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VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-Escape from Venice, Left Handed Man, Deadliest Game, Leviathan

Chase - Posted on 04 September 2009


Writer-Charles Bennett

Dir-Alex March

Music-Nelson Riddle



Crane and Alicia, a female agent are in a gondola in Venice, Italy. She sings Crane a song with lots of LaLas. Then he sings it--it is a message which will decode Dr. Leonetti's tapes which explain a defense against the ultimate weapon. Leonetti, Crane calls Seaview and tells them, is dead. His body was fished out from under a canal--and they are calling it suicide. A young sandy haired man is in the radio shack aboard Seaview, not Sparks. If the song is put through the computer, sonically, it will decode the tapes. As Alicia begins to sing it over the radio to Seaview--the gondolier, an enemy agent, stabs her in the back through the curtain. She gives Crane the key and address to the safe house and dies. Crane fights the killer but falls overboard in the fight. The killer calls for help in Italian.


Act One

Crane swims to the dock but police begin to shoot at him and hit him in the shoulder. The gondolier told police Crane killed the woman. A Miss Hale of Communications at Nelson Institute of Marine Biology calls and is unscrambled with that same annoying squeal used in other episodes. She asks if they can get Lee...uh, Capt. Crane out. Nelson will go in openly and take Stu Riley with him. He needs someone who can write music---Nelson tells Chip he might have known it was Riley. Chip tells Nelson it's that surfer stuff. Hale tells them about the enemy agent leader in Venice--a Count Staglione, aka Ferdie. The Flying Sub leaves with Riley, Sharkey, and Nelson, Chip watching it go up past the window. Nelson comments that, "Venice...the only modern city that can be totally cut off from the outside world, Lee's trapped, framed, and holed up, trapped but where? There are over a hundred different canals and one thousand alleyways." Flying Sub goes beyond the island and stays submerged. We see some nice stock shots of Venice during this entire episode. Mostly used for establishing shots which is fine. At an open cafe, Ferdie, the Count, asks Antonio, a waiter the price of his meal. The waiter is informing him about Nelson. Nelson and Juliette, a blond girl come to the cafe and the girl introduces him to Ferdie who owns a casino. Nelson orders rum and soda (?). The Italian atmosphere is very good here with accordion type music playing and the accents are excellent. The whole set is great...cleverly disguised, it is really the Seaview dock once again posing as a foreign street! It was also used in THE TIME TUNNEL-RAIDERS FROM OUTER SPACE! Crane reaches for the safe house address and key but is stopped by a policeman. He and the cop fight underwater; the cop takes out a knife when his gun is lost. Crane chokes the cop and lets him go--apparently the cop is dead. Enemy agent? Probably. Chip sees a newscast which is said by the same man who gave the President the news that the Jupiter II was lost in space in the LOST IN SPACE-THE RELUCTANT STOWAWAY. Crane is being hunted as the killer of the girl--whom they say is an American tourist. Nelson, Riley, and Sharkey are set up in a posh hotel while Riley listens to what he calls the Venetian "fuzz."  Nelson tells Sharkey he knew Julietta was an enemy agent on the prowl for him. The Count, Sharkey warns, is dangerous--Nelson tells him no more than a cornered cobra. Outside, the real killer has climbed onto their balcony and takes out his knife! Sharkey and Riley hide by the corners of the window.


Act Two

The killer comes in for Nelson and is about to throw his knife but is stopped by Riley and Sharkey. Nelson finds the poison knife, the same kind that killed Alicia. Nelson orders Sharkey to let him go before he kills him himself. The killer leaves and Nelson allays Sharkey's confusion by sending Sharkey to follow the killer. Julietta reports to the Count about the search for Crane. Crane finds the address--64 Pala Lombardo street. Sharkey follows the killer to a Farmcia near a gambling casino. He calls Nelson using the cigarette case. Crane goes to Giuseppe Bellini's Antiquaries where the man wants to kick Crane out, accidentally grabbing Crane's wounded arm. Bellini is paid by American Intelligence to be an informer and a drop but not as a hideout Bellini argues. He is just a simple shopkeeper...who wants money promised him if he is to help. Crane wants to call Nelson who is at the hotel Dandello (phone number MAR-6294). The Count's people get the message. Bellini hangs up when it takes too long--the enemies will trace the call. Crane asks for a musician who can write music. Bellini will provide who is only a player...and cannot speak American. Crane passes out before the man arrives. In the casino, Nelson meets Miss Betty Harmon, a school teacher from Ohio. She wins at the tables and Nelson says Dulche Vita. Nelson plants a bug on the table. The Count comes by and they talk, the Count telling Nelson thus far, "You've been extraordinarily lucky, Admiral, so far."   Crane doesn't want to trust the musician but has to. Julietta comes into the store. Night--monitoring the radio, Riley hears the musician outside playing below the balcony of the hotel. The man plays the song Alicia was beginning when she died. A knife hits the man in the back and he falls into the water, dead!


Act Three

Crane abducts Harmon on the street at night, he saw her leave the casino with Nelson. He convinces her to help him. She tells him she cannot sing--she is tone deaf. Nelson is at the open cafe the next morning when Harmon comes to him with a store bought bird, one she thought was a stork. She tells him that the storeman told her it was a CRANE. It's left wing is damaged. This is the code to let him know about Crane and where Crane is: 64 Calla Del Lombardo. A customer--a man sitting at the table near them, follows Harmon when she leaves. Nelson contacts Chip who wonders if he can trust Betty; Nelson answers, "With my life."  The Count has her and questions her. He makes the customer (an actor is credited as Croupier--is he the customer?) inject her with an MI syoxidine--a truth serum. Riley hears her and gives the bug pickup to Nelson--who hears her spilling it all. Nelson contacts Seaview. Riley is to go to Crane at the safe house. The killer gets there first, backed by three men, "Bueno Sierra Capt. Crane, we've been searching all over Venice for you."


Act Four

Crane distracts the killers and tosses all the vases at them as well as a table. Riley finds the fight in progress and helps Crane out. Crane helps Riley out also when he gets into trouble and is almost killed by the killer. Bellini apparently gets away. Nelson and Sharkey sneak into the casino at night where Sharkey tells Nelson he can rig the casino roulette wheel, "I had a rich and full childhood."  Sharkey doesn't even need a light to do it. The wheel is rigged to stop on zero and trigger a smoke bomb. The pair of them are caught by the Count, Julietta, the customer, and two other men. Julietta opens a secret door and behind it is the tied up Harmon, Crane, and Riley. the two men seem to have been beaten up, their shirts ripped. Riley tells Nelson he and Crane clobbered em at Bellini's but when they left the store...the ran into a whole flock of em--"wipeout."  Crane is not in the mood to sing for the Count. The Count will use the truth serum on him and then they will all die. Nelson asks the Count for one last request. When the Count inquires as to why he should permit it, Nelson tells him because he is a gambling man and the condemned man has luck. Nelson wants one turn of the wheel. Nelson picks and gets the number zero. The smoke bomb goes off; Crane and Nelson free Harmon. Sharkey and Riley fight the men down and run out. The Count takes aim with a gun as Nelson, Betty, and Crane run out the door but gets in the way of the killer gondolier's knife...which is shot out of the handle into the Count's back.



Lola Hale calls Seaview. I love how her eyes react to Crane's wise guy comments (similar to how Katie's did in TIME BOMB). Crane wants to sing for her and she wonders if his arm is in a sling due to a music critic. His singing is pretty bad. He sings the tune and the Seaview sails on.


NOTES: Nelson Riddle's tunes for this one include a melody version of the LaLa song in several scenes, most notably the ending tune but appearing throughout. The dock sequences are well filmed as are most of the underwater scenes in this season (TIME BOMB, LEVIATHAN, and others). Another great episode from this season, which when good, was much better than the first season segments in many ways. Yet, this one is also very violent. The Venice atmosphere was well handled.    












Writer-William Welch

Dir-Jerry Hopper

Music-Leith Stevens



A man, a passenger in a private jet, tells another to parachute out on a mission: one of death. At the Nelson Marine Institute of Research in Santa Barbara it is night as Joseph Cabrillo of Naval Intelligence, meets Nelson outside his bungalow and tells him that George W. Penfield must not become Secretary of Defense--someone the President himself chose. Someone with a matchbook will contact him. Nelson goes inside and the parachuter removes his glove--a fake right hand and arm--which fires a poison dart into the agent and kills him. 


Act One

The Washington Gazette mentions Penfield's appointment ready to be approved by the Senate. Crane takes Penfield out in the Flying Sub after an extended countdown. They see mantas. The ladder to the Flying Sub is caged up to the left, not the right which would be the usual later on. Crane mentions the Flying Sub can fly at supersonic speed. Sharkey asks Chip about why they have a civilian up in the top secret Flying Sub--he thought all their gear was hush hush. Chip wonders why Sharkey doesn't know Penfield; then Sharkey asks Ski about Penfield, then acts like he knew all about Penfield to begin with. Angie, Nelson's secretary, is given a matchbook by a blond woman; Angie calls the code room after presenting her to Nelson. The girl is Tippi Penfield, the daughter of the humanitarian and she needs Nelson, a man who would do anything to protect his country (Nelson says thank you to this). Nelson can't prove anything against Penfield to the Senate. Tippi takes Nelson to the Wide Globe Travel Agency in Los Angeles for evidence. The Left Handed Man has already killed the travel agent and sets the place on fire. When they surprise him, he takes aim at Nelson and Tippi.


Act Two

The pair avoid his darts but he knocks Nelson down and drops a shelf of brochures on him. He leaves. Nelson takes a dart out of the travel agent's neck. Tippi gets the evidence out of what appears to be a safe in the wall behind a picture. They leave. On the film Tippi took when on a weekend visit to Noah Grafton's mansion with her father, they see Penfield and Grafton shaking hands and drooling over a large model of the Flying Sub! Grafton is the richest and most hated man in the US--he favors the Iron Curtain countries and denounces the US and democracy every chance he gets. Penfield has charmed the Seaview crew (including three unknown, unnamed officers) and tells tales of his adventures including one time on Chesapeake Bay. Ski calls Lee to Nelson's cabin to pick up a message on the Vidphone. Nelson tells Crane to keep Penfield off the Flying Sub. Lee likes Penfield--he's a fine gentleman. Nelson tells Lee not to let him see any more top security equipment and to keep radio silence. The man that was found outside Nelson's home was an OSI agent. Nelson will testify in front of the Senate. Angie puts the dart in a wall safe. The NY Star reports about Nelson's position. A newscaster reports that this is the first time the retired Admiral Nelson has taken a political stand. Crane wonders what has got into Nelson as well. Nelson and Angie talk about Grafton, she calling him a crackpot--why were the two men together. Angie jokes that maybe they grew up together. Grafton's estate in is East New Mexico. Seaview touches port. Penfield tells Crane and the crew he has the hide of a rhino--he has to in order to be in politics--he and the others have heard reports about Nelson's position. Nelson smokes (yuckie) as he talks to Grafton on the vidphone. Grafton says Nelson has made a mistake that he will live to regret and that he never met Penfield. The left handed man hides in a car at NIMR, climbs up to Nelson's office and points his arm gun through the window at the typing Angie's back!   


Act Three

Angie sees the killer in a mirror and hits the floor as he fires. She screams, bringing Nelson in. The killer gets away. Nelson finds the dart. The Left Handed Man falls and trips in what seems to be an unplanned fall and trip--a flub? He steals a jeep the guards have left their keys in (real smart). There is a jeep chase around NIMR but the killer hides the jeep and then himself. Nelson is going to Washington DC in the morning--his career may be over if he loses in front of the Senate. Fred Lasher, a White House assistant, calls on the Vid Phone--we hear him but don't see him. Public opinion, he reports, is anti Nelson and pro Penfield. Nelson will spend the night on Seaview with heavy guard; he dismisses Angie for the night but Tippi is waiting and kisses Nelson, asking him to call off the hearing. She amazes him. She warns him twice to stay alive. The killer comes out of hiding to Dock A and gets into Seaview's conning tower and control room where he kills a security guard with a dart. He runs down a ladder where Ski fights him, saving Sharkey. The killer is captured.


Act Four

The next morning, Ski and Crane get Nelson to his shuttle car to the plane with the Left Handed Man in tow. They left through the private airline exit at LA Int Airport. On the plane, Nelson and Ski find themselves locked in and the only passengers aboard. Tippi is their stewardess on this private jet of Grafton's. She got word to her father who will see to it that nothing will befall them. Angie gets word to Lee about Nelson's disappearance and they figure the plane's is Grafton's. Chip, not being nosy, gets orders from Crane. He, Crane, Sharkey, and another crewman are in the Flying Sub soon enough. Sharkey and the crewman are both standing up despite the one chair behind them. Grafton tells Nelson he made Penfield, pulls his strings, created him. He was a mediocre man before that but Grafton made him into a leader. Grafton controls the US's best loved citizen. Flying Sub flies over hills and will set down as near to the house as it can, not on the airfield. Grafton is planning a plane crash with a drone pilot (no real pilot on board)--the bodies of Nelson and Kowalski will be on it. He orders the Left Handed Man to kill them now. Crane comes in; Chip tosses a gas bomb; Penfield is shot by accident; and a huge fight breaks out. Chip punches a man off a ledge. The Left Handed Man aims for Nelson but kills Grafton by mistake--then takes aim again. Nelson jumps him and flips him over.



The Citizen Tribune reports of Penfield's death. There was not a word about what the man was really about--not a hint of what he really was. Nelson notes that Grafton's death was buried on page three...crowded off the front page by the man he created.


NOTE: Extended Flying Sub sequences make this one very fun but the involved and involving story and even the characters make this a good episode. Angie should have had a last name and should have been a regular or semi regular--perhaps aboard Seaview as Nelson has a secretary on the Seaview in the movie VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA. Fred Crane as Lasher or rather his voice was not credited. Also, there may have been a scene deleted where Nelson finds the body of Cabrillo.




































Writer-Rik Vollaerts

Dir-Sobey Martin



General Hobson, owner of Grosvenor Dynamics Firm is on Seaview with Nelson when they get a call from Crane and the President in the diving bell. Crane and the President, with the Chiefs of Staff, arrive via bell to Deep Center--a giant boulder opening up to allow them inside. En route, the President asks about a poker game. No attack can touch the President in Deep Center. To a party of officials from the Pentagon, Crane mentions it is July 14th, 1978. When he demonstrates Deep Center's controls, a panel sparks and a fire starts!


Act One

Nelson uses Seaview on the bottom while divers search and find a cable which can help them contact Deep Center and the Pentagon if need be. Nelson doesn't want to alarm the Pentagon just yet. Hobson wants to contact them. They manage to get Deep Center on the screen. Hobson's company installed the nuclear reactor in Deep Center and Nelson designed it. The manual reactor controls are locked, the electronic functions are jammed by some high intensity radio beam. General (how'd HE get to be a general?) Reed Micheals is concerned--who is the attack coming from? Hobson tells Nelson and the others they know very well from whom. "Our nation will be wiped out by we know who."  Seaview tracks the beam. Nelson tells Crane to go into the reactor and move the dampening rods by hand. Crane in a protective suit goes into the Nuclear Reactor--the outside of which looks just like the set from the movie VOYAGE; the latter interior room is a lot like the later reactor room used in season three and four (notably in DAY OF EVIL). Crane and two men in radiation suits try but the lock is frozen. In the smaller room, someone blows up the Reactor Fusing Circuitry--we see smoke and sparks but no explosive sound accompanies this. Sparks gets the radio beam--32-108-24-16 and the beam is constantly changing frequencies using 6 different wavelengths--the same amount used for Deep Center. Crane and the men get out; Crane spots the sabotage and reports this to the President who says, "Do we ever know a man really well?" when asked about those with him. Crane takes precautions and puts a guard on the President and declares the main room out of bounds. Crane suggests dumping the fuel; Nelson doubts that will work. The President reappoints General Hobson as his Chief of Staff to the Vice President, admitting Hobson is good in times of war, even if he doesn't agree with everything Hobson does. General Micheals doesn't think that is a good idea. The President retired Hobson--who was a five star general at one time and there wasn't such a furor since the MacArthur incident in the 1950s. Hobson smokes (uh-oh, he must be evil). Nelson is told by Hobson that we are at war. Hobson says an all out nuclear attack is what he would begin right now as he, Chip, and Nelson talk in Nelson's cabin. Nelson answers, "Thank Heaven you don't have that power."  Hobson says, "When the President and the Chief of Staffs are'll see."  

Act Two

Waymouth, Virginia is where the beam is coming from. Chip knows of it--he used to play football against the college there. It is a small college town. Nelson knows of it also. Chip suggests that since it is a small town and everyone knows everyone, perhaps this plot was masterminded and implemented a long time ago. Hobson wants to get his staff together. Nelson doesn't tell him they found out where the beam came from--he tells Chip there is no need for Hobson to know yet. He does tell the President and Crane. The President accepts Nelson's judgement not to tell Hobson yet. The beam strikes Seaview. A man with a sailor hat on and carrying a food tray falls (this is from the movie version of VOYAGE or the first episode or both!). Seaview is out of control. We see four windows, two windows, eight windows! Hobson, flown via Flying Sub, to the Pentagon, calls Nelson on the screen after a scramble. Nelson won't tell Hobson the coordinates of the target, avoiding it in their conversation but Hobson's already picked it up. He will meet Nelson at Dolan Air Force Base. Nelson tells Chip they must change their plans. They go up to his cabin. Chip will wait one mile off shore. Nelson suspects Hobson and tells Chip if he has to--use the red dog code to tell the President or Vice President. In civilian clothes, Sharkey, Nelson, and Kowalski fly in the Flying Sub, soon they meet Hobson in a hotel. Hobson doesn't want to contact the President. Nelson uses the code Badger to Sea Dog (Chip being Sea Dog). Chip uses the code White Horse Complex. Chip calls the President warning him about Hobson using the code Man on Horseback. Crane finds it hard to believe--he admired Hobson. President has to decide which it is: an enemy attack from outside or Hobson and his internal treason---if it is an attack from outside--he looks at the red phone to the Pentagon. 


Act Three

Nelson has a signal device which registers his heart beat to Sharkey. If it squeals, he is dead. Hobson returns and changes. He wants a man of action leading against the attackers. Nelson tells him this is no time for politics but gets Hobson to agree to stay at the hotel. Hobson says there will be a call for active duty soon, Seaview will be commissioned, and he acts as if the President is already dead. Nelson says, "Don't act on your plans until you know for sure that I'm dead."  When the three leave, Hobson calls using code--Number One to Dagger. The three Seaviewers drive a car to the college; Nelson overhears Hobson calling for their demise, "What men won't do for power."  They find the beam may be at the College Administration Building--the loft at the top most likely (this long shot stock shot looks like a house from PANIC in LAND OF THE GIANTS). Sharkey stays back while Nelson and Ski go past an old cannon monument. Nelson uses a bomb on a man who points a rifle at them, Ski shoots another. Another man uses gas on Ski. Nelson helps him back to Sharkey. Nelson orders Sharkey to detain Hobson. Sharkey asks if he can get tough and when Nelson tells him to, he says, "I always wanted to push around a five star general."  Hobson destroys the radio in the hotel room as Sharkey returns. He pulls a gun on Hobson who whips him down nevertheless. At dark fall, Ski uses the radiation leakage fix to find the beam again. The sets of the college are wonderful and look outdoor-like. Nelson tells him to go ahead, "I'll be right on your tail."  Going into the college bookshop or library, a woman there mistakes him for a college summer student. Nelson comes in and introduces Ski to her--Dr. Lydia Parrish, who as a physicist has done marvelous work. She helped in the construction of Deep Center. She looks at Nelson, "You always were kind."  Nelson and Ski pulls guns; Lydia pulls a ray gun device. "You always were a flatterer--you turned my head you know."  She tells them one man in Deep Center deserves to die. Since an electrical discharge is infinitely faster than a bullet, her ray gun fires and knocks both men to the floor!


Act Four

Deep Center's reactor is beyond the safety level into the danger point. In the Ward Room, Crane assembles all the men: Micheals, two Admirals, and two officers. Micheals reveals himself as the saboteur with a gun. Crane shows him how much time they have--claiming Micheals is expendable to his co-horts. Crane uses the geiger counter to show him---then tosses at the traitor and punches him down. He is taken out. An agent opens a bookcase in the college bookstore and we hear FANTASTIC VOYAGE sound effects--which after that movie were used as the Jupiter II sound effects. Lydia tells Nelson and Ski that the effects of the electric gun will soon wear off and the pain will subside. Hobson comes in and asks Nelson, "Did you enjoy playing spy?"  Lydia stops Nelson's device, making Chip think he is dead. Chip tells two Seaview officers that he will go after the beam source. Chip takes the mini sub ashore (mini sub not seen) and he is immediately attacked after removing his wet suit. He avoids the shooter but leaving the beach side forest, he runs to a gas station where he sees a sailor in a jeep getting gas. The killer shoots and Chip ducks---and the sailor is shot and killed. The gas attendant runs but Chip jumps into the jeep and rides off. When Hobson says he will be remembered as a hero, Nelson finishes Hobson's sentence, "...right up there with Benedict Arnold."  Odd that since Nelson and crew will actually meet the real Benedict Arnold in about a year and a half! Hobson leaves to return to Washington. Lydia has found another transmitter on Nelson. She opens it. Nelson waits a few seconds, then pushes Ski out of the way. A blast--a booby trap from the other device--knocks the agents and Lydia down and away. Sharkey pulls up in a jeep and sees Chip who asks about his black eye. Sharkey says, "I got a medal from a five star general."  Chip tells Sharkey the Admiral is dead and the men who killed him are in there--the book store. Sharkey rushes into the store with Chip right behind find...Nelson stopping the transmitter beam. When Crane berates himself because he feels his efforts weren't good enough, the President tells him he knows he did all he could do. Nelson and the three men from Seaview find Hobson in the hotel room trying to reach the Vice President. I wonder why Hobson returned there? He ignores them when they first barge in, telling them to go away! The President is alive and Hobson is put under arrest.



The President sends Seaview a commendation. He told Crane that a man learns a great deal sitting on top of an armed nuclear bomb for 24 hours. Nelson says, "I can think of a number of important people in this world of ours that would profit enormously from the same experience."


NOTE: VOYAGE, it seemed, could go no wrong. THE LEFT HANDED MAN, ESCAPE FROM VENICE, THE PEACEMAKER, LEVIATHAN, and THE DEADLIEST GAME all one after the other made for great action and entertainment. The second season was shaping up to be a real pleaser and the Flying Sub didn't hurt! It almost made the Mini Sub useless. This story seemed almost to make me wonder if the bad guys weren't originally supposed to be a Southern plot to take over the Union, based on a Civil War vendetta. Character interplay was fairly strong in this story and most of the tales surrounding it. One need not know all the backstory to Lydia's near fling with Nelson--if it was that--some mystery is a good thing--but it was pretty apparent that she was a well developed character (no pun intended). We also didn't need to know all about her background and history to feel her as a good character...a real person. The same can be said for almost all the guest stars in the second season.  




































Writer-William Welch

Dir-Harry Harris

Music-Alexander Courage



At an underwater sea lab the pressure outside is building due to an erupting fissure. Dr. Cara Sloan feels it is not safe for another man they are working with to go out for underwater samples. Dr. Anthony Sterling, in charge, feels it is and is thankful that he likes Cara for what she is: a woman as well as a scientist. The man goes out and is eaten by a giant swordfish.


Act One

Nelson is turning down Cara's request (a fine sales pitch Nelson tells Sterling when the man calls on the vidphone. Nelson explains there are too many requests for Seaview's facilities but Sterling tells him he has found a hole in the mantle that goes right to the core, enabling them to study the core. Nelson sets sail immediately. Stu Riley, Chief Francis Sharkey, and crewman Kowalski play cards in the Mess Hall; Sharkey is wearing his lucky shirt. Kowalski says Cara is welcome aboard; they noticed Crane eyeing up Cara; and the other two younger men make note of Sharkey's superstitious ways--the lucky shirt for example. Crane comes in to show Cara the kitchen area--the cook is not due for another hour. Cara wants a no salt diet. After they leave, Sharkey complains about her; Kowalski wins gin. Crane shows the lady the lab--which is filled with Nelson's fine equipment. Later, Cara goes to the galley and puts some powdery substance into the salt container. Men eat. Chip mentions Crane's no progress with Cara. Crane thinks all the woman wants to do is work. Later, Chip Morton calls Nelson from his lab to the control room. Riley was in the observation nose when he saw a sea serpent but sonar and radar do not verify this. Chip tells them Riley passed the sobriety test. Kowalski reports an underwater contact---a large object should be closing in on them but at the nose they see nothing. After a moment, they see a giant squid; Crane makes Seaview move back and sounds general quarters. Cara passes men in the hallways. Torpedoes are prepared. The octopus arms on the observation window clutch on. They see it but Kowalski reports no contact. After a moment, the octopus-squid is gone also. Cara seems pleased.


Act Two

Ski checks the radar and sonar--both are fine. Chip wonders if to Crane if they all need a mass eye exam. In the lab Cara notes Nelson detests what he can't explain. Nelson corrects her, "I worry about things I can't explain--those are the things that can hurt you."  Crane calls them to the control room; Nelson laughs, "Here we go again."  Same story: they have a contact but the nose is clear; also this time the cameras about the ship are also clear. Then the sail camera picks up a giant Man of War--a jellyfish. The contact vanishes as they watch the visual image. After a moment the thing on the monitor is gone. Nelson briefs about 8 to 10 officers-lookouts are put on the nose. Crane feels Nelson is holding back something and Nelson tells him he has a theory. Later, sonar bleeps. Crane wonders about the crew as he mentions, "the boy who cried wolf."  The bow lookout has a bearing 0-1-0. A giant manta ray. Crash doors are closed over the nose window but the collision that seems imminent--never happens. Sonar clear. Crane says, "That does it--we're raving mad."   Nelson laughs, "You know, Lee, you may be right."


Act Three

In the lab, Crane, Cara, and Nelson discuss the things that were never there. As they get closer to the sealab the hallucinations become more frequent. They contact Sterling who agrees with Cara--radioactive emissions or gases from the fissure may be causing hallucinations. Sharkey, in the galley, brags that he doesn't see things but Ski corrects him, "What about that 3 day binge in San Diego?"  Crane comes in and asks about the scuttlebug on the hallucinations. Sharkey explains the ship has a self contained environment--floating in pure gin wouldn't affect them. Crane thinks there might be something in their food. After he leaves, for luck, Sharkey tosses some salt over his shoulder. Chip checks out the Flying Sub. Nelson tells Cara the black jacket she must wear has a built in life jacket. Crane reports hundreds of giant blips but no visual yet. Then they see giant fish. Crane tells them he can't ignore his training--what you see is what you get. Sonar contacts are over a greater range now. Cara explains with hallucinations he cannot be logical. Flying Sub launches with Nelson and Cara aboard, goes up, and emerges from the surface into the air. On the surface they see an explosion from the fissure. The Flying Sub dives and we see the hit at the water from the inner viewport point of view. Next, giant fish pass the viewport as Cara and Nelson watch. Flying Sub docks atop the sea lab. Nelson and Cara Sloan enter...and find Tony Sterling is a giant whose head almost touches the ceiling--at least 30 feet high!


Act Four

Cara tells Nelson she caused the hallucinations since it would make the crew accept the real giant marine life forms once they arrived at the sealab area. The real emissions from the fissure cause uncontrollable growth. When Nelson moves to call Seaview to seal up the fissure, Tony uses a chair to smash the radio and knock Nelson down. Seaview swims in the contacts--giant fish, turtles, and swordfish all around. Crane says, "Let's see how real they are."  A gigantic, larger than the rest swordfish hits Seaview and it shakes. Crane gasps, "Those things out there are for real!"  A giant turtle passes by. Cara is crying when Nelson awakes. Tony got worse and grew, a horrible thing to see. Seaview gets a new contact of unbelievable size. Nelson pulls Cara, who wants to stay, through the doorway, then as he opens the hatch, Cara dashes inside the sea lab and uses a bar to lock the door. Cara tells Nelson to forget about her--she will find a way to help Sterling. Nelson won't leave without her but can't get in. He eventually leaves, telling her he is getting help and will be back. Beyond the sealab is Tony, swimming in the ocean and mutated. attacks Seaview, rising up in front of the nose section. They see his fangs and clawed hands. They fire torpedoes. Nelson sees Tony grabbing Seaview and can't read Sparks on the radio. The Seaview is thrown around. Nelson tells Sparks to have Crane bring the reactors up to full power and send a charge threw the hull.



Tony puts Seaview on the bottom. Crane orders a charge as Tony is picking up a huge boulder to smash on the sub. An electric field rises up from Seaview and hits Tony. He falls into the sealab and crushes it by accident, probably killing Cara. The fissure erupts again. Nelson takes the Flying Sub up into Seaview as it rises from the floor of the ocean. Seaview seals up the fissure. Nelson, Chip, and Crane eat. Nelson tells them Cara was in love with Sterling. Chip asks Crane for the salt, then forgets about having it as Crane tells him he likes to live dangerously. Crane, however, still uses the salt on his own food.



NOTES: An excellent story, good guest stars and performances, fast pace action at the end, and nice build up. Too bad we had to see Cara put the hallucination causing drug in the food supply--it kind of gave away that this was causing the hallucinations. Nice new music reminiscent of JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH. Very HP Lovecraftian.    






















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