Patient Zero (spoilers)

Chase - Posted on 01 September 2009

I've only listened to part one thus far. Colin Baker is marvelous in this and as the Doctor and I just love him in this one in particular. He's amazing. The story is very well done but I must admit at the start I was a bit confused and the plot seemed a bit convoluted and confusing but I'm assuming as a bit was explained in the first part more will reveal itself in part two.  On the negative side I must say that India Fisher as Charley can really give good headaches. She really gave me a headache in this as her voice rises and  fallsl at unexpected moments and she's really got this loud loud loud voice and pentrating throw to it. It really hurt. Added to that she sort of overacts a bit in this...

On the plus side, well there's everything else. The music, the Daleks...Nick Briggs is brilliant in this and his different tones for different Daleks is amazing. The story with the one Dalek who wants to kill the Doctor and the other who is in control and doesn't, is just great and funny and amazing. There is also an alien who can conjoin with itself, unique for DW if not sci fi (see James White especially). There's action, torture, and time twists and for once, it all comes together. Many of the lines are funny, ironic, and unforced. It's just great to hear a good Big Finish!

NO just kidding. The second half of this has some great ideas continuing and some good scenes especially as the entity inside Charley (Mimisomebody or something) starts to lie to the Doctor just to stay with him and admire him and...he falls for it. The Daleks and the performances still impress but to be honest, the ending...the climax...le'ts blow it up, then not blow it up and then the Daleks want to get blown up but the DOctor doesn't, then the Doctor wants to make a bigger explosion to blow up the viruses...just doesn't ring true or hold together. I'm reminded of Tom Baker's usual comment that they solved things in his day with an awful lot of explosions and this is the case here. THe Viyans or whatever they are called are an interesting race of...what? Giant robots? Somehow I feel as if it will be revealed that the viruses the Daleks were working on somehow mutated them and one or two of them survived and became, wait for it ....the Viryans. I don't know that for sure, it's just a guess but they sound suspiciously like the Daleks. An okay ending but it could have been so much better.

The next part of the Brig, Polly, other guy thing sort of left me cold. It was okay and it's now switched to a Third Doctor story as the Brig travels in TARDIS with him. Okay. Having it all separate was an okay thing I guess but it makes it hard to enjoy really. A one off story like the one iwth the 6th Doctor on the phone with a woman would be more enjoyable I think.     

Paper Cuts and Blue Forgotten Planet are superb, go and grab yourself copies!

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