Chase - Posted on 07 September 2009

You know there might come a time when I think I won't be a Doctor Who fan, maybe. I'm just maybe getting tired of it all. I can hear everyone saying, "Hooray then he won't post any longer!" There was a time when the first series and a time when the new series both were sparking imagination, stood for differences, stood for something and meant something. They were intellectual or at least pointing the way toward intellectual. If they weren't that they, were entertaining and joyful. They were postiive and optimisitic. The Doctor sometimes traveled with more than one person and usually had at least one male companion and/or UNIT behind him and if not, then he met some really cool individuals along the way as in the Tom Baker and Peter Davison seasons. The new series reset the Doctor/one FEMALE companion but did so in style with a real world companion and her life involved. She was involving and interesting even if she were a whiner, a prat, a skank, and selfish alot of the time. And it moved, it has pace and meaning. Then the specials came and I don't need to mention those. There were companions like Leela, Romana, and Adric who were really diffrerent and pushed the envelope. Even Nyssa meant something different.

Nowadays we get routine adventures, not really funny, some of them quite dire and depressing. While this seemed to head that way it really wasn't in the end. Perhaps I"m just bored of the one Doc, one girl companion. Listening to this right after PATIENT ZERO makes me realize how generic both Lucy and Charley are. They both are practically the same person. The actresses are pretty good though and Sheridan Smith has come a long way from the horrid, HORRID Lucy Miller she portrayed when she first started and so too have the scripts.

Which leads me to this one. It is sort of another genric DW against the robots story with a few funny moments, a lot of noise, and nasty robots and a strange conclusion. I'ts not particularly funny, exciting, or thought provoking. Paul is good although some of his delivery is sort of...lacklustre as if he knew he has to say these things but...he's still good. There's nothing really terrible about it if you like a lot of  noise and confusion but it's not very interesting or different either. Naming a robot Servo reminds me of Mystery Science Theatre 3000's Tom Servo or maybe it's a homage or whatever. Servo is a good character here and there and just about saves this story.  The cliffhanger is not particulary exciting OR boring; the evil robots reminded me of refugees from PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN. It's sort of a runaround and  a talk around and it's...not really much of anything. 

Again, I find myself thinking, I can't say I hated it but I can't say I loved it either. It's sort of there and does it's job and is quirky...JUST but it's also routine and old old old hat DW of the type maybe that is in the old MARVEL comics stories and that's not terrible...just that it's all been done before. Only that was in the late 70s and early 80s with a black companion (a teenage black companion and black companions were never done before that and later on she ages to her 20s...novel stuff back then and with quirky robots back then.) I guess I'm glad stories like this exist but I'm not wholly sure why I am. The bulge of DW stuff now just seems overloaded with genric by the book DW (and yeah, I include NEXT DOCTOR and PLANET OF THE DrREAD in that). ANd has anyone read those DARKSMITH LEGACY books? OMG, how awful can a DW novel get.

Anyway back to's worth a listen but you might want to keep aspirin close by a nice back rub to chill after all the noise...and a really good book to indulge in some ideas and concepts and something else...      

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