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JOE 90


All of these are in full color. The artwork is some of the best ever for LAND OF THE GIANTS, much better than the art for the Gold Key comics and the British annuals and TV COMIC. The characters are intact and the Spindrift looks great! Most like the TV show. Every Wednesday a new issue. Two pages each week devoted to LAND OF THE GIANTS which seems to be one of the only shows in full color (although STAR TREK had one color issue on its two pages). Clearly in England, LOG was most popular! 


 No. 11 March 29, 1969

Steve and Mark have been accidentally loaded aboard a giant helicopter with a store of isotopes. They decide to crash the aircraft over the wood where their spaceship is out of action. NEXT WEEK: RESCUE BID. Full color.


No.12 April 5, 1969

RESCUE BID-The copter down and on fire thanks to its fuel tank exploding, Mark worries about the out of action pilot. They cannot leave him. Betty hands Dan the first aid kit when he leaves to help the two men. Soon the others arrive with the trolley to save the isotopes. Steve uses smelling salts to wake the downed pilot up and the giant gets away. The little people find themselves caught between the fire and firemen...


No. 13 April 12, 1969

A blast of water hits the little people and carries them through the flames to the other side of the copter. Steve’s jacket is ripped at the left arm and down the side. Mark has his black jacket on. Betty wears full stewardess outfit. Fitz has his tie on. At the ship, Mark dons a radioactive suit and from above the canister of isotope, checks the isotope. Gas comes out from the canister and swirls around Barry and Valerie...


No.14 April 19,1969

The giant airman Plessey told Steve and Mark the canister was an isotope store but he didn’t know about the gas. The crystals solidify. Dan calls Mark into the ship where the downed Barry and Valerie have solidifying gas spots on their faces. Fitz suggests they get help from the giant hospital on the edge of the wood. They take Val and Barry who are laid in the trolley on a makeshift bed as in a container. A boy on a cycle hits the trolley but no one is harmed. The newsboy, on his bicycle, rides away. But he dropped a paper which Steve sees says REWARD! LITTLE PEOPLE MUST BE FOUND. Many sightings of tiny visitors alarm people.  Who are they?


No.15-April 26,1969

The gang reaches the hospital and contact a Dr. Jacobs. He tells them a new germ gas effected the pair. He will help them but tells them he will have to hand them over to the authorities afterward. Mark and Steve agree that they have to go along with this. 2 G-men-giants with machine guns manhandle Jacobs away...they have a patient for him to treat...


No.16-May 3, 1969

Steve contacts Dan who is outside the hospital with the girls and Fitz. Dan uses a nail to put a hole in the fuel tank  of the kidnappers’ red car. Mark and Steve hide Val and Barry, who have only 24 more hours before they die, in a file box on the desk of  Doctor Jacobs. Steve orders Fitz to stay behind with Betty while he, Dan, and Mark follow the trail of petrol leaking from the car. After two hours, the car runs out of fuel and the crooks take Jacobs into a great estate, watched by the three Earth men who climbed a hill and went into a tree over the heads of the giants. Mark gets zapped by an electric wire fence around the estate. They go through the mesh without touching it but giant dog towers over them...unseen as yet by the three Earthlings...



No. 17-May 1969

Inside the house, another giant named Domino, who seems in charge and is bearded, tells Jacobs that he must help their dying accomplice Luigi. Steve breaks a light bulb to cause a diversion. Mark and Dan manage to call the police while Steve shows himself to the giants in an effort to cause a diversion...


No. 18-May 17, 1969

Steve uses broken glass to wound a giant reaching for him. He ducks behind furniture while Dan and Mark continue to try to make the phone call on a red phone. Domino reaches under the furniture and snatches up Steve in his fist. He uses a gun on Steve, threatening to shoot Steve if  Doctor Jacobs does not save Luigi. Jacobs agrees and must set up the kitchen to save Luigi. In the hall, the two giant G Men spot Mark and Dan near the phone...the giants move in, Dan spots the danger but too late...the giants wonder who the little people have been calling...


No.19 and No.20--

Dr. Jacobs, Mark and Steve (the recap in  issue 21 forgot to mention Dan also) escape from the gangsters’ house in a police car...a giant nurse discovers the unconscious Valerie and Barry in the drawer of the file box...


No.21-June 7, 1969

Jacobs puts the nurse off by telling her they are models and he sculpts as a hobby. Jacobs tells the others that the Government Lab has an antidote to this gas that effected Val and Barry. The doctor tells his nurse that the police can have their own car back. He uses his car to transport everyone and has Val and Barry in his medical bag. They  go to the lab. The drug they want is 4Z8000 and one tablet will do. With ten hours left, the others sneak into the vent of the building to get to the drug store (?) within. Betty tells Fitz that giants can’t see the dirt in the corners like they can when Fitz complains about the filthy areas of the lab. Two hours pass with a quarter of the drug store searched...Steve passes bottles with code numbers 4----4K1071 and 4K207 and others. By mistake, Steve knocks into a container that falls toward Betty and Fitz...almost hitting them. The giant, who was working with his back to them the entire time (!) turns to look their way. Fitz leads Betty into a hole in the wood on the wall. Fitz starts complaining, “This is disgraceful..mouse holes in a scientific establishment...if it was up to me, I’d...”    Behind him is a scuffling mouse...a giant mouse...Fitz and Betty turn towards it!



No.22 June 14, 1969

Betty and Fitz flee the hole chased by the mouse. To knock out the waiting giant scientist outside, Steve pushes a bottle of chloroform to the floor from a shelf. Dan takes a flying kick at an aerosol can and spray the mouse, which retreats to his hole. Dan is knocked out from the fumes. Mark finds 4Z8000 near 4X60. An hour later the gang leave the  vent, pulling a sleeping Dan. Jacobs crushes the tablet and forces the powder between the lips of Barry and Valerie (!).  Instead of turning them in, Jacobs brings the seven to the trolley and lets them go. Steve thanks him and hopes some day they can return the favor.


No.23 June 21, 1969    

FULL COLOR COVER! On it a giant sheep near  a wire fence and the wood of a post is cracking, the top of it flying toward Steve and a downed Fitzhugh! “Constantly looking for things to make their enforced stay in the land of the giants more bearable, the crew and passengersof the crashed spaceship Spendthrift (okay that’s the wrong name of the ship Spindrift) search the forest which has become their territory. The days are growing colder as Fitzhugh and Barry go hunting...”

Barry wears a greenish jacket over his yellow shirt. He finds a wire fence of giant sheep; Fitz thinks of lamb chop while Barry thinks of warm blankets. The pair return to camp to report this and the men and Barry gather round to obtain the wool caught on the fence. Fleeing one close by sheep, Fitz falls and has to be saved by Steve as the wood post on the fence cracks and heads at them. Fitz has fainted. Returning to the ship, the girls come out. Betty tells Steve the ship’s instruments are jumping like fury and Val tells them the geiger counter sounds like its going to explode. Mark figures the DVE on the wool is radioactive, the farmer must use a low yield radium in the die so they can trace the animals with instruments. Steve wonders if it can be used to get the ship moving again. Mark tells him one pint of that stuff will get Spendthrift (Spindrift) to the other side of the universe. Leaving Fitz to recover and the others to help Mark build a liquid fuel system into the ship’s reactor motors, Steve and Dan set out for the farm. Four hours later, Steve and Dan find the sheep gone and Dan finds out why: near them is agiant brute of a bull...


No.24 June 28, 1969

FULL COLOR COVER: A DANGEROUS MOMENT FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE IN LAND OF THE GIANTS. On the cover--- a Fall season scene as a giant bull has speared Spindrift between its horns while the girls, Mark in jacket, Fitz with tie, and Barry in blue-green jacket and yellow shirt, all flee.  Dan and Steve take cover in a soup can but the bull’s hoof hits it and they go flying. The bull breaks throught the fence and heads right for the spaceship. Steve warns them. The girls keep watch. Dan and Steve pass a stem with a giant ladybug on it. Fitz has recovered and helps Mark convert the the motors of liquid fuel. Fitz feeds in tubing, complaing a bit. Chipper barks warnings to Barry and the girls as a rumbling sound heralds the arrival of the bull which spears the ship on its horns and leaves. Mark and Fitz with the girls, Chipper and Barry escaped before that but..the bull heads at Dan and Steve. Mark warns them via walkie talkie. Steve says, “Dan, without that spaceship, we’re doomed to spend the rest of our lives on this planet!”


No. 25 July 5, 1969

On the color cover: a giant farm tractor bulldozer chases a tiny Dan and Steve!!! DAN AND STEVE RUN FOR THEIR LIVES...READ THIS WEEK’S LAND OF THE GIANTS! Dan and Steve lose the bull and Steve calls Mark to start a systematic search of the farm. Dan and Steve flee a tractor. Searching near a hay stack, the others hear a noise and are afraid but giant rabbits run out of it, making all but Fitz laugh. Fitz scratches his head while they laugh, Mark commenting that next they will be afraid of their own shadows. Steve and Dan clear a ploughed field which was like climbing mountain range--even to Dan but they cannot rest. Near a giant farmhouse, the bull dislodges the ship. Steve sees it and feels their luck has changed. Okay now the incredible part: Steve and Dan start to pull the spaceship using the knotted the rope attached to one of its many newly made holes! Two giant feet tower behind them, unseen by the pair...


No. 26-July 1969

Farmer Charlie find the spaceship and he and his wife want the reward money. Steve and Dan just escape from capture. A farmhand named Sam appears with a double barreled rifle, finding out about the spaceship. He’s already called the sheriff and wants the couple to put the ship on their doorstep so he can claim the reward...a fued has begun...Steve says, “That’s all we need--a fued on top of our troubles...”  


No.27-July 19, 1969

Opening a window, Charlie’s wife drops a tea pot ontop of Sam’s head. Charlie flees the house to hide the spaceship until he’s done a deal with the authorities. Hiding in the remains of the pot, Steve and Dan cannot find where he hid the ship but on his return, they see straw caught on the giant’s boots with the mud and figure he hid the ship near or in the barn. In the barn are giant hens, roosters, and well the containers of radium dye. Steve calls Mark, who tells him that he and the others are on the hill above the house and should be with them in an hour. As they talk, Mark comments he hears a strong wind. Unknown to him, both men are unconscious with a giant rooster standing over their prone bodies! NEXT WEEK! DANGER LURKS AHEAD!


No. 31-August 16, 1969

Cover of a giant truck made of mostly wood and metal that reads J. Hanson on the side. Below are the male members of Spindrift. One morning a road through the forest holds a giant truck of Whole J.Hanson Provisions which has broken down. Barry and Chipper find a giant wrench and screwdriver and the truck. They report back. Barry tells them that there are crates of all kinds of food on the back of the truck. Dan agrees with Steve about getting food, “We’d better try, Skipper. Winter will be here soon and we’ve got to lay in a supply of food.”  The male members go the truck, Steve telling Barry it’s his action, he’d better come too. Mark is wearing a green jacket under his black vest. He and Fitz get under the tailboard while Steve and Dan make their way aboard. On the back, getting up using the tail pipe, Steve and Dan find full fat cheese, peanut butter or butter, bacon, yogurt which Fitz gets and starts to roll away once they drop it down to him. Fitz warns the two men on the back of the truck that the men have fixed it. Fitz suggests they block the exhaust and the lorry won’t start. “For once, you’ve come up with a good idea, Fitzhugh! Grab grass down there and hurry.”  Barry tells Mark to lift him on his shoulders--he’s small enough to crawl down the exaust (exhaust) and shove the grass deep. Barry jams it nice and tight but the men are finished now...and Charlie tells the driver to see how it runs. NOTE: the driver’s wheel is on the right side of the truck as it is in England, not USA or on the TV show.


OTHER JOE 90 details:


THE JOE 90 STORIES-THE LAND OF THE GIANTS--ALTERNATE UNIVERSE--Oct. 18th, 1983--Dan, Mark, Steve, and Barry encounter a boy and his dog--and toys, Barry teases Steve about being much older, Barry is a teenager in this alternate universe; AIRFORCED-Steve and Mark seek uranium fuel and reach an airforce base--after being captured by a giant who is captured, deciding to enlist the help of an imprisoned giant, fight off a spider, they also take a wild ride in a helicopter, NOTE: There were 34 weekly issues of Joe 90 that had LAND OF THE GIANTS tales in them and there were also some Joe 90 Yearbook Annuals with GIANT tales in them. The little people (in the weekly series of Joe 90s) battled through snowdrifts, thunderstorms, and are caught by every conceivable type of giant from the friendly to the not so friendly. Soldiers, fishermen, gangsters, farmhands, and the police all feature prominently as adversaries, and giant animals also appear: a bull, a weasel, dogs, rats, and others.   


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