Chase - Posted on 01 September 2009

RTD's script is perfect, Chris is perfect, Annette is perfect, and Billie, John (love his reaction to Mickey), and Noel are perfect. The music is perfect. This story is the most underrated story ever. Cardiff's tower or whatever that is (sorry, ignorant here of Cardiff) looks wonderful. Who would know that in future years it would come to represent the worst of DW: TORCHWOOD but this is before all that. A story where the Doctor has to stay and face his repurcussions and think about the enemy and what will happen and that he will have to be a killer. He's been so many times in the past but never really thought about it that we've seen.

I also like that for once we see a stop over forced on the Doc and he, Mickey, Jack and Rose spend some time laughing and eating and telling stories and having a nice day and enjoying each other. There's, of course, alot of in between the lines between Mickey and the Doctor (does the Doc actually like Mickey now? It seems so) and especially Jack and the Doc but RTD is just flirting with the audience and mostly the fans, giving us a hope that something slashy might happen but it never really does...     

Added to that is the idea that the Doctor and an enemy have dinner, Mickey meets Jack, Mickey comes calling when Rose calls, and the rift idea all come together quite nicely. It seems to start out as a serious enemy piece as first Margaret Blonwhatever kills, then lets a woman go because the woman is pregnant. Then it seems as if it will be a comedy as Margaret runs from the foursome and it is very funny. Best lines: "What have I ever done to you?" "You tried to kill me and destroy this entire planet."  "Apart from that."   The sets are perfect, the location beautiful. The inter-relationships, especially Rose and Mickey, are nicely set and at the end, I was sure Mickey was done with Rose but alas, he will come running to her aide in future. The only thing not good in this is the Bad Wolf thing. The Doctor should have realized it was a something. The whole Bad Wolf thing is stupid anyway: if Rose wanted to warn herself why not just post a message: DALEKS ALL OVER THE FU...PLACE. It doesn't make sense. It turns out she didn't need to warn herself anyway because she took care of the Dalek problem then and there. And if you think about the bad wolf thing does not make sense at all but that's just a small thing in this story.

The dinner is funny as Blog tries to kill the Doctor but he's privy to all her tricks and stops her. Anyway, an enjoyable episode and it's hard not to feel sorry for Mickey and Noel invests i him such charm and sensitivity that it's just really really even better than it should be, his bits. Rose is a skank and this episode proves it. She's ready to go to a hotel with Mickey but won't because...she's jealous of a girl she calls big. Rose is also mean. A mean skanky hoe. Mickey does deserve better. Billie is marvelous as she ponders the re-start of life for Margaret/Blog.

A really good story.

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