they are holding onto, anyway. Only Steve, Mark, and one of the Dans hold on, the others all fly past them. Dan and Val hold onto a corner and Val tries to hold a copy of herself but all three are also pulled off the corner. At the open end of the drain, the giants recapture everyone except Mark, Steve, and the Dan. The three flee to the forest where Val plans a trap: Chipper is tied to stakes at both ends, growling a warning. Barry is to jump out and hatchet the men as they bend over the dog, who was insulted by Val, who calls him a mangy mutt. Barry falls so Val tries to kill the men, aiming at Steve as she jumps out of the bushes. This Val, captured by the men, falls and vanishes. Nearby, the men hear and then see Barry crumple over and he vanishes also!


At the spaceship, Steve tells Dan the clones were only copies and that their people are still in trouble. Dan tells him the copies thought they were the real thing. Mark recalls the clone theory: about 20 years ago on Earth scientists tried it on frogs. It means reproducing something over and over again like cuttings. Dan says, "And now the giants are trying it on us."  As Dan and Steve pack up some metal to use against the wind tunnel as Steve calls it, Mark goes in for a flare gun and radios. Mark opens a storage panel in the utility room and it blows up! He tries to put out the fire but is overcome by smoke. Steve and Dan pull him out and stop the fire. Chipper barks at Dan, who concludes he must be a clone. Dan will not listen to the other two who deny he is a copy. Steve tells him he needs his help and he is his co-pilot but he is coming to some very strange conclusions. Dan tells him on his skin he may not be able to see those spots. Dan recalls when Steve and he first met, "At the academy, we pulled KP duty on the first day."  Steve asks for Dan's help but when Dan is alone, he chains himself up and tosses the key away---regretting it when he eyes a chance to kill Steve who has his back turned. He yells, "You stupid fool,"  to himself. Steve unchains him, only to be choked around the neck from behind. Arno tries to feed food pellets to the others. Dan tosses on at Arno, wanting freedom. Arno wants the original stock healthy and will force feed them by injection if they continue to not cooperate. Arno tells them the Ministry of Social Evolution will scrap the project if not perfected soon. Arno plans to clone their own people---those who are the best minded and bodied. Dan asks about what happens to the rest of the population and also stops Fitz from eating one of the pills. Fitz tells Arno he understands but the others don't. Mark rescues Steve from Dan who is choking him from behind with the chain. Dan falls, seemingly withering and says, "I'm sorry, Steve, I'm sorry."  He vanishes. In frustration, Steve tosses the chain down, "Whatever we do, we have to stop this."  Arno and Gault agree to run a dangerous test on Dan, aware it may kill him--a step by step analysis of Dan and the clone to find the fault. Arno tells the others it is their fault--their lack of cooperation has forced him to do this---and it may kill Dan.  



Arno examines the two, noting that even the fracture scar has been reproduced (the one on his knee from DEADLY LODESTONE). Arno tells Greta that exertion and excitement speeded up deterioration in mice and gueina pigs. Steve and Mark take a jumping up Chipper through the mail slot--then toss metal into the tornado which is what Steve calls the wind tunnel. Val perceives that the machine stopping means, "Steve and Mark are here."  With Mark ready to divert Arno, who is bending over, Steve jabs him with a tranquilizer dart but they only have enough for one short time limit. Gault has gone down to fix the wind machine. Steve and Mark bring Chipper up the table in a knap sack on Mark's back. He will tells which group are the originals because they cannot. Both Dans are still scotch taped down to slides. Chipper (with Fitzhugh calling him a boy and Val calling him a girl) is called by the ones in the white box. He goes to them, then to the ones in the brown box (where the real Val calls him a good girl). Fitz in the white box gets mad and yells and vanishes away. Mark attaches clay explosives to the brown box door and it blows it off the latch. They escape down the drape cord while Arno tries to get up. Dan knocks out the other Dan, but the one who is up won't let Steve help the knocked out Dan. The two fight with the Val and Barry clones ruthlessly routing for Dan to hit Steve. Steve knocks this Dan out and sends him down to Mark--who calls Steve that Chipper proves this Dan, the one he knocked out, is the real one. The Val and Barry clones, above on the table, get tired and deteriorate. Steve attempts to climb down but the clone Dan has recovered--and now stands behind Steve with the flare gun he just removed from Steve's belt, pointed at him. The move made Steve fall from the book on the table and he is hanging on! The clone tells him he should have listened to his buddy.



The clone urges Steve to jump him when Steve gets back onto the table. Steve implores him to come with them. Greta comes back as Dan points the gun at him. This Dan lets Steve go, then fires the gun at the devices. The clone falls, "So long, Steve,"  and vanishes. Outside, the six little people watch the hallway explode. Steve puffed, "That takes care of that,"  then he looks at a puzzled Dan, "I hope. Let's go home."



REVIEW: Oliver Crawford wrote an excellent science fiction tale here with more than a few brilliant touches of continuity supplied by the equally talented Bob and Esther Mitchell. I suspect they also did a number of rewrites to make this odd drama fit LAND OF THE GIANTS better than it would have. To round out the quality, Nathan Juran directed. He also directed many Ray Harryhausen movies (SEVENTH VOYAGE OF SINBAD, MYSTERIOUS ISLAND, JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS among them). He also did something called FLIGHT OF THE LOST BALLOON and a few LOST IN SPACEs. He is very good at directing action oriented sequences as we can see in the wind tunnel sequence.



The episode kept up the confusion just long enough to interest us, then gave us some information, later even more so we could tell who was who. It did not drag out the idea as many series would have. THE CLONES first were mentioned on TV as clones on LAND OF THE GIANTS. Other shows has copies, doubles, duplicates, etc. but LAND OF THE GIANTS seems the first to use the word clone, the term, and the concept. This episode is the only one to make mention that Dan is black. One scary scene was in its implication: that the giants' experiments could have given Barry and Valerie some disease but that fear was shortlived as horror upon horror was added--they now evil minded murderers. At that point, we did not know they were clones. They could have been brainwashed. The dots implicated a physical horror of harm---their own bodies doing something revolting to themselves---a horror not fully realized on LAND OF THE GIANTS. The terrific wind tunnel action sequence is a perfect example of how LAND OF THE GIANTS' characters care for each other---physically as they struggle to help other members of their group, even at their own risk. The scenes used to preview this episode had Valerie holding onto Valerie's arm (which was used) but it also had the two Vals staring at each other face to face as the wind blew around them, creating a wild, surreal and maddening effect. The close ups of the clone and the original Val in this short scene were not used in the actual episode, only in the SCENES TO NEXT WEEK--from the episode before THE CLONES. As I recall, the two Vals were holding hands as they looked at each other.


Don Marshall proves what a fine actor he is in this episode, again showing a variety of emotions in three different Dans. Deanna and Stefan proved they could really scare us as villains. And Stefan hasn't stopped---his evil roles include CLASS OF 1884, FEAR NO EVIL, and his role on TJ HOOKER episode. William Schallert was a regular on THE PATTY DUKE SHOW and made guest appearances in almost every 1960's series including GET SMART (as the very semi regular elderly sleeping Admiral), STAR TREK (THE TROUBLE WITH TRIBBLES) and dozens of others. He appeared in the opening and closing to a rock video in the late 80s and also did THE TORKELSONS. THE CLONES makes special note of a TV first: a female scientist who is happy at her job---in the guise of Greta Gault. The character was in the script as being the giant that loses the Val and Barry clone at the gopher hole in the pre credit teaser.


For only the second time (EVERY DOG NEEDS A BOY first), Steve's character seems to make real silly decisions and moves--turning his back on a potentially dangerous and murderous clone, twice ignoring Dan's pleas, refusing to believe his story, and ignoring that the clones could be as human as the originals are (implied by the Dan clone at camp and by the script). He does not seem to be his usual caring self with a few exceptions---most notable after the first Dan clone dies, then just before the last Dan clone dies---when he implores the clone to come with him. Also--having Steve shout at the top of his lungs while hovering on mail slot of the door and calling to Dan, loudly, "Like you did in the Olympics,"  seems very silly and out of character. Steve's character was only a bit off kilter here.


On a more positive note, Bob and Esther (most likely it was they) provided what is ususally missing--a nice bit of continuity with Dan's fracture in his knee being mentioned (DEADLY LODESTONE) and even though loudly called out by Steve (see above), there is continity with Dan having been in the Olympics. With what seemed to be an open ended ending, this episode seemed set for a sequel--we never saw Arno and Gault die. Barry's sweater looked different, perhaps altered to fit the rapidly growing Stefan. This is more evident in COMEBACK. It also looks darker, less yellow, and more tan.


Favorite quote is Mark talking about the wind tunnel, "Once a night in that thing is enough!"        









































UNAIRED CRASH-only spoken language by a giant is when the professor says, "Come back,"  and it sounds like he is whispering or hissing lowly. Stupid and I am glad they changed it to THE CRASH'S louder yell. Too bad they didn't change the cat sounding like a lion or a wolf.


THE CRASH-a small bit of English spoken--the professor is answers his aide by announcing his arrival; later he yells, "Come back,"  to the little people. Only a few lines of English.


THE WEIRD WORLD-a very small amount of talking here-the guard outside talks when the phone rings; the scientist goes to get another guard,  saying, "I hear something in this room over here,"  and then it is mumbled. Why a gopher sounds like an angry cat is beyond me.


THE TRAP-the two giants that chase Steve and Dan talk about the reward; the giant talks to Betty and Val in English but his talk is slow and deliberate as if he doesn't really understand the language or is learning it for the first time.  


THE BOUNTY HUNTER-they speak quite a bit here, the ranger at the beginning doesn't talk at all, except to say, "Ow,"  but the giant little girl (or is that a little giant girl ?) and her father talk English quite a bit. Many giant lines.


THE GOLDEN CAGE-the giants don't seem to talk much English or at all; the only scene they speak is the one where they talk to Mark on the TV scanner screen in the trap---inferring they are using some kind of language translator perhaps? Still, only a few lines of English.


THE LOST ONES-not one line by the giant trapper and makes the land seem all the more alien for it. No speaking lines at all.


MANHUNT-some lines by the convict and the civilian farmer he fights with and a few lines by the guards chasing the convict but they seem slow and alien but are in English.


FRAMED-whoa, slow down here. We get many, many lines here. The giants are speaking in full English and full volumes. The hobo, though, seemed very alien and did not speak much at all. He did speak in English a bit. This was how it was from here on to the end of the show.


THE CREED-the giant doctor Brule did not know German and this is true of all the giants as it is strange to him and he doesn't seem to be able to recognize it.





In the morning, Dr. Howard, a vet and pet store owner, leaves his bonded aide Ben Carter and his long haired punk son Carl to clean the store. Thanks to Carl, the two bicker. Carl takes show dog King out for a walk--then has him attack Mr. Clinton, a shoe shop salesman. Val, Barry with Chipper, and Steve watch, holding large stick rods. Ben runs out to stop King, who is a movie dog who attacks on command but never to hurt people. Ben and Carl take the man inside. Chipper runs out to King and barks. Barry says, "They like each other."  The three try to get Chipper to come back. Accidentally, when barking in a playful way, King knocks Chipper over against a wall! Ben and Carl take King back to the pet shop. Barry checks Chipper, "He's dead, Steve, he's dead." 




As it turns out, Barry was panicked: Chipper is hurt; however he is badly hurt. The trio carry him back to camp. Barry demands to take him to the vet but Steve gets angry, "Now, Barry, how many times do we have to go through this--I'll tell you once again now, we're not all going to risk our lives for Chipper."  Barry answers, "I'm not asking you to---I'll take the risk."  Steve yells, "You're going to do what I say, understand?"  He tells Barry they all feel the same way about Chipper, gives the radio to Val and stops her asking about what else they can do. Steve takes the rods to the kiln sight to melt them down for their metal. Val tells Barry they have to do what Steve says. Barry slips off when Val goes to get cold compresses. She follows him through the forest, calling Steve about it. At the drain in to the vet's, Val catches up with the boy. He has his sweater off, wrapped around the tiny dog. Val tells Barry, "You've forgotten a lot about Steve."   Barry tells her, "Valerie, if you were dying, I wouldn't let anybody stop me from taking you to a doctor."  Val agrees to bring Chipper, making Barry promise to do what she says. She climbs up to the table inside and unrolls a bandage pack to haul Chipper up in. Ben sprays the rooms and captures them both, Barry from the floor. Barry pleads, "Let her go. It's my fault she's here."  Ben mellows when he sees why they are in the shop. Barry tells him if he tries to help Chipper he'll allow Ben to turn him in for a reward. As Val protests this, Ben agrees to try to help--Chipper has internal injuries---a ruptured spleen. As Ben works on the dog using tiny tools and a magnifying glass, Steve and Dan arrive, coming from the other side of the park. They make their way in by the drain pipe. Carl arrives as Ben finishes on Chipper. Ben hides Chipper, Val, and Barry in a drawer and goes out to keep Carl from coming in. Steve and Dan climb up, trying to open the drawer with an emery board. It breaks---and Carl comes in, ready to grab them.



As Carl stares down at them, very close, Ben grabs Steve and Dan and drops them close to the floor. As the two race to the drain, Ben holds Carl back from them. Carl manages to grab a can, tossing it their way. It almost hits Dan as he enters the pipe. Next, the teen grabs a broom and attacks the drain, then goes out in the alley to try to find them, tearing apart the garbage out there. Ben warns Steve and Dan who return to the drain pipe after leaving it. Steve tells Dan there is nothing they can do until "that big goof"  Carl leaves. Carl levels a forced deal with Ben: Ben will keep quiet about what he did with King and will allow him to take the dog out anytime while Carl will not turn Ben in for harboring little people. Carl takes King out. Steve is told by Ben that he needs more time with Chipper. A car grazes King--who hops away on three legs---seen by a crowd of giant people (which includes a black man). Carl threw a stick out for the dog to fetch and this is when he was hit. Ben makes Carl go look for the dog. Mr. Clinton cannot understand how Dr. Howard got such a son like Carl. Steve, Dan, Fitzhugh, and Mark search the forest for King, who Dan says will get indigestion if he eats Fitzhugh---a little joke by Dan, who then apologetically touches Fitz's arm and smiles. Ben finishes with Chipper. Mark and Steve search near the northeast park entrance, finding a growling King. But King is growling past Steve and Mark at Carl, who is behind them. Carl makes a dive for them but they hide in an empty food can---which Carl tosses aside in his search. He then chases King away. Mark tells Steve to rest--he hit his head badly. Steve smiles, "That kind of space travel we don't need."  He almost passes out but tells Mark they don't have time for him to rest. Then a spotted leopard chases them to an old water pipe----a dead end---caved in with dirt at the end. Mark uses the thermal gun to ward it off. Carl returns to Ben and the two call a truce. Carl asks questions about the instruments he sees out (tools for animal eye operations), then finds the tweezers--after Ben leaves to search for King. Carl also finds Val and Barry, opening the drawer with them in it after Chipper lets out a small bark.



Carl taunts Val, who tries to remain strong against his questioning about where their spaceship camp is. Carl brings in a hungry growling mastiff named Kronia or Crona or something and chains the dog just barely out of reach of the box cage Val is in---with the door open. As Carl starts to cut the chain with a file, Barry calls Steve. Mark is able to free a pet monkey and stir him up until Steve can thermal tool laser the cage net and free Val. The trio hide in an open circuit box in the wall. Carl gets the monkey back into his cage after several tries and also gets a yellow tabby cat back in---the monkey let him out and the cat was going after a gold fish. Carl returns and finds Val gone but sees Barry is still in the drawer, realizing his friends wouldn't leave without him. Carl plugs up the vents and the door, telling them, he'll find them---with Crona's help.



Fitzhugh and Dan get King to start to follow them. Carl does find them and sprays the bug disinfectant at them, causing them to come out. Ben comes in, warned by Val's screams, rushes to the back office, and yells, "Damn it!"  The two giants fight, Carl sicking Crona on Ben. Fitzhugh and Dan arrive with King who fights Crona and chases him out of the window, all on Barry's guided commands. Carl continues the fight, grabbing up a scalpel when he loses. The two giants wrestle on the floor. Steve tells Val and Mark, "Let's see how he likes this, huh."  Together they manage to spray Carl in the face before he can seriously hurt Ben. This ends the fight and the trio rush to the drain to help Dan and Fitz undo the rag plug Carl put in. But Dr. Howard returns and spots Barry. Carl tells about what Ben did with Chipper and nods toward Barry, "Let's turn him in and him with him."



Dr. Howard fires Ben amid protests from Barry and Steve. Howard claims until Ben gets his degree---then Ben will be his full partner. Carl will get a haircut and replace Ben, doing Ben's former chores. Howard lets Barry stay until Chipper recovers, telling them if he did see a boy with a wounded pooch he would let him stay, never mentioning little people after he found out the reason the little people were here. King jumps up, puts his front paws on the table in a friendly gesture to the Earthlings and their dog.


REVIEW: This episode used some unconventional camera angles and shots, reminiscent of the first season. Although, a bit juvenile, this was an entertaining, action filled story. Mike Anderson was a regular on the 60s series THE MONROES, a family Western and went onto other roles. Tom Nardini was a guest star on many shows in the 60s and 70s including THE FUGITIVE (SAVAGE STREETS episode with Mike Ansara and Gilbert Roland). Both he and Anderson were teen idol stars in the 60s. Nardini was also in THE COWBOYS with Sean Kelly from A SMALL WAR. Robert Shayne was Inspector Henderson on the original 1950s SUPERMAN series. It is nice to see him and the new actors together. It was also good to see some giant black people as passerbys and on lookers in the crowd scenes. Val and Barry had a lot more to do than usual with Deanna's acting very believeable especially when she faces the hungry special dieted giant dog Crona and tries to draw a map for the interrogating Carl. The one flaw with the episode is Steve's character. I can understand not wanting to risk the lives of human beings to save an animal but being an animal lover, it was a hard lesson---but the real gripe I have is that in the past, Steve had risked his life for total strangers, giants, and even giants dangerous to their group. His character didn't seem fair or right in the first act. Music used was from THE CRASH, THE UNSUSPECTED, FRAMED, THE CREED, MANHUNT, and others. The stunts involving animals were excellent and the fight sequence well planned and with good musical cues. This episode seemed a bit like LASSIE in many ways. In New York it LAND OF THE GIANTS was up against LASSIE so maybe this prompted the story. GIANTS was also up against THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY. It was a wonder it lasted this long, proving it merits. Most shows on in the same time slot died long before 52 episodes (not really making it past 12). By the time THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN came to Sunday nights, both DISNEY and LASSIE were gone. SIX MILLION was a good show but it DID NOT AND COULD NOT REPLACE LAND OF THE GIANTS. Dr. Howard seemed to solve all the problems at the end of the show quite easily--too bad he didn't lay down the law before he left for his convention. Howard was another giant who was not prejudice against the little people, figuring instead to treat them like fellow beings. I really enjoyed this episode and found that the Steve, Barry, and Val relationship was more like a small family. I also like the interplay with Dan and Fitzhugh; ditto the interplay with Mark and Steve. I did wonder why the leopard was in the park---it seemed as if the woods was really a jungle here or perhaps a more wooded area but Mark and Steve are at the entrance to the northeast side of the park. Do leopards wander this close? Sometimes I think they do. That leopard sequence was very well made. The effects for this one were passable to grand, with many shots of intermixing between giants and little people---shots which weren't avoided here. Other second seasoners avoided these shots but not this one.         












































Scenes from this episode were used as promos when LAND OF THE GIANTS aired on UHF TV 55 on Long Island when it was added to the line up of THE INVADERS, LOST IN SPACE, and VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA. The LAND OF THE GIANTS only ad had scences from THE MECHANICAL MAN---and there were two versions of this--one was long and one was very short. A narrator said, "At noon, pebbles become boulders, twigs become trees in a land too horrible for mortal man to imagine, a land of danger, a land of terror, a land of the giants..."


Another later and shorter promo has Fitzhugh hiding Barry from the police giants in THE CREED teaser and then close up-ing on him as he calls Steve---this is then put into a small box with dark lights spotlighting it and a blue criss crossing of lines as the station ID plays and a narrator says, "They're a billion light years from home in a strange land of the giants."   A clip from SHELL GAME where Fitz talks about being scooped up in a giant boy's fist and almost getting the shrimp was added on the front of this promo to make it longer.


As an aside, LAND OF THE GIANTS also aired on Long Island on UHF channel 65 or some number like that in the mid 70s (75 I think). When it aired here it was totally uncut with maybe 30 seconds of ads, if that, the middle GIANTS music of station ID was there, and they even aired one "here are some scenes from next week's show". The promo was to THE LOST ONES and featured some exciting scenes---one was the sequence when Nick pushes Val around, "It's not gonna work chick."  She had just told him in the promo, "We're not working with the giants."  Another sequence was the fight as Joey gets trapped in the box. Nick yelling he was going to kill Steve; Steve and the giant hand; and Nick and Steve fighting as the trapper looks in on them; Barry telling Steve he thinks Fitzhugh is dead; Dolph threatening the girls with the hatchet; Nick threatening the men with the girls being hostage are also among the very short scenes during this.


LAND OF THE GIANTS has also been known to air in Boston (with a line up of VOYAGE, LOST, and TIME TUNNEL) with a few promos--one of them being Val and Steve hiding from the giant professor for the first time as they are in the box in the forest. THE TIME TUNNEL promo was really quite good with lots of scenes from many episodes as the ticking is heard with the background music over it all.    

When GIANTS was on USA they ran an ad that was quite silly which said something to the effect of, "...maybe they can fool some of the giants some of the time, maybe they can fool all of the giants some of the time, but can they fool all of the giants all of the time...?"  With this were short clips from THE CRASH, GHOST TOWN, and THE FLIGHT PLAN. It ends with Mark and Steve in the toy truck and Mark yelling, "Watch out!" 






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