Will the 2010 Doctor Who Series Start Earlier Than Expected?

Administrator - Posted on 16 September 2009

Will the 2010 series of Doctor Who with Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor be starting earlier than we originally expected? Traditionally, each new series of Doctor Who has debuted in the spring (March or April) since the series returned in 2005.

BBC News published a video of Richard Curtis on writing for Doctor Who today (see here). Under the video on the page, it includes the following in regards to Curtis' episode he is writing:

Filming is due to start in November and the episode is likely to be shown in February.

If this is correct, it would mean that the new series with Steven Moffat at the helm will actually be starting earlier than we originally anticipated. We don't know what order the Richard Curtis story will be shown in the series, but regardless of which episode it may be in the line up, a February showing would mean that the new series will be starting either in January or February.

Nothing has been officially announced to date on when the new series will actually begin on BBC. The key word may be "likely" in the statement and it could be just a guess on the part of the author of the piece.

romana_II's picture

Nooooooooooooooo Series 5 can't start until I get to the UK :(

Won't be there til March after Gally.

~Hysterical Woman #1088~
The Wailing Fangirl Podcast

Bullitt33's picture

There, I just said it.  It's been to long since Journey's End for goodness sake! And the last 2 specials have been so "meh" IMO.  I'm starving for some new (quality) Who already!

Soldeed's picture

I can see them starting a bit early to have Doctor Who completed before the World Cup starts on June 11th. Not sure we'll see that particular episode in February though.

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