Problems posting via iPhone

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DarthSkeptical - Posted on 05 September 2009

Hey Louis,

I've encountered problems today trying to post by iPhone.  No matter how much I try, tapping on a reply field never brings up the keyboard.  Thus, there seems to be no way to post by iPhone.  Am I missing a trick here?

I haven't posted anything via the iPhone in some time. I will need to check it out. It should work. 

Yep, it works. Just be sure to change the input format to HTML for the reply field otherwise as you said, the keyboard won't show up in the Rich Text editor.

I looked further into the 3rd party javascript WYSIWYG editor in use here. They don't seem interested in fixing it for the iPhone. They are blaming Apple.


Well, you can post with the iPhone, just not using the current WYSIWYG editor we have in place here, change the Input format (under the editor window) to HTML, and it should work just fine.




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Well, I suppose that'll work for some posts, but if you wanna add color or anything, you're pretty much screwed.  You also can't copy/paste and hope to retain any of the formatting; indeed, pasting text into the HTML box actively destroys the formatting.  And the HTML isn't full HTML, but a very dumbed-down version of it.  Still, nothing you can do about it, other than finding new forum software.

Have a lemon sherbet. It'll quench your thirst.

I could see if there is alternative 3rd party compatible WYSIWYG javascript editor that could be used with the iPhone. If so, that would get you similar formatting functionality.

It is not part of the forum software, but a 3rd party option, so it could be possible to use another optional one when needed for the iPhone (assuming there is a compatible option available that works with the iPhone Safari browser).

Yes, the default HTML input is a filtered one.

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