[SPOILER] Leaked Audio of Matt Smith as the Doctor

Administrator - Posted on 28 August 2009

"I am the Doctor..."

Scene recorded in Jacob’s Antiques Centre, Cardiff, August 28 2009

via @tdrury








He certainly sounds like The Doctor, but it sounds very forced and... weird.


However, it's only raw audio--lacking music, sounds effects and context. Plus, he think he purposely pauses when saying "Da....leks." He even sounds like he's being a bit childish and facetious while backed into a corner.

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I was hoping that the series would lay off the daleks for a while. I'm starting to get 'dalek overexposure'.

As to Matt - I can't tell much from that little clip.



EDIT: September 8


My worst fears have been confirmed - Digital Spy reports that the daleks are indeed coming back in the new season.

Here's the link if you're intrested.




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Hear a bit of Colin Baker...



Well I couldn't hear it at all but I read enough of the caption under it and read the dialog to know that DOCTOR WHO hasn't just jumped the shark but flew clear over it in the TARDIS. This has to be the most awful plot and dialog I've ever heard! From anything! It's so self conscious that it makes me sick!

So.......a couple of muffled lines, that may just be from a rehearsal, have you running for cover?


Way to over-react.

I would not want you on a jury panelTongue out


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You have to realize, Chase hates everything about Doctor Who, except Adric. Tongue out

Cheers (We love ya Chase)

"I collect stars, but I keep them in the sky because I just don't have the space at home." - Warren Ellis

I had noticed.

In all fairness, it's not fair to condemn the series on the strength of one 5 second audio clip.

Chase, have faith.


Or it might be better to ask, Carrier tone, can you read and make judgements on just some stuff? Have you read anything I wrote about the 2005 series, which is an alien show compared to recent crap like all the specials. Yeah I"m amazed the same show that has crap like PLANET OF THE DEAD, THE NEXT DOCTOR, RUNAWAY BRIDE, JOURNEY'S END, LAST OF THE TIME LORDS...had great stories in season one. So I don't like anything about Doctor Who? Have you read anything I wrote about any of the other stories in the old series? I hate everything about Doctor Who?  What planet are you on? And does it have English there?

Have you read what I've said about the first four Doctors? That among them there are maybe 8 to 10 bad stories?and I even like some from docs 5,6,7    

Concerning the new audio muffled thing: Okay I don't know what that is but if it is actual dialog and if the synopsis on the youtube thing is correct, the show is in serious trouble quality wise. I'm sure ratings wise it will be fine though, look at how many people still watch the specials even though all of them since after CHRISTMAS INVASION were miserable. But seriously if this is dialog from the actual script...pass me the barf bag!   And tell the writers to please stop making the Doctor say these sensational bullshit lines about himself. ANd stop making him like  he's a god or something. It's embarassing already!

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Smileys = sarcasm, Chase. I was just funnin' with ya.

"I collect stars, but I keep them in the sky because I just don't have the space at home." - Warren Ellis


Taken out of context, these lines could be said for any number reasons. Perhaps the Doctor's memories are being manipulated and he's asserting his identity. Perhaps it's a dream sequence, in which case this kind of self-referential dialogue would be more palatable etc etc.


And the whole "god' angle which you seem to detest, works for me. Pretty logical area for the show to explore.



The original publisher ( @alun_vega ) of the audio clip has removed them due to quality of the audio and people taking it out of context. See link below for statement.


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