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TARDIS_Tara - Posted on 04 September 2009

Well, the Dear Husband, the TARDIS and I made the trip successfully from Denver to Atlanta and set the TARDIS up next to the Grand Ballroom on the third floor of the Sheraton.

I was all prepared to stay and ride herd on her until Billy showed up and insisted that I go along to the Eric Roberts panel with him.

The lovely DH agreed to watch over the TARDIS, so I went.

When we got there, I shared with Billy how I'd tried twice earlier that day to get Eric Roberts autograph and had not been successful due to Eric's un-explained absence.

Billy then shared with me his curse-- he'd tried to see Eric Roberts three times before and each time, Eric had cancelled at the last minute.

He was pretty sure Eric Roberts was once again not coming.

We were entertained by the lovely Lars Pierson of Mad Norwegian Press fame while we waited.

Thirty minutes into the panel and no Eric, I turned to Billy and told him that we were all going to blame him for the non-appearance of Eric.

Billy seemed to accept his fate.

Eric Roberts AppearedThen Eric Roberts appeared!

He's a lovely, warm fellow who told us lovely stories (none to tell about his stint on Who though, it was filmed too quick) and did his very best to make us all feel at home.

And afterwards took lots of pictures with us to make us feel even more at home!

Billy had to run off to dress as the White Robot and I followed Eric and his lovely wife Eliza down to the autograph area, where I got their autographs and bought two DVDs full of stuff from the Doctor Who Movie.

Much more to come!

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