LAND OF THE GIANTS-Home Sweet Home, Our Man O'Reilly, Nightmare

Chase - Posted on 04 September 2009


Ranger Wilson on fire patrol, spots Barry chasing Chipper to a strange silver
and orange space capsule. In the script, Barry chasing Chipper, threatened to
hit the dog for being bad. Barry brings Fitzhugh to it while the giant
watches. Fitzhugh fools Barry into making what he considers an oath. Fitzhugh
assures Barry he will tell the others about the small ship. Wilson calls a
giant named Jack to bring a net--and find out how much the reward for
capturing little people is.

Act One
Arriving back at camp for lunch, Fitzhugh holds Barry to his oath when he
almost tells Valerie, who needs Barry's help to prepare and set up lunch.
Fitzhugh then gets Dan to come with him, telling Dan that what he has to show
him is more important than food. Val was scared when she thought Barry
slipped he found a spaceship. Fitzhugh cons Dan into examining the Space Pod
hull and interior ---the inside of which has unreadable foreign words on its
controls. He also finds a manual in a foreign futuristic English. Fitzhugh
also cons Dan into keeping quiet about this ship--telling him he wants to
surprise Barry on his birthday a day after tomorrow. Dan, tired (as the
script reveals) goes along. The two return to the Spindrift to get
replacements for burned out diodes. Mark and Steve hide from a blond giant
named Ranger Jack. Fitzhugh gobbles down food when Dan comes out of the
Spindrift with wires and diodes. Dan calls a questioning Valerie nosey. Dan
and Fitzhugh leave again. Steve and Mark return to camp to start eating
lunch. When Val explains about the secret, the two men check the engine room
in the Spindrift and figure the parts Dan took can only be used on the power
plant of a spaceship. They run out and question Barry, Mark being alittle
angry (he is more angry at Barry in the script and wants to badger the boy,
only to be stopped by Steve). Mark asks, "You do know something, Barry, what
is it?"  Barry tries to explain that he didn't promise anything but Mister
Fitzhugh thinks he did. Steve figures he and Mark will find Dan and
Fitzhugh's trail. The two men leave. Val tells a worried and down Barry that
he doesn't sound or look as fine as he says while he pets Chipper. She thinks
the boy will feel terrible if something happens to Dan and Fitzhugh. Val
figures Chipper can find them and an elated Barry takes the dog to Mark and
Steve. Val says, "Score one for the weaker sex."  (In the script Val says,
"Score one for us women.") Steve sends a protesting Barry back to the ship as
he and Mark follow the tiny dog to the Space Pod. Fitz picks Chipper up, "How
did you get here, you little beast?"  He was about to make a proposal to Dan.
By this time, Dan has the pod operation able. When it started, Fitz said,
"We're free of this miserable place. In the script, he said, "I'm free."  
When Mark and Steve question Dan, Dan is hurt (or so it says in the script
and he voices this in the script) that they thought he was going to take off
without them. They theorize it belonged to the time travelers from Earth (A
Place Called Earth). Steve tells Dan that Barry's birthday is way off from
now--he knows it and thinks Fitz is trying to pull something. Fitz says the
ship is his--he found it and intends to return to Earth. Fitz, still holding
the dog, sneaks around the pod and hands the dog to Mark who says, "This
thing will only hold two people and he's making sure he'd be one of them!" 
Fitz runs into the pod, followed by Steve, who tosses Fitz away from the
controls. The Giant Wilson reaches for the space pod. Fitz spots the giant,
"Ahh, a giant and he's seen us!"  Hands reach for the space pod's window.

Act Two
Steve orders Fitz to close the door and shuts the viewport over the window.
Steve also blasts off. Jack, the other giant, tosses a weighted down net at
Dan and Mark (who is still holding Chipper) but he misses them. As the Pod
goes up, Steve finds the controls unresponsive. Mark examines the manual and
he and Dan head back to camp--but not on the regular trails. Opening the
viewports, Steve finds they are in outer space already and he calls Val, who
is in the engine room. Val sends Barry to get Dan and Mark, urging the boy to
stay out of trouble. Fitz, in the Pod, badgers Steve, "I wouldn't have to
take it easy if I had a captain who knew what he was doing!"  Steve says they
have to wait and Fitz claims it is the hardest thing to do. Steve agrees
sometimes it is. He assures Fitz that Val is doing what she can. Mark and Dan
arrive and contact Steve. A meteor swarm hits the Pod near a strange star
system. Then they see the green ball forming and it sucks the Pod toward it.
Fitz doesn't seem to recall this phenomena but Steve does, "We ran into that
once before. We were on the trip to London--the one that never got there.
That was the first indication that we were entering--a space warp!!!"  They
are tossed violently, Steve pushes Fitzhugh off him. Val tells Dan about
Barry--who was captured, unknown to Val. Dan goes off to find the boy--he and
Mark never saw Barry. After the shaking, Fitz coughs and seems to have a fit.
Steve tells him to calm down. Fitz tells Steve to let him die to which Steve
answers, "You're not going to die---yet."  The pair stare out at Earth but
the controls on the console spark up and seem to start a major fire!

Act Two
Steve puts the fire out with an extinguisher; Fitz chokes, becoming very
nervous. Steve tries to calm him down again, worrying Fitz might choke to
death. The Pod, on a pre-set flight path, heads down to the blue planet. Fitz
dreams of a famous welcome home: newsreels, TV, a ticker tape parade down
Broadway, visits to the White House. They land in a town, Steve alerts Mark
and calms Fitzhugh down. The two of them go out after Steve takes out a K-K
ignition type knob. Fitz puts it in Steve's arm-pocket. Steve and Fitz see an
old fashioned street lamp and a hand drawn fire cart. It appears to be an old
typical New England town. Yet, Steve wonders if it is too old
fashioned...maybe they went back in time. The Pod they used belonged to time
travelers so it is not impossible that it is a time machine. The Giant
Rangers capture Dan with the net. In the New England town, a church bell
rings, bringing armed townsfolk out, guns, rifles, pitchforks, they surround
the pair.

Act Three
Lead by Constable Homer, the crowd drags Fitz and Steve to an office for
questioning. Homer takes the K-K key from Steve. On the giant planet, Dan and
Barry are tied up and gagged and left on the grass for others to see as a
trap. Homer on Earth, asks Steve about his wild story, "Now you say you were
on your way from Los Angeles, California to London, England when you landed
in this here land of the giants?"   Steve concurs. Homer goes on to tell them
that no man can fly. On the land of the giants, Val tells Mark about Dan and
Barry being gone and she is worried something has happened to them. Mark
cannot leave the radio. Fitz calms Steve in their jail cell in the year 1900,
which is the time they are in. Steve was trying to find a way out. Fitz feels
there are many advantages to living in 1900---no debts and he can know what
will happen for the next 75 years (that should be 83 or 84 years). Mrs.
Perkins, a kooky old lady, leads a mob who want to burn the two "devils"  or
"foreigners" or whatever they are. Homer manages to convince the crowd to get
out of the office. They will be tried when the sheriff returns. Steve, later,
fakes Fitzhugh being sick--"an old trick but it is only 1900,"  Steve
remarks. Steve gets the guard, named Winslow, into the cell to look at
Fitzhugh, then hits the man into the wall, and punches him three more times.
Steve pulls a blanket off Fitz's face as he lay on the bunk. In the script,
Fitz was looking out the window. The two men escape to the Pod, soon followed
by a mob alerted when Winslow wakes up and rings the fire bell. Why didn't
they lock him in the cell? The mob prepares to burn the Space Pod in a
fire...and Steve cannot take off since he doesn't have that key!

Act Four
Steve calls Mark, who tells him that if he pulls a lever and counts to three,
then pushes it back in again, everyone outside the Pod will be frozen in
time, between one second and the next, with a timer counting down. Steve does
this and everyone freezes outside but aren't dead as Steve sees the torch
fire moving and alive. In the script, the fire was frozen too. Then, Fitz and
Steve exit to find the Constable, the man  who has the key. Fitz steals money
from a bank where everyone is stiff. He also fools around, smoking a cigar.
This bank sequence seems improvised by Kaszner. On giant planet, Val goes to
find Dan and Barry--and a net falls on her. She is promptly captured. On 1900
Earth, Steve finds the key and, back at the Pod, is told by Mark that he and
Fitz have only 15 minutes of frozen time left...after that, they will burn up
like a film caught in a projector unless they blast off in the Pod. In three
minutes time left, Steve finds Fitzhugh at a wagon after a mad search, throws
Fitz's money away, sky high, and pushes Fitzhugh in a mad dash back to the
Pod. Steve acts like a madman to get Fitz back to the Pod just in time. In
the script, Steve punches Fitzhugh unconscious and carries him back to the
Space Pod. Steve also manages to blast off just as the counter reads 00,
scaring Fitzhugh who cringes at Steve maniac behavior. The Pod lifts off just
in time.                   

The Pod relands in the clearing, Steve freezing time to stop the Rangers. A
problem: the others are frozen and captured. Fitz moves Barry, Dan, and Val
away from the area they were tied up in. Steve tells Fitzhugh they were back
on Earth already and it didn't do any good. Steve sends the Pod up on auto
and the Rangers depart. Why? Why not just move the others further off from
view and take the Pod up and back to the spaceship? Safe again, Fitz show the
others his prize. He has managed to save a one thousand dollar bill but it
vanishes for some reason. Perhaps time couldn't allow this change? Everyone

REVIEW: A mediocre script made much better by the cast, especially Kaszner.
Looking at the final script it is easy to see how the cast and crew changed
lines and scenes to fit the characters much better. In the script, Mark was
much angrier at Barry, Dan was more hurt by Steve and Mark's accusations that
he and Fitzhugh were going to lift off without them, Barry was much meaner to
Chipper, offering to hit him at one point. There was more dialog in the
teaser in the script. It does explain why Dan falls for Fitz's con so easily
(Dan was tired and moved by Fitz's thoughts for Barry). Kaszner was
excellent, improvising the bank scene, which was not in the script. He made
the episode fun. Even in small scenes where he only had a little to do he
made it better (his nervous reactions in the Pod when the villagers attack,
his cowardly covering of his head with the blanket while Steve absolutely
pulverizes the guard). The conflict was there and more pronounced than of
late but it's hard to believe Dan and Barry could fall for Fitzhugh's lies
and cons this far into the series. Other changes made by the cast to the TV
version work: Steve wouldn't punch Fitz unconscious at this point in the
show. Instead, in the aired version, he acts like a mad man to get Fitz back
to the Pod. Val is much softer toward Barry (and seems almost like Betty) and
Fitzhugh seems less selfish than in the script. One changed line which didn't
work is the TV version of Val saying, "Score one for the weaker sex."  Val
would never say that women are the weaker sex. The script claims her saying,
"Score one for us women."   Again, Val wears the newer, light blue top with
the yellow collar and trim. The skirt is her usual second season skirt worn
with the various tops. The New LaSalle music is beautiful---most of it is a
clever variation on the other LaSalle second season music (MECHANICAL MAN,
UNSUSPECTED, and others). A very brief bit sounds like the LaSalle part of
LOST IN SPACE's THE DERELICT bit (during the Don rescue of Maureen and John
from the comet). LaSalle in HOME SWEET HOME adds new similar sounding themes
which fit perfectly--especially during the space time trip. Warner Brothers
used a lot of this music in WONDER WOMAN, FLOOD!, FIRE, CODE: RED, SWISS
others. In addition there were other sources for this music--TV'S THE
FUGITIVE and some older mystery movie as well as many westerns. William Welch
had written other time trips and time tricks (VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE
SEA's TIMELOCK) and while this tale is routine science fiction, it is  a big
change for LAND OF THE GIANTS. Welch should also be credited for the first TV
usage of the term space warp as well as the concept being a main part of the
plot. Credit aside, the tale seemed like a reject THE TIME TUNNEL story with
typical LOST IN SPACE-like camp characters (the dopey guard Winslow, the old
lady crank Perkins). Perkins and other townsfolk could have stepped from the
LOST IN SPACE episode VISIT TO A HOSTILE PLANET (the Jupiter II goes back in
time to 1947 Earth) or any of the other campier LOST IN SPACE episodes.
Dopey, unbelievable, and annoying characters nearly ruined VISIT TO A HOSTILE
PLANET and yet don't overpower HOME SWEET HOME but the potential was there.
Instead, the townsfolk are just a bit dull. The pod of course, is used direct
from LOST IN SPACE's season three minus a few decals and maybe instruments.
Continuity with  A PLACE CALLED EARTH could have been better: the Pod there
never landed, only orbited---Olos and Fieldar "beamed" down by popping out of
the Pod and onto the planet. The time travelers' claim that it was nearby was
a lie to Fitz and Barry. One does suppose the Pod could have landed when the
murderers never returned or maybe they did land it on auto and we just never
heard about it. Also in this story, Fitz and Barry are again calling Steve,
"Captain"  alternating with calling him "Steve."  This also happened in
NIGHTMARE. The next episode (OUR MAN O'REILLY) had Betty call Steve captain.
In HOME SWEET HOME, there are more close ups than usual. It is also curious
to note that Ranger Wilson has the same name (first or last we never find
out) as Mark Wilson.   



On a dark but clear night the Irish-like O'Reilly is chased and shot at by
private Security men Krenko and Warner. O'Reilly runs into the forest from
the city, trips on a log, and falls, hurt----and trapping Fitzhugh beneath a
small twig---which O'Reilly ends up laying on, unconscious. Val and Mark try
to lead Krenko and Warner away but O'Reilly begins to wake up and starts to
moan. Steve takes a sack and claims he has to shut O'Reilly somehow...and
there's only one way to do that...

Act One
Steve has stuffed the sack into O'Reilly's mouth. O'Reilly comes to fully
after the other giants go. O'Reilly spots Val (in her yellow top shirt),
Mark, Dan, Fitzhugh and Steve. He rants as he stands up, calling to the
saints and invoking something called the little folk. Fitz recalls a time on
Earth and he starts to say--when he conned---but changes that word "con" to a
real estate deal. Anyway, on earth, he conned a farmer in Dunningham, Ireland
(probably out of  land or money). The man believed in lephrachauns. Using
this, Steve helps them get away from O'Reilly by making the country giant
count with his back turned while the run off. Somehow, Fitz gets back to the
campsite before the others and is bragging to Betty and Barry about O'Reilly.
Of the giant, Betty says, "It's like a magic genie out of a bottle."  NOTE:
Jackson Gillis, the writer of OUR MAN O'REILLY, wrote LOST IN SPACE's THIEF
OF OUTER SPACE. Fitz explains to O'Reilly, they, the little folk, the
lephrachauns, are the magical powerful ones. Betty comments, "What a
switch--the Giants afraid of us instead of the other way around."   Steve
comes back and asks how Fitz got back so fast. "He rode," Barry states. Steve
chastizes Fitz for having had O'Reilly carry him back to camp. Fitz tells Dan
to "come off it" when Dan asks if  Fitz let O'Reilly see where they're
camped. Fitz didn't do that. Steve yells anyway, having had enough of Fitz's
ideas--as far as he is concerned Fitz got them into trouble. Fitz yells back,
"You're the leader here because you're the captain of this stupid spaceship!"
 Fitz goes on to add O'Reilly can help them get it off the ground. Val trusts
Fitzhugh judgement on one thing: knowing that O'Reilly is not a thief. Steve
still yells, afraid of those Store Protection People who are still after
O'Reilly. He tells everyone to turn in for bed. Val tells Fitz, "For as long
as I've known you, this time I have a hunch that you're right."    So later,
she accompanies him toward a gift O'Reilly brought in a cup with bottle caps
to drink from: it is beer, which delights Val. Fitz ordered pink champagne
for the ladies and cognac for the men. Barry, with Chipper, follow to try to
keep Fitzhugh out of trouble. Barry tells Fitzhugh this. When asked what is
wrong, Barry tells Fitzhugh that he's never had beer before and he's not
really sure he'd like it. Fitz guessed this already and had O'Reilly bring a
giant lollipop. While Val and Fitz  "rough it" as Fitz calls it, Mark
surprises them. Fitz tells Mark that O'Reilly is a country boy new to the
city and feels O'Reilly can get six three foot steel rods for pistons for a
secondary power unit. The next morning, Fitzhugh, in O'Reilly's pocket, finds
a "bit" to buy needles. Unwilling to steal, O'Reilly buys the needles from a
peddler who is conning two women at his stand in a small town square park. As
O'Reilly starts back, Krenko grabs him by the arm, "You're coming with me!!!"
 In the pocket, Fitzhugh shakes as O'Reilly is roughly escorted away....

Act Two    
Mark calls loudly over the walkie talkie. He calls Fitzhugh and whistles to
get Fitz's attention. Fitz tells him to stop that, he can't talk, trapped in
the dark pocket without knowing where he is being taken. He tells Val and
Mark, "Say goodbye to Barry for me."   Val and Mark blame themselves. Mark
says, "We  all should have listened to Steve."  He heads back to camp. Krenko
brings O'Reilly to Harry's bar restaurant. Krenko apologizes: they mistook
him for a robber of a store last night. Harry tries to pawn stolen goods to
O'Reilly but Krenko stops Harry. At camp, Mark wants to be the one to get
Fitz out of the city. Dan mocks him, "The big sack cloth and ashes man (a
Biblical reference)--he got Fitzhugh into this and by George, he's gonna be
the one to get him out."   Steve, sitting on the doorway step stool quietly
listening, intervenes before Mark can argue with Dan. Steve blames himself
because he lost his temper with their friend Fitzhugh, "That doesn't do any
of us any good. I have to remember to have lots of patience with our friend
Fitzhugh."  They will head out. Steve tells Betty to stand by the radio with
Barry and Chipper in case they need her help from here. Betty says, "Yes,
Captain."   O'Reilly, drinking, lets slip about tiny folk and how his
"Blessed" mother told him to stay out of the city, it is no place for a
country boy like him. Fitz kicks him to stop him. Krenko, in dealing with
O'Reilly, knocked into him and felt Fitzhugh in his pocket on his jacket.
After O'Reilly leaves, Krenko tells Harry that their new patsies will
be...the little people. The original plan was to plant the stolen goods,
goods they stole, on O'Reilly, making him look like the guilty one. Krenko
has a new plan. Before O'Reilly left, Krenko put a shot bottle of cognac into
the pocket, which, back in the forest, O'Reilly shares with Valerie and
Fitzhugh, singing, "You can't have fun if you don't drink alittle."   Steve,
arriving, apologizes to Fitzhugh who in turn tells Steve he doesn't deem an
apology necessary. They toast O'Reilly, Fitz taking an acorn cup from Steve.
After they all depart, Krenko arrives and finds the bottle and the matchbook
which held the needles that Mark already took for the spaceship and will use
back at camp. Krenko, holding the matchbook and bottle, laughs evilly. His
plan is taking form...

Act Three
Back at camp, Fitz is thinking of O'Reilly as his slave and the others follow
suit. Fitz and Steve talk of high test engine fuel, the girls talk of silk
for new dresses, Fitz wants a feast. Steve tells the girls he doesn't want to
seem like an ogre but the ship comes first. Mark wants drills, metals, tools,
drill points, and fine wire. Betty says, "Too bad we can't look it up in the
yellow pages."   Fitz gets O'Reilly to do just that---the giant goes to a
phone booth and tears out a page from the Yellow Pages, "May the telephone
company forgive me."   Krenko watches and when O'Reilly leaves, Krenko goes
into the phone booth and investigates the book. O'Reilly took a page with
jewelers on it. Fitz is proud that Steve will let him ride in O'Reilly's
pocket during the raid to get what they need for the spaceship. The girls
will keep watch outside the window of the jewelry store shop, and the other
three men will ride in a ladies shoe box O'Reilly fetched from the trash
(again watched doing this by Krenko). At Harry's bar, Krenko brings O'Reilly.
 Krenko and Harry examine O'Reilly's pin---something Krenko lifted off
O'Reilly's person---not a pin at all but a walkie talkie which Fitz uses to
communicate to O'Reilly. O'Reilly takes it back and turns down Krenko's offer
to go to a ball game tonight (a baseball game). When O'Reilly turns him down,
Krenko strongly suspects that the raid is tonight. Steve and Fitz, listening
in on the radio, believe Krenko will be at a baseball game tonight so he will
not get in their way. Of course, Krenko is lying and O'Reilly believes it,
too. Hampered by a guard and F. Cunningham, the jeweler, O'Reilly finally
gets into the jewelry shop--an office like room in a string of offices (a
mini-mall?) aided by Steve, Mark, and Dan. Steve, Mark, and Dan slipped under
the door.  Steve and Mark hoisted Dan up via the rope and pin to the lock to
let O'Reilly inside. Once all are safely inside, the jeweler returns and
takes out a gun. Under Fitzhugh's direction, O'Reilly attacks the jeweler,
aided by a distraction from Steve. O'Reilly knocks the other giant into a
case which cracks, the jeweler falls unconscious and an alarm wire to the
police is tripped. O'Reilly gets very upset and threatens to leave, calling
the little people evil. He will not help them any more. He starts to walk out!

Act Four
Steve tries to stop O'Reilly from leaving by threatening to put a curse on
him if he does leave. He tells O'Reilly they will call a doctor for the
Jeweler as soon as they're safe. In the most interesting scene O'Reilly makes
reference to "a reminder on the floor" of goodness and leaves.  Mark sees
it---a cross with rubies in it--a seemingly religious symbol. Fitz of course,
notices the rubies.Fearing damnation and seemingly praying, O'Reilly returns.
Steve tells O'Reilly the truth about themselves and gets Fitzhugh to finish
the rest of the truth. Mark and Dan load up the wire, pliers, and tools. The
girls, unable to contact the men, hide as Krenko passes by, the giant heading
toward the front of  the building. He gives guard Jake a net.It's not very
clear but Jake must be in on the criminal plan of Krenko's. Jake was
reporting back to Krenko. Dan gives Steve some strong-as-steel cord. O'Reilly
lowers Mark and Dan out the window as the two men sit in the shoe box. Steve
tells O'Reilly they will not steal "that" referring to the cross on the
floor. Krenko comes in armed but O'Reilly surprises him from behind the door.
Nevertheless, O'Reilly is knocked out by Krenko as Steve and Fitz run into
the hallway. Steve uses the cord to lure Krenko into a trap. Steve has Fitz
pull the cord on one side of the door while he is on the other. Steve yells,
"Okay, let's go out the front way!"  Krenko comes running out and Steve and
Fitz trip him with the cord, knocking Steve forward. Krenko is down now.
O'Reilly comes out, stunned bu okay, "It's the end."    "Not yet," Steve
snarls, "Pick us up!"  O'Reilly gets them out, hiding from Jake at a potted
plant while Jake is busy with the real police, who arrive. Jake insists it
was  the little people. That morning, early, Fitz tells Steve he told
O'Reilly everything about who they really are and the world they came from.
O'Reilly, laughing, is heading back to his home---  "where he belongs."  
Steve smiles, "You know, he's a great guy, too bad we had to spoil his faith
in lephrachauns."    O'Reilly heads off, laughing as Steve and Fitz watch,
then head their own way back to Spindrift's camp, following the others with
their new tools and supplies.

REVIEW: Another so-so episode with only Alan Hale's excellent improvising and
comedic acting as well as some more conflict among the regulars to support
it. A controversial scene avoided being notable because it was so short and
understated but it showed a cross which the Irish-like O'Reilly saw as
religious. If COMEBACK mentioned French doors then OUR MAN O'REILLY clearly
proved a link to Earth as O'Reilly is out and out Irish. It is sad to note
that O'Reilly is a stereotype of the Irish (with drinking no less) and
offensive. It's also offensive that O'Reilly sings praises to drinking being
fun while so many young people could have been watching. And some of the
regulars drink, too. Add to that, that Fitzhugh, Steve, and the others treat
O'Reilly like a slave---and most unfairly. Still, in some ways, it is
realistic that the marooned group would take advantage of the situation.
Betty is thankfully back but doesn't have much to do. Alan Hale, now passed
on, played the Skipper on the awful series GILLIGAN'S ISLAND. He made the
Skipper his own character and was the best thing about that show. Without his
input, GILLIGAN'S ISLAND would have been even worse. As it is, it is a
boring, inane series most of  the time. Billy Halop was one of the original
bad kids in DEAD END KIDS movies. He was the best actor of the group of DEAD
END KIDS and was in most of the more serious movies such as ANGELS WITH DIRTY
FACES and its sequels. He also did a number of cliffhanging serials with the
DEAD END KIDS which were adventurous and entertaining. Alan Bergman was fine
as the sneaky Krenko, the real crook. Bergman looks like a devil with an odd,
demonic shaped yet alluring face. It is surprising he didn't work more often
in film and television. Jackson Gillis, a very mediocre writer for science
fiction, was a good writer for TV in general. He penned what is perhaps one
of the, if not the best LOST IN SPACE episodes--MY FRIEND, MISTER NOBODY. He
also did the similar but underrated THE MAGIC MIRROR, an enjoyable episode.
After that his LOST IN SPACE scripts were silly and embarrassing, wasting the
cast and guest stars (such as THIEF FROM OUTER SPACE with a magic genie out
of a bottle as a line in this show states). He also did the cornball THE
HAUNTED LIGHTHOUSE which had some good action but the silly J-5. Despite an
emotional scene between Penny and Oggo, A DAY AT THE ZOO was very silly. His
PRINCESS OF SPACE and SPACE BEAUTY did feature Judy for the third time in 80
episodes, so those managed something different, even if we can forgive Gillis
for returning Mr. Farnum in the latter. Gillis wrote some of the best
episodes for THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN---mostly the early seasons (PANIC IN
THE SKY and A GHOST FOR SCOTLAND YARD to mention just two). Like Gillis's
LOST IN SPACE scripts, OUR MAN O'REILLY has some long, dull stretches, even
if the plot was not too bad. A few moments after already smashing the glass
on the cabinet-case, Hale looks surprised when a left-over piece of glass
falls off the broken jewelry case. This could have been unexpected or
unplanned. Perhaps Hale made it look that he was surprised as the man had
great comic timing. After the exciting game in DEADLY PAWN, the new continent
of LAND OF THE LOST, the emotionality of EVERY DOG NEEDS A BOY, the
originality of THE CLONES, the movie studio and bridge of COMEBACK, the weird
other dimension of NIGHTMARE, and the time trip to Earth in HOME SWEET
HOME----OUR MAN O'REILLY just seems too run of the mill by comparison. By
this time in the series, Spindrift has a dirty, rusted, vine covered look to

Up to now in the series we have learned many things about the giants: 1-They
use clocks and measure time the way we do on Earth (COMEBACK, NIGHTMARE,
DOOMSDAY, and others). 2-They have a similar if not exactly the same math
system as we do (a system used in the USA and not metric) such as NIGHT OR
THROMBELTINBAR. 3-They have a phone company, phone books and booths, movie
industry, jails, license plates for cars, and electric power. 4-They have
some kind of religion (SHELL GAME, OUR MAN O'REILLY). 5-They seem to have
some freedom of the press (RESCUE, DEADLY DART, SABOTAGE, SIX HOURS TO LIVE).
6-They use money that looks very much like American money (THE INSIDE RAIL).
7-Have French doors and Irish type citizens as well as French citizens
(COMEBACK's cameraman?). 8-have trucks, buses, trains, planes but not
9-have sports (OUR MAN O'REILLY has a baseball game, DEADLY PAWN has chess,
and GIANTS AND ALL THAT JAZZ has boxing as well as jazz). 10-they have TV and
radio (GIANTS AND ALL THAT JAZZ, SIX HOURS TO LIVE). 11-corporal punishment
(SIX HOURS TO LIVE, THE FLIGHT PLAN). 12-a military set up such as a Ministry
of Defense. 13-some kind of parliament type government which is more than a
mock-pseudo communistic set up; they have a cabinet and ministries of
humanity. 14-have an Earth alphabet with A,B, C, etc. 15-do not have the
German language and are ignorant of it. This is by no means comprehensive but
it does show that there must be some resonance between Earth and the Land for
such sameness to occur. As in all Irwin Allen shows, this is ignored, not
thought about, or discussed when planning scripts, or just put in at
convenience. It is too bad the sameness wasn't explored or explained later

Fitzhugh sings as he loads his belongings into Barry and Valerie's arms,
wanting to load up the Spindrift for a blast off to Earth. He reprimands
Barry for not being as hasty as he. Fitz insists he has a device before the
new Delta device was given to them by a giant scientist named Andre. Mark
tells Steve that Andre knows more about the elements on this planet and since
the device uses elements from the planet, Andre could help them. The device
somehow uses these elements or is made up from them. Elements which are not
found on Earth. Steve insists that no giant, including Andre, will get a look
at their camp. Mark answers this with, "I'm trying to get us back to Earth
with this thing and you keep throwing road blocks."   Steve insists, "No
giants."   Old Dr. Berger finds Andre's notes in the Science Center office,
then follows the younger giant man when Andre is to meet Dan. Berger has
already called Inspector Kobick---several times. The device has been modified
and installed in Spindrift's engine room but suddenly pressure on the device
goes critical and keeps running when the valves are shut. Steve can't let it
explode so he opens the door, despite the danger of being exposed to
radiation. Mark gives him a quick warning that if he opens it, they will all
be exposed to radiation but Steve does open it anyway. A strange greenish
radiation bath bursts out and blasts over Andre and Dan, Mark and Steve in
the engine room, and the outside of the spaceship!

Act One
Mark and Steve put out fires in the engine room. Andre is unable to ward
Berger off and Berger, without realizing it, hits Dan with his cane. Dan runs
to the spaceship and Dr. Berger is right behind him. Berger sees the
spaceship from high above but it vanishes from his view. He swipes his cane
to find it, threatening--again without realizing it---Valerie, Barry, and
Fitzhugh, knocking over their supplies and luggage, and shaking the Spindrift
as it hits it. Running to the hallway for the exit, Steve and Mark stop at
the door and back off, hoping not to be seen. Chipper barks but Andre is able
to get Dr. Berger away, despite his hearing this. Fitzhugh looks around for
his uniform while Barry chases Chipper off. Val follows Barry. Steve comes
back outside of the ship. Fitzhugh comments, "That dog will be the death of
us yet."  Steve doesn't bother to tell Fitzhugh why it's dangerous for Val
and Barry to go running off beyond saying, "Because the giants are still
around, that's why."   Steve starts after the girl and boy but a green haze
passes over Steve, who yelled out for Valerie. Fitz asks him what's wrong but
he is not sure. He continues on. Chipper runs into a scaly green lizard gila
monster. Barry runs toward Chipper to help him, against Val's warnings, "We
can't take off without Chipper."  Suddenly, both Barry and his dog are
running in slow motion, then the pair of them disappear right before
Valerie's stunned eyes. 3:10 PM: Berger tries to force Kobick to investigate
the area he thought he saw the little people but also their spaceship.
Reluctantly, Kobick agrees. Steve doubts Val really saw Barry and Chipper
just disappear. When the two giants come searching, Steve and Valerie, in the
forest, hide. They realize that Dr. Berger can't see them. Val is amused by
this until Berger vanishes to her and Steve's eyesight! Steve orders her back
to the camp but she runs straight into Kobick, who grabs her up in his fist.
Val bangs her fists on his hand as he smiles!

Act Two
Fitzhugh badgers  Mark and Dan in the engine room. Mark warns about an
explosion if the pressure goes up, then tells Fitz he is doing what a
competent engineer would do and testing. Outside, Steve tells Dan and Mark
about Barry and Valerie--and about Berger vanishing. Dan (with his arm in a
sling) realizes, "Right now a giant could be looking at us, reaching down to
grab us and we wouldn't even know it."   They decide to get to Andre's lab to
find some antidote. An unseen sergeant gives Kobick a cage with Valerie
inside. Kobick questions Andre and Berger. It is about 5:30 PM when the two
cannot see Val in the cage. Kobick leaves to get an official record statement
form. Andre tells Berger the SID is trying to trap them. Berger feels around
the cage with a ruler, menacing Val without realizing it. Val slips out and
escapes. It is dark as the three men, Mark, Steve, and Dan head toward the
lab which is in the middle of the city. Pedestrians and cars all vanish from
sight---but the sounds they make are still heard. The things and giants are
still there, only they cannot be seen. The men jump off a giant curb, ready
to try to cross the street. Steve says, "Giant cars are one thing but not
being able to see them...."   He stops them from crossing as the sound of a
car nears them. It splashes rainwater up at them. They decide to try the back
way through the alleys and across train tracks. Dan vanishes as Mark helps
him up toward Steve (who is on top the curb again). Dan vanishes between
their hands. Steve pulls a confused Mark up, "Get up here before something
happens to you."   The two men run to an alley corner. Steve calls this a
nightmare, then he vanishes in mid-run. Frantic,  Mark calls to Steve. Steve
hears him but is trapped in a weird other worldly dimension, seemingly
covered by a membrane from Mark, "Mark, I can't get back!"  Mark cannot hear
him but he can hear Mark. Steve calls to him over and over.

Act Three
Fitzhugh reactivates the delta device in the Spindrift engine room. Dan calls
Fitzhugh who is in the engine room but not for long: Fitzhugh, after the call
vanishes. Dan is in the lab but it is odd---Earth sized, incomplete in
structure, dark and light at the same time, and other worldly. Like in a
dream. Dan warns Steve (and we see Dan's face from behind a large glass
jar/container). Steve is on a traffic island, also Earth sized, surrounded by
the sounds of rushing cars and trucks,  invisible  themselves. The city all
around him reflects lights: hotels, fast food places, bars, no parking signs,
and others. Steve dodges cars, then makes a dash off  the island toward the
lab. 8:40 PM: Kobick gives Berger two minutes to plead his case. Kobick is
confused and aggravated when the doctor claims Andre hypnotized him. Berger
tells Kobick he is motivated by patriotism and the Inspector believes him.
They agree to "pay a visit to the little people's spaceship in the morning." 
Kobick holds the cage, "At least they're not invisible to me."   Val arrives
back at camp and goes into the engine room. She calls Mark (who is in an
alley and near a discarded giant record player) and tells him her intuition
is telling her to leave the ship, to get away from it. Mark tells her to do
that, to follow her instinct. Giant footsteps pass by Mark and he cannot talk
any longer.  Mark takes off before Val can finish talking to him, making her
feel even more uncomfortable. By a train depot, Steve falls onto rail tracks,
menaced from both sides by trains, one driven by a shrieking madman Kobick;
the other driven by Berger, also insane and reaching out at him. The pair
speed their trains at him but he finds he can only run in slow motion.
Figures resembling skyscrapers are all around. Steve escapes but is blown
past a traffic light and down normal size steps. Here, a ghostly see through
Andre blames Steve for all that has happened. Steve agrees it is his fault
but what can they do now. Andre tries to crush Steve with his hand and
fingers, laughing in an evil manner. Then Mark arrives, also blaming
Steve--swiping at him with a giant nail like a sword and chasing Steve up the
steps. Steve is again moving slowly as if in a slow motion film but when Mark
swings it is super fast. Getting to the roof, Steve looks down to see a
futuristic group of towers and sides of technologically superior buildings.
Eventually Mark's advances with the sword knock Steve off the roof of the
building. Steve falls down miles of skyscraper buildings, somewhat half
visible. Dan leans out a window to catch him, "Steve, I'm here!"  Dan misses
and Steve spirals past him. We can see through Steve. Steve lands on a cement
walk and falls unconscious!

Act Four
Around Steve, lights fade and the green glow vanishes. A blurry image calls
"Captain Burton" a few times: this is Fitzhugh, who helps him up and claims
he has been walking around in a daze, aimlessly looking for someone, he
doesn't know who, and he felt he was the only one on the planet. Dan calls
them from 14th and Briar Street and the trio meet there. The cars and giants
reappear (having always been there but not being seen). Dan feels the
radiation is bouncing them around; Fitz worries about their blast off. Early
morning: Valerie meets Mark on their trail. She asks Mark to explain what's
happening. He tells her it was the radiation from the delta device---it
produced effects on everyone---to hallucinate. Andre appears and talks with
them about what is going on. The pair of Earthlings  hide as Berger and
Kobick arrive, interrupting their conversation with Andre. Kobick calls the
forest a jungle since he was forced by Berger to take the long way around and
into the park. It could be a wild goose chase for Kobick. Berger says,
"You'll be the man who is finally responsible for the capture of the little
people."     Kobick replies, "Or the laughing stock of the SID."    Berger
chuckles, "Not THIS time, Inspector."    Andre turns the tables on Berger and
accuses him of consorting with little people and of giving them secrets,
something he himself has done. Kobick falls for it and arrests Berger to be
called in later to answer for himself and his bizarre actions. After Kobick
leaves, Andre tells Berger he will forget his charges if Berger will forget
his. Berger leaves; Andre waves a goodbye and goes, too. Val asks Mark if
they should look for the others but he seems ready to give up. How do you
look for something that's invisible? Barry arrives back at the camp, finds no
one and plays ball with Chipper. Dan, Steve, and Fitzhugh meet Val and Mark
on the trail. They figure Barry, being younger, may have been hit harder by
the radiation. When Fitz mentions the device, Mark tells him that the device
won't run normally. Steve uses the radio to call Barry, who answers him from
the engine room where the pressure has been building up all along. They hear
him but soon Barry's voice is drowned out by the device warning bell. Fitz,
nervous, starts to confess. Mark grabs him and makes him fully confess that
he reactivated the device. The spaceship can explode at any second. Dan and
Mark run toward the ship. Steve gives Fitzhugh the radio to warn Barry, "Get
the boy out of the ship!!!"   Fitz gives it to Valerie, wanting to help
firsthand, "You do it!"   Val grabs the walkie talkie, "Barry, you've got to
get out of the spaceship--it's going to explode!"   Barry stares at the dials
which indicate pressure is about to blow up the ship.

As the men run, a radiation haze passed, slowing their movements and
progress. Dan gets into the ship first, wrapping his arm around Barry and
pulling him out. Mark and Steve pull the box and wires from the device, all
of it sparking. Finally it all shuts down. Later, Steve comes out of the
Spindrift, tolerant of Fitzhugh's bragging to Barry about how he deactivated
the delta device, "And the day was saved by Mr. Fitzhugh!"  Fitz apologizes
for making it seem he was the only one who helped deactivate the device but
Steve smiles, "That's all right."  Steve tells to start stowing away all the
stuff he was loading up to bring into the ship for their "blast off".  
Fitzhugh feels Andre can help them rebuild. Mark and Dan come out of the
spaceship, telling Fitz they cannot rely on Andre or the device. They should
be happy they weren't "blown off the face of the map."  They load Fitzhugh's
arms up with suitcases. Val laughs, "As long as we have Fitzhugh, we have
hope."    Fitzhugh, his face against and blocked by suitcases, asks, "Isn't
anybody going to help me put this stuff away?!!"

REVIEW: A the outset, the group seems more like  a family now---and in EVERY
DOG NEEDS A BOY is more family like than the family in LOST IN SPACE in some
ways. Val's new button down blue top is back (with yellow collar and border).
Betty is still missing as she has been since DEADLY PAWN, production wise.
This means she was not in LAND OF THE LOST, EVERY DOG NEEDS A BOY, THE
episode is very Irwin Allen and William Welch. Other nightmare illusions
and LOST IN SPACE also had an episode where the Robinsons vanish one by one
into a scary dimension (SPACE CREATURE). VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA had
THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED (illusions that made it seem as if the whole world
NIGHTMARE might even be a remake of as a gas from a Seaview missile makes
everyone vanish one by one as well as experience nightmarish adventures
including a Captain Crane that seems evil against them), LEVIATHAN,
NIGHTMARE, and DEATH CLOCK. Many of these are by Will Welch and Sidney
Marshall (who also penned the other illusion LAND OF THE GIANTS-GRAVEYARD OF
FOOLS. Thatcher was excellent here, exhibiting a laid back menace for once.
His Berger wasn't really evil or even mean---certainly not as bad as Kobick
and some other past giants and not even sadistic. One almost feels sorry for
Berger because he really feels what he is doing is right (with patriotic
feelings his motivation). And he is ultimately let down. Berger doesn't even
seem selfish. I also doubt the SID would have let either Berger or Andre off
as easy as Andre theorized they would. The credits of NIGHTMARE have Kevin
Hagen (Kobick) listed as only "SID INSPECTOR" so maybe Kobick wasn't
originally supposed to be the Kobick. Kobick, however, seemed right in
character right up until the final scene where he agrees with Andre. Kobick
probably wouldn't have let go of this so easily but to be fair, in past
episodes he does lose his patience (SEVEN LITTLE INDIANS, RESCUE where he
also let it go for once). The nightmare set was really bizarre and fitting
yet again we are not too sure about what really is going on until the end
explanation. This doesn't detract from the show, it is okay to be confused
for awhile and to not be given too many answers right away. Yet Steve seemed
to really fall, Dan admits to being bounced around, and the explanation is
simply hallucinations and illusions. One can accept that but at times, it
seems pat. NIGHTMARE is very good for being a LAND OF THE GIANTS with a
different feel, a different angle. Robert Prince's new music (he also did
music for FANTASTIC JOURNEY in 1977--most notably an episode called CHILDREN
OF THE GODS) is suitable and eerie. It is very good just to listen too also. 
Thre is a great fan fic about the others' nightmares, including Kobick and CHipper            

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