LAND OF THE GIANTS-The Deadly Dart, A Small War, Wild Journey

Chase - Posted on 04 September 2009


Night in the forest--Mark is chased into a small caved in drain pipe by a hat
wearing giant named Inspector Swann, who had him once before and did horrible
things. The giant uses a lighter to nearly burn Mark out. When Mark won't
answer his questions, preferring to toss rocks at Swann, the leviathan ties
Mark to his arrow and fires it!

Act One
The arrow lands in soft sand and Mark escapes into the forest. The girls,
Steve, and Fitzhugh hear sounds. Val thinks it is just Dan's imagination as
SID men were all over the forest this afternoon. Even so, Dan and Fitzhugh
circle around and find a groaning Swann--who had been giving the little
people from Earth a lot of trouble lately. Fitz tells a searching Dan, who
wants to get closer, "I'll cover the rear."   Dan feels Swann's pulse--he's
dead. Betty looks, "What's Dan doing he'll be caught."   Dan runs back to
Fitzhugh. Sergeant Barker and Lieutenant Grayson arrive, then call a Doctor
Jelko of the SID. Jelko is riding in his car in the big city as he answers
them. A tiny dart tipped with curarai has also killed a carnival operator who
had once held the little people captive (TERROR GO ROUND's  Uncle Carlos?).
Val says of the giants blaming them for the murders, "They always blame us
whenever anything bad happens."   Barker finds a blow gun with the intials
MW. Grayson fires a gun at Steve and the girls, hitting a tree. Dan throws a
rock to divert him. The five remeet in the woods. Fitz tells the others the
blow tube was Mark's--he made them to keep his fishing rods together---he
said, Fitzhugh adds. Dan asks if he implying Mark did something wrong. Mark
is away on a three day fishing trip. Jelko arrives to Greyson and Barker.
Also arriving is snob newcaster Bertha Fry who listens in on the police radio
band and who feels that Swann was more effective against the "little
monsters"   Than Inspector Kobick. Mark listening from the trees, escapes
when they hear him as he gets tangled on a bush. The giants find a tiny
footprint with a star mark in the heel. At camp, Fitzhugh stirs up trouble,
casting doubts against Mark. Steve tells him to take it easy and Betty quiets
them so they can listen to Fry's newscast that night. Steve and Dan figure
they should move camp to the abandoned storm drain just north of here. Under
the canvass, they listen to the broadcast. On her broadcast, Fry calls them
"cold blooded murderers"  revealing all the information, also calling for the
people and her loyal listeners to rid themselves of these "murderous little
parasites."  Fry calls them vicious which prompts Val to bang on the small
table, "You're the one who's vicious!"   After the news, and against Dan
telling him he has too much mouth, Fitzhugh begins anew blaming Mark--who
hated Swann. Mark is there listening from the bushes when Fitzhugh goes on.
Mark tells him to make those accusations to his face. Fitz tells him he
hasn't heard any defense yet. "Defense!"  Mark rushes Fitzhugh but Steve
intervenes and he and Mark have a major fight with Dan yelling, "Break it up!
Break it up! We've had enough trouble!"  Dan manages to break the fight up
but Mark goes into the spaceship, mad. Val defends Mark, "He was angry and
confused. And upset."   Steve and Dan tell her it is too important, to which
she says, "Then just give him a few minutes, he'll be all right."   Steve
moves to the ship to talk to Mark, grabbing and  stopping a harassing
Fitzhugh from following. He wants to talk to Mark alone. Steve goes inside
and a few seconds comes back out. Dan asks if Mark won't talk to thim.. Steve
says, "He can't. He's gone."  Mark probably left via a back hatchway.

Act Two 
While the Spindrifters minus Mark, pack up to leave the spacecraft, a king
size blast occurs in the city. They stop packing and turn on the radio which
is on the table outside the ship. They hear a man announce this may be
sabotage by the little people. Steve finds the one pack of explosives gone.
Fitz thinks Mark must be out of  his mind. Betty yells, "Fitzhugh, none of us
knows that it was Mark!"  Steve figures they have to know what is going on.
He and Dan go to SID headquarters while the girls and Fitzhugh continue
packing. The two men go up a lamp cord in Greyson's office but Grayson and
Fry enter, discussing the problem and the murders. Fry spots them, picking up
the book CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGY) after Grayson tells her she is the only one
creating a panic. She blames the little people, "You're here to pave the way
for an invasion from your planet and you're going to kill anyone who gets in
your way."   Dan tells her they are not murderers, calling her Miss Fry. Fry
also insinuates that Greyson knew they were on his desk top. He tells her not
to. Barker bring in Zoral, the deceased Professor Gorn's aide (from the
episode THE MECHANICAL MAN). Zoral's face  is bandaged due to the exploding
private experimental  lab he was caught in by the killer. Barker gives
Greyson a flare gun--an Earth flare gun that could have been used to create
this explosion. Zoral sees Dan and Steve and mentions he had contact with two
other Earth men, one of them named Mark Wilson. Fry makes the connection with
the intials MW found on the blow gun. Zoral tells them about Mark and how he
caused Gorn's death. When Grayson and Barker are distracted helping a hurt
Zoral onto the couch, Steve grabs the gun that Grayson laid on the tabletop
and he fires it at the filing cabinet. Steve and Dan escape to the outside
wall through the vent, sliding down the cord. Steve thinks Mark has to be out
of  his mind if he is doing all these things. Dan cannot believe Mark is. He
asks Steve if he can believe Mark is doing these things and Steve admits he
doesn't know. They see a guard bringing Zoral out and witness Zoral's death
by dart. The officer blows a whistle while Steve looks around, "Same
technique--a curarai dart in the ankle."      

Act Three
Demonstrators and protestors, spurred on by Fry's newscasts on the hour every
hour, march on SID HQ ten hours later. SID cancels a press conference, which
Fry announces. Mark, gagged and bound in a shoebox, gets his radio from his
sachel and manages to get it turned on. At camp, the other four are packed
and ready to leave. When Dan and Steve return only this morning, the girls
and Fitz ask where they have been all night. Steve says, "We've been
searching for Mark, what did you think?"  They are ready to move out now when
Betty,  who was trying to call Mark all night off and on, manages to get him
but he sounds gagged and there is also electrical interference. Dan figures
they can use their direction finders to split into two groups and track Mark
to the source---where they can meet. Jelko tells Grayson that curarai is
found in the extreme sides of the forest and is deadly only when distilled.
Grayson doesn't seem to believe or want to believe the little people are
guilty. After another broadcast by Fry, who Fitz worries will raise a mob to
burn them out, Fry visits Grayson, angry by his sarcastic retorts. She leaves
vowing to get the Supreme Council involved. Grayson only wants to things
legally. Betty, Barry, and Steve, in the forest in the early morning, pass a
gold piece which Steve feels is a trap. He orders them to circle around it
but spots another and tells them to watch it. Between the two pieces, the
three Earthlings are pulled through bushes after hearing a sound like
something mechanical. They are pulled into a very dark cave-trap with two
poles which suck them onto them. Steve on one, Betty and Barry onto the
other. They have backpacks on with equipment in them. Steve manages to get
free of his backpack and fails to pull barry and Betty off their pole. Barry
asks, "Why is it holding us?"  Steve yells over the whine of machinery and
wind sounds, "It's the metal we're wearing! It's some kind of magnet!" 
Pulling Betty's arm and getting no where, he runs to a wall panel. He breaks
the glass on a wall panel and shorts the electrodes using wires he pulls from
it. The whole cave shakes, drops boulders, sparks and finally explodes as the
trio run for their lives, fall, and shake. Finally, before it all blows up in
a raging fire, they emerge from the exit. They just make it out, Barry with a
twisted ankle. Via radio Steve tells Dan it was another one of Swann's
elaborate traps. He tells Dan he will leave Barry here, hiding in the woods,
laying low. When they get Mark, they will come back for the teenager (who's
voice is in the middle of  changing). Later, in the woods, Betty and Steve
hear Mark's moaning again but get nothing. A giant pencil takes Mark's radio
and a voice, gruff and low, says, "I'll soon have all of you here."    Steve
contacts Dan and together using the rough map they have in Steve's pack, they
plot Mark's position by projecting a line to the intersection of both their
starting points to their present positions. Dan checks his position with  a
compass: parallel 22: 14.  Steve asks Dan if he knows where Mark is being
held. Dan answers, "Well, I know it's right in the middle of the city."  
Steve answers, "Right in the middle of SID Headquarters!"  Dan asks, "What?" 
He's stunned as are Fitzhugh and Valerie who are with him, Val emptying sand
out of her boot. 

Act Four   
In the vents, Dan and Steve overhear Grayson tell Barker that Fry has set up
a mobile unit and in three hours will involve the military to kill off the
little people: bombs, fires, tanks, and his firing from his job. Dan and
Steve go out to the girls and Fitzhugh, who ask if Mark is alive. Steve sends
the girls back to camp to move it in three hours, stifiling the girls'
protests. The three men try to figure out who has Mark. Killing the carnie
operator and Zoral was a red herring to put the blame on the little people
for Swann's death. Dan figures it could be Doc Jelko. Fitz tells them that
either Swann or Grayson were eligible for Kobick's replacement when Kobick
went on special assignment. Steve checks Grayson's closet but gets caught
inside when Grayson comes back. A call via radio to Dan gets the co-pilot to
use the phone in Jelko's office to distract Grayson long enough for Steve to
get out. No one is on the phone, so Grayson leaves his. Grayson has emptied
the building. Dan found an electric diathermic machine in Jelko's office--it
could have been used to make the radio interference. Fitz tells Dan and
Steve, as they talk in the vent drains, that Barker is in his office and all
over it: it was impossible to get in to check it. He also found  that every
office has an electric pencil sharpener--which rules out the inteference as a
clue. Grayson moves to Barker's office, telling him that someone made a call
to him and he thinks it may have come from this building. Grayson asks Barker
to get more men to search this building. Barker leaves so Dan and Fitzhugh
with Steve go to his office. Dan tosses the pin and rope up to the phone to
climb up. Barker returns and finds the pin and rope. Steve gets to a vent but
Dan and Fitzhugh get to a coat rack. Barker spots them there and bends over
close to them, threatening to swat them with a ruler unless they come
peacefully. He scoops them up and opens a closet. There, Mark is tied up and
gagged  in a shoebox on the floor. Dan and Fitzhugh are put next to him.
Barker puts the box on the floor and covers it with a lid. Barker calls
Grayson, who is about ready to cooperate with Bertha Fry. Barker asks Grayson
to come to his office, "I think I can end all your problems."   Grayson bends
over the shoebox, not seeing Barker move at him from behind with a deadly
dart. Steve calls from the vent, "Grayson, lookout!"   This warns Grayson,
who was taken completely by surprize. Grayson manages to fight him off after
a long fight throughout the office and over the radio set ups. The radio is
blown out. Sparks fly and a small fire starts as they fight. Barker flips
Grayson. Fitz and Dan untie and ungag Mark. Barker comes at Grayson with a
chair but Grayson ducks under it. Grayson seems to be winning but Barker
finally gets him into a position on the desk where he chokes him and then
picks up a letter opener to stab him with. As he is about to kill him,
Barker, in his madness, confesses. Before he can kill Grayson, Jelko appears
behind Barker and hits him over the head. Fry arrives. Barker, with prompting
from Jelko confesses in front of  Fry. Barker started working with Grayson,
at the same time--they started together. He wanted better treatment from
Grayson and Swann. Barker was in SID 25 years and was always overlooked for
promotion. Men come in later than he and start over him. Grayson tells Barker
he would have been eligible for retirement soon. Barker didn't want to retire
a nobody. Jelko figues with Miss Fry blasting the little people they made
great fall guys. Barker admits that is true--he got the idea from Miss Fry,
who would have made him famous as the man who captured the little people.
Barker got the tiny metal tube when a kid brought it in, on a little fishing
rod the boy found. All he needed was the names of people who treated the
little people badly and the curarai, both were easy to get. He caught Mark
and got the flare gun and used Mark to lure the others here--Barker thinks
his pals thought he killed Swann. "And except for that little one in the
vent, it would have worked!"   Barker jumps up and rushes at Steve but the
other two giant men hold him back, "Ahhh, they got me little men but they got
your pals, too, and Bertha Fry will see to it that you all die!"

Jelko and Grayson put Barker back in his chair. Grayson puts the shoebox near
the vent. Grayson gets Fry to go along with his new plan as he lets the other
three go---because Barker obtained the idea for murder from her show and has
delusions of seeing little people...but there were no little people here
today in this office. Grayson thanks Steve for saving his life.  "Doc Jelko
is  the only witness we need in this case but you just think about this, this
is the first and last break you get from me. Next time I come looking for
you, expect no favors. You got that? Okay, make yourselves scarce."   The
four of them leave via the vent. When Barker complains that Grayson let the
little people go, Grayson asks Doc Jelko if he saw any little people. Jelko
tells him he didn't see any little people. With some fast talk, Grayson gets
Fry to admit she didn't see any little people. She, against wanting to, tells
him she didn't see any little people. Later, in the forest, Mark shows the
others the arrow in loose sand. He tells Betty he didn't tell them this
before because he didn't like the tone of the questions, "Ahh, let's just say
I didn't like the tone of the questions."   While Betty makes faces at him,
Fitzhugh says, "Mark is absolutely right. I was trying to get to the truth of
the matter like a real friend. As the old noble Roman Cisero said the shift
of fortune tests the realiability of friends."  Mark laughs, "Ahh, with some
friends you don't need enemies, Fitzhugh."   They laugh, Mark patting Fitz's
arm and back as they all walk off.       

REVIEW: This episode was a real mystery--with the murderer being a true
unknown unlike FRAMED and SIX HOURS TO LIVE where we know who the killer or
killers are from the beginning. Although there are plenty of small clues to
figure it out, it is difficult to guess who the killer is in THE DEADLY DART.
It could have been any of the giants---Fry, Jelko, Grayson, or Barker.
Stuart, a good writer, continues his "let's blame the little people" theme
begun in his THE MECHANICAL MAN. Willard Sage, back from DOUBLE CROSS but as
Swann here, is scary but doesn't have much air time as Swann is killed early
in the story. Swann and Grayson would have made excellent foes if LAND OF THE
GIANTS went into a third year but Grayson never returned, alas. And Swann was
killed in this story. Of course, we knew Mark was not guilty but of all seven
space travelers, he would make the most likely suspect despite his
willingness not to kill in THE BOUNTY HUNTER. Madlyn Rhue is fine as another
female villain (in the likes of Martha Cass, Miss Evers, and Dr. North). LAND
OF THE GIANTS made good use of female guest stars, unlike the later VOYAGE TO
THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA seasons---year three and four had one guest star who
was female! The acting in THE DEADLY DART is especially strong. Veteran
Dehner as Grayson is excellent as a different type of Inspector. He was low
key and not evil at all--just a man doing a job, unlike the obsessed Kobick.
I don't think this episode would have worked at all if Kobick was in it.
Christopher Dark as Barker was good too, especially when it is revealed he is
the deranged killer--wide eyed, smirking, and bloodthirsty for revenge. Some
continuity with THE MECHANICAL MAN is kept (Zoral, although a new actor plays
Zoral hidden by bandages over more than half his face) and with TERROR GO
ROUND (assuming the carnie operator was Carlos). Kobick was mentioined in
this script a few times. The cave trap sequence was particularly wild with
familiar John Williams' music being mixed into a new arrangement, familiar
props from THE CHASE (the forcefield device), PANIC (the teleporter), and
other Irwin Allen shows (the freezing tubes from LOST IN SPACE), camera
shaking, sparks and fires ending in an explosion and fire! It was odd because
we do not know where the three are pulled into. The script told us that the
set would be a LIMBO set (dark and weird), not saying it was a cave. The
script also had Dan handling Jelko's phone and this was either filmed and not
used, edited out, or was just omitted from the filming altogether. Some
sources say it was filmed. Many LAND OF THE GIANTS scripts go through vairous
changes, adding or omitting scenes (such as adding the dog attack and the
expanded cat attack on the spaceship, both from THE CRASH and omitting a
great deal of the space ship ride through space before the lightning storm in
THE CRASH). Another example is where Dan fights a security guard who saw the
two men near the Oil Supply of Shamrock, another spaceship at LA Airport. The
girls both wear their newest outfits--betty has on the pink one, Val the
yellow. The conflict here was excellent even if the audience knew Mark was
innocent (or did we?).                   



A father, Mr. Erdap, totes his boy, Alek, and a large case of toys into the
forest one day. The father leaves, warning his son not to play with another
boy named Valco, who has toys that can destroy Alek's toys. Alek has his wind
up soldiers (who are dressed like British royal soldiers) march out--nad one
grabs Barry who was picking berries off a small tree. Barry calls Mr.
Fitzhugh for help, unable to breath in the grip of the terrible toy!

Fitzhugh pushes the soldier away from Barry. The toy falls over on its side
and keeps its legs moving. Fitzhugh helps the choked Barry off, back to the
camp lean to. Betty and Valerie see to Barry while Fitz gasps out his story
to the others. Fitz takes the men back to the area and they see advancing
wind up soldiers. They toss rocks and even boulders at the toys but this
doesn't stop the deadly dolls. Steve radios Betty to bring the flame thrower
that Mark made. Val tells her to get it out of the cockpit cabinet (on the
right hand side). Steve melts the bayonet-rifle toting soldiers with it. Alek
vows revenge on them---thinking they are toys from this Valco, another giant
boy. En route back to camp, Fitzhugh stops to eat a pear but is stopped from
this by a soldier who points a bayonet at him. He outwits it and gets it to
fall over a flat boulder. Calling himself, Alexander B. Fitzhugh--Brigidier
General Retired, hHe dreams about what he could do with many such soldiers on
Earth. Eating a pear, he says, "I can dream, can't I."  The others return to
camp and let the girls know there really were toy wind up terrors. They all
hear an auto engine. Steve ushers everyone into the woods where they pass a
bemused, bewildered, and confused Fitzhugh. Mark asks, "Where you been?"  As
Fitz tries to answer, Steve says, "Tell us later!"  All seven run into the
woods but they rush into the path of a firing jeep which has two soldiers in
it. Steve and Dan push the girls out of its way as they were hiding behind a
bush that it was driving at. The jeep crashes and a toy army nurse arrives to
help the toy soldiers. Mark thinks it is almost laughable but Betty doesn't
think the wooden pellets the jeep fired were laughable or funny. Barry
explains that this boy is playing war and thinks they are toys.l Alek
surprises them all from behind and vows to get them like a true soldier
instead of crushing them on the spot. He vows to destroy them and their
spaceship. Then he leaves. Fitz looks up, "He means it. He's going to destroy
us and our spaceship as well."

Steve orders Fitz to get the girls and Barry back to camp but not to hide in
the spacecraft. Then, he, Dan, and Mark move to go reason with Alek and end
up examining his toy tank. Steve warns Mark and Dan against going inside it.
The men cannot get through to Alek so they end up running away from him. Mark
falls, caught on a bush, and almost gets mowed down by the toy tank's wheels
which Alek sets to run him over. Mark gets away at the last moment and runs
to the other two and they all run off to return to camp. Steve vetoes any
idea from Mark, even though Barry asks Mark about it, curious as to what the
mechanic/scientist thinks they should do. They camaflage the ship with
leaves, twigs, and branches. Alek loads a toy plane with boulders and sends
it over Spindrift, dropping the rocks. Some hit the lean to. The men fire at
the plane using the crashed toy jeep. The others join them but the tank
attacks now...firing sparks and flame. Mark shoots the tires and gets one
tire to deflate as it fires its cannon at Betty, Fitzhugh, and Barry. It
stops moving but the cannon can still fire via remote control from Alek, who
has been controlling it all the time. It fires at a trapped Valerie and past
the jeep. Steve gets into the tank and chops at its wires. Mark moves the
cannon away from Valerie, physically pushing the thing on the turner. Dan
runs to help Valerie, who was trapped with no place to run to. Val is burnt
on the neck. Steve dumps batteries out of the tank. He doesn't like the looks
of Val's burn. Mark wants to kill the boy, calling him a monster and
wondering who's next. Steve calls the boy, "Just a kid."  Steve adds that
this kid doesn't know what he is doing.   Mark counters, "I had a friend shot
by a boy who didn't know what he was doing. After the shot, my friend was
dead----very dead."    He wants to explode the fuel can Alek is using to
power his toys. Steve vetoes this idea, ignoring it completely. The others
start off but Barry spots Mark linger behind with Steve waiting for the man
to move out. Mark, instead, hits Steve and takes off. Barry calls Dan and
Mister Fitzhugh, passes Steve, and takes off after Mark to stop him. Dan and
Fitzhugh go to help Steve. Barry runs after Mark to the fuel can, "Mark, you
can't."  Alek knows where they are and crawls at them on the ground, moves
the fuel can and puts his hands on either side of Mark and Barry!

Dan and Steve arrive to see Alek put Mark and Barry into a barb wire
surrounded stockade prison house--a toy and Earth sized. He plans to take
them apart to see how these "toys" work. Alek looks in at Barry and Mark,
talking to them, wanting them to answer his questions. After Alek leaves,
Mark says to Barry, "You should have stayed back there with the others,
Barry."   Barry chastises him, "You could have killed that boy."   "That's
exactly what he's going to do to us,"counters Wilson. Together they pry off
the bars on the window. From another window, Barry watches Alek send the
plane up as Mark finished taking the bars off. Dan and Steve report back to
the others. Fitzhugh asks, frustrated, where Mark and Barry are. Steve tells
them. The five have to hide as the plane dumps more rocks. After it is over,
they come back out. Fitzhugh complains that they are all going to be killed
and that Mark was right. Steve raises his voice at him that he has another
plan: to go back there and get them out of that place. Val asks how. Steve's
plan is to divert Alek with Fitz and Valerie yelling to draw him away while
he, Betty, and Dan get Mark and Barry out. Then they plan to go after Alek's
radio control device. "That'll fix him," Steve says. Steve, Dan, Val, Fitz,
and Betty go into the forest to start this plan when they hear the engine.
Val identifies it as the plane getting ready to bomb their camp again. Fitz
worries that it will smash their spaceship to bits. Steve orders them to go
stop the plane before it lifts off again. Steve makes Betty get some plant
roots to block the wheels, then tells her to keep an eye on the giant kid,
warning her to watch the propeller. Going into the cockpit,  Dan and Steve,
while Fitz and Val hold the tail of the plane, yank its wires in its control
cockpit but that doesn't stop the plane. They get some of the boulders out
but must leave it as the boy feeds it more juice. The plane lifts off with
Fitz and Val nearly getting hit by the tail. Fitz says, "Chalk up another
failure!"  Steve hopes they will have better luck with Mark and Barry. He
leads them onward. Mark has finished tearing the bars out of the stockade
window and tells Barry to wait inside. "I want to come too," Barry says. 
Mark wants to check that they can make a clean getaway. Mark climbs out the
window but when he grabs the wire fence, he gets a strong electric charge
through him and falls. Barry jumps out the window and looks after Mark. Val
and Fitz wait an alloted time before they start their distraction. Val tells
Fitz to think positively. They begin yelling loudly to lure Alek away. Alek
carries the jeep so he can shoot at them. Before the others can touch the
fence, Barry warns them not to. Steve uses the hatchet to short it out; Dan
cuts the fence with wire cutters. They escape just as Alek returns, having
figured the yelling to be a diversion--and thinking Valco orchestrated it.
Dan, upset as he sees  Mark wince from his pain, stands up straight, not
wanting to hide any more, declaring that this does it. He sets off to destroy
that fuel can; Steve cannot reach him to stop him in time. Alek fires the
jeep at Dan and Dan falls. Mark notices Dan is not moving. Betty dashes off
after Dan. Barr also tries, concerned Dan is dead, "Dan!"  Steve grabs the
Barry, "Wait a minute! Where do you think you're going? Look, go over there
and hide!"   Barry obeys. Steve takes off  after Betty, shouting for her to
stop, but he has to "hit the dirt" when Alek fires the machine gun from the
toy jeep. Betty reaches Dan's downed body but both are scooped up by Alek. In
his hand, sitting next to Dan's unconscious body, Betty tells the boy the
truth, showing him Dan's blood. Mark is happy when Steve returns to him and
tells him he saw Dan move--the co pilot is alive. He also tells Mark he
thinks Betty is getting through to that kid. It's true---Alek begins to
realize the little people are not toys. Betty tells him she knows he wouldn't
have hurt them if he knew the truth. Alek is about to let them down when his
father arrives, calling to him. "My father," Alek whispers and takes Betty
and Dan and hides them under a small toy-box.

The father sees the wrecked toys and also finds Dan's blood and asks Alek to
help him find the little people so "we can all be rich."   The father spots
Valerie and Fitzhugh, eventually chasing them into a gopher hole. There, he
stabs at them with a tree branch---and the hole is blocked--a dead end. Mark
and Steve get Dan and Betty. Dan's shoulder was grazed. Betty gets him over
to Barry, worrying about Val and Fitzhugh. Mark finds manual controls in the
plane. Steve flies it up over trees and dives straight at the two giants.
Betty joins Mark and they watch as the father, Mr. Erdap hurls rocks at the
plane. Val and Fitz escape from the hole and Fitz directs Val into the woods.
Erdap hits the plane, rendering Steve unconscious. The plane whizzes out of
control and heads toward trees and a crash landing...

Mark asks Betty to watch out for the giants while he makes a try for the
radio control device which Alek laid down on the ground. Betty has to warn
him as Alek comes running for the device...and fast! Mark rejoins her while
Alek grabs the radio control and lands the plane safely. Steve seems to fly
it in his sleep to land it. Mark and Betty help him out as Erdap searches the
empty gopher hole. Steve jokes to the pair, "One thing they insist on at
flight school is if you bring it up, you oughta be able to land it."  Erdap
and Alek pack up all the toys, the adult lamenting the loss of money he could
have had if he had captured the little people. He doesn't know if he can
replace the destroyed toys. Alek smiles, a new boy, "That's all right, dad, I
don't think I want toys like these anymore."   He waves at Betty, Steve, and
Mark when Erdap leaves with the toy case. Alek follows his father. Steve
says, "Let's pick up the others and get back to camp."

An SID car comes skidding down a street in the daytime, sirens blasting. From 
an alley, Dan and Steve watch as an SID man and a dog come out, after an 
Earth sized man in a brown-ish jacket. At first, Steve thought it was Mark 
but Dan points out it isn't. This new man joins the pair as the giant corners 
them all with a net. 
Act One
The man, named Thorg, uses his STM (Space Time Manipulator) to make the trio 
including himself, vanish across the alley in a series of short bursts, 
ending up in the forest. In the script, Thorg turns himself into a giant, 
larger than the SID giants to scare the SID away. Also in the script, Thorg 
starts out as a giant, not Earth size. Thorg uses the device to imprint a 
viewer onto a large rock. On it, they see the SID man who gets other SID men 
to search the forest. Thorg is interested in Dan's planet so he shows them 
London and New York on the rock. Berna, his female aide, arrives. She reminds 
him of their assignment: testing the IQ of the giants. Thorg asks the other 
two the most memorable experience they ever had--and they both answer that it 
was "the crash that landed us here."   Steve gives Thorg the coordinates of 
LA International Airport (Latitude 34 degrees, three minutes 15 seconds and 
Longitude 118 degrees and 14 minutes, 28 seconds). Thorg shows them the VIP 
waiting room and--Betty in her stewardess outfit. Thorg refuses to show them 
a closer look at the STM so Steve refuses the aliens a look at their camp, 
telling him that no one but those from their "team" can get a look at it. The 
pair, Berna and Thorg, follow them anyway but a giant Doberman SID dog grabs 
Thorg up in its mouth; Dan pushes Berna out of the way to save her. Berna 
gets Thorg out of the mouth of the dog using her STM while Steve and Dan 
escape with Thorg's STM and run off. They decide to go back to Earth in 1983 
to prevent Spindrift's takeoff and crash. Dan doesn't feel right about not 
getting the others to come along with them but Steve tells him the whole idea 
is to prevent the crash in the first place, thus the others will never end up 
on the planet of the giants. Steve and Dan end up back on Earth at LA 
International Airport. They find a newspaper in the trash: it is September 
25th, 1983 (William Welch, who wrote this episode, didn't have a copy of THE 
CRASH and the original fictional date of the crash---June 12th, 1983). The 
date he used might have been the date of the script--September 25th but he 
changed the year to 1983. They go to the VIP room, checking out an heiress 
who passed by with her butler. Betty introduces herself to them, stating she 
will be their stewardess on this flight. They run as Betty greets two new 
passengers: Thorg and Berna!
Act Two
Steve cannot reset the STM so unsure of what to do, he tosses it across the 
floor, allowing he and Dan to slip into Miss Collier's's office. In the 
script, Collier was a man. Collier will not listen to them and call security 
so Steve does. A guard escorts Thorg and Berna to another waiting room. 
Collier tells Dan and Steve that the flu epidemic has hit the passengers and 
pilots. The two tell her to cancel the flight 6-12, then they refuse to take 
it out when she will not cancel. Steve signs a 10-6 form--a formal refusal to 
obey orders. Collier tries to call for another pilot and co-pilot. Steve 
apologizes to Collier, telling Dan he feels bad because she's really a great 
gal. There were originally 45 passengers ready to fly on Flight 6-12. Collier 
left to report to the VP. Thorg and Berna return and invade the whole area. 
Steve tosses a chair through the window and he and Dan climb out to the roof, 
pursued by the two time space researchers Thorg and Berna. Dan and Steve race 
across the roof and climb down a ladder--being shot at by Thorg who is using 
the STM to bombard them with blasts. Steve and Dan hide behind a truck. They 
race up crates to another roof, again being shot at. When Thorg comes to look 
closer as to where they went, Steve jumps him and they have a fight. Dan 
helps Steve but Berna STMs Thorg out from in between the two Earth men. The 
two are forced to hand over the other STM and soon they walk near a grove of 
trees. Thorg and Berna cannot let the past be changed because it could cause 
untold damage to the universe. The only way to send them back though is for 
the pilots to go back on the spacecraft Spindrift and recrash the original 
way. Thorg and Berna are not allowed to kill Dan and Steve with the STM 
either or at all. Steve and Dan casually just walk away, enjoying this, 
thinking there is nothing the two strangers can do now. Thorg tells them that 
is where they are wrong, calling them friends. He uses the STM to shrink them 
down to size! Thorg and Berna tower over them as giants---now the two men 
will be tiny creatures on their own planet!
Act Three
Dan and Steve will remain this way until they agree to take out that flight, 
little people on their own world. Steve has no right to tell Dan how to play 
this one but the two both agree to stay this way in order for the others to 
never reach the planet of  the Giants. A passerby affords Dan and Steve time 
to run away into an old water drain. Thorg and Berna on the ground, pretend 
they are looking for Berna's "lost" jewelry. When the man walks off, Thorg 
pokes inside the water drain using a branch. Dan and Steve get behind a 
boulder in the drain. Thorg shrinks himself down to their size along with 
Berna. The pair search the drains but the two pilots hide. Thorg and Berna 
leave, determined to find two other pilots to take the flight out. Berna 
feared some higher authority which would punish them if they failed, "Do you 
know what will happen to us if we fail?"  "I know," Thorg answers. Dan and 
Steve, still shrunken people, return to the VIP room since if all Thorg and 
Berna have to do is get two other men to take out the flight, that changes 
things. Dan and Steve cannot just hide out now. Mark Wilson, in full suit, 
jacket, and tie badgers Collier, threatening to buy the airport. Dan and 
Steve try to make contact with Mark but he thinks he's flipped out. Betty 
gets Mark a drink of after but drinks it herself when Mark threatens her job. 
Fitzhugh, in full Navy outfit with hat and jacket, arrives. Miss Scott's 
secretary, Miss Smith arrives. Thorg and Berna return and lie their way into 
the VIP room. Collier announces pilots from the Calcutta run will fly the 
flight's ship. Val arrives in mink coat, pink dress, and an attitude. She 
plops down to a seat. Dan trusts Steve and they reveal themselves to the 
strange Thorg and Berna. Thorg gives them pills to swallow and this will make 
them grow up to their normal size. To do this, Thorg has to use the STM to 
time freeze Val, Mark, and Fitzhugh. Thorg watches as they grow up to size( 
"It worked" Steve says and Thorg replies, "Better than you realize."). Thorg 
tells them that the pills will make them forget all about the future--and 
make them as they were on the day of  the crash. 
Act Four
Thorg and Berna leave with Berna happily wishing them, "A good flight," and 
laughing. Dan and Steve try to get the others not to take the flight out. 
Steve writes himself a note on the 10-6 form and puts it in his pocket. The 
pilots try Mark first. He tells them, "If you knew me at all you wouldn't 
try."  Dan adds, "You got a point there."  Betty finds Chipper and brings an 
unseen Barry (a stand in whose face we do not see) in. Next, the pilots try 
to convince Valerie who, at first, welcomes them, "You know my name, how 
nice."   Steve corrects himself, "Sorry, Miss Scott."    "I prefer Valerie," 
she smiles. Her smiles end when they explain to her about not taking the 
flight. "Captain Burton, nobody tells me what I can or cannot do," she says. 
She is also flippant and almost glad to be on an adventure to see a place she 
never has before. Fitzhugh also wants to go on the flight, even more so when 
he learns the ship crash will not kill all of them but maroon them---away 
from the law of Earth. The pilots try another way: they put copper into the 
fuel oil, with Dan jittery about doing this. He wouldn't want to do anything 
that could cause a crash or a fire. Steve tells him the ground crew will spot 
this: it's one of the most routine things in  preflight checks. This will 
prevent al ships from lifting off. Fitzhugh takes a sandwich from his 
suitcase while Chipper gets a 5000 dollar bill. Fitzhugh gives the dog a 
sandwich to get the money back, "A 5000 dollar sandwich."  Collier learns 
about the Shamrock ship oil supply being sabotaged...the Shamrock was the 
ship for Flight 6-12. Collier manages to get a smaller ship--the Spindrift 
which is in repair at Hanger C-the repair hanger. All the other passengers 
were called already about the cancellation. Dan and Steve overhear that 
Spindrift is in Hanger C. They go to it and inside the fuel room of the 
Spindrift, they plan to sever the fuel induction line. Suddenly, the pair of 
them forget why they are there. Steve's note doesn't help. The flight goes on 
with Collier and Betty confused when Steve and Dan came back just as news 
came that the Calcutta pilots were delayed by rocket failure. The Calcutta 
pilots were not going to be able to take out the flight. Now Steve and Dan 
can. The flight goes on as planned. Spindrift is sucked into the space time 
warp. Betty comes into the cabin as she, Dan, and Steve see the green sizzle 
effect at the window. Betty admits she is scared...
Years later, one morning, on the planet of the land of the giants, in the 
forest, Dan catches up to Steve, who left camp suddenly. They compare dreams 
they had about their trip into the land of the giants with the crash a part 
of their dream. Not remembering the truth--that the dream was real---Dan 
returns back to camp, thinking the dream was pretty wild. Steve finds his 
note again and recalls what happened. He knows it was real, not just a dream. 
He crumbles up the paper and walks off into the vast the camera 
pulls out...
REVIEW: A good idea by Welch, who once wrote another version of THE CRASH 
(with astronauts meeting a woman and other men, Earth-sized who lived on the 
giant planet and were invaded by giants). One real flaw of WILD JOURNEY is 
what happened to the 1983 Steve and Dan who were there before the present 
WILD JOURNEY Steve and Dan arrived? It just didn't make much sense when you 
think about it. Were there two Steve and Dan's running around? Did they just 
enter their own bodies? Dern was low key here but multidimensional and he was 
fairly serious about doing this part it seems. He was, it was reported, 
serious about his part, and used time to study for it. This shows since he 
was subtle and menacing more so than just being a usual villain. Yvonne Craig 
had a different personality imbibed into Berna. Berna is made to be bubbly 
and happy...while getting her own way. Both she and Dern are an asset to this 
episode. The main problem, if it is a problem, is that we are told very 
little about Thorg and Berna. Are they aliens? Are they time travelers? Are 
they both? Are they from Earth in the future? We are not told. Sometimes this 
works--it gives a mystery to the antagonists. I am not sure about how it 
works here. It does not draw away from the rest of the episode but makes 
Thorg and Berna  very strange.They apparently had some rules they had to 
abide by and feared a greater authority if they messed up. They also could 
not mess up history and time. They didn't seem to be totally evil, if evil at 
all. They didn't want damage to the universe and wanted to prevent anything 
terrible from happening to it. In many respects they are not "bad guys."  
This episode is very similar to another William Welch script--TIME MERCHANT 
for LOST IN SPACE--which had the same premise and the same flaws. This script 
had Thorg turn Giant--giant even to the giant SID man---to scare the SID 
away. Collier was a man in the original script. Thorg first appears as a 
regular giant. Credit is due to the regular cast---Lund, Matheson, and 
Kaszner especially had the most difficult job. They had to portray their 
characters as they were in 1983 before THE CRASH. Lund is fine, making 
Valerie unchanged by the survival aspect since she has not yet gone through 
the adventures which would change Valerie from a snobby jet setter to a 
valued team member of the Spindrift group. All seven characters changed due 
to their encounters with the planet and each other. This episode gives us a 
look at how they were before that in comparison to the more recent episodes. 
It was too bad we were not given a better look at the other spaceships or a 
very good look at the entire airport. It would have been nice to have seen 
the other ships, which were larger than Spindrift (a fan once made drafts of 
interior and exterior Spindrift type spaceships). We only hear the other 
planes at the airport. The least we could have seen was Spindrift on the 
launch pad or the hanger. Alas, the budget didn't seem to allow for any of 
that. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, cable network in America---USA---ran 
this episode with the end scene of Steve walking away in the jungle---freeze 
framed. This gave the episode a final episode feel to it. IN this episode in 
its original form that was not there. What was there were a freeze frame in 
the prolog just before the theme song and also in the Act One titles (just 
after the theme song and commercials). This episode was offbeat enough to be 


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