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VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA-The Sky is on Fire, Graveyard of Fear, The Shape of Doom, Dead Man's Doubloons, The Death Ship

Chase - Posted on 19 September 2009


Writer-William Welch a from story by Irwin Allen and Chas. Bennett

Dir-Sobey Martin



Seaview is four days under the ice fields and finds ice at very low depths. Nelson comes down the forward circle ladder as ice shakes the 8 windowed Seaview. The sub goes down 650 feet; Crane wants to go another 1000. Ice sinks then rises up off South Pole shelf. Finding a clear patch in the ice, Seaview surfaces. Sharkey brings Nelson, Chip, and Crane coats and they climb up to the conning tower: see the sky turned red. Sharkey says, "The sky's on fire!"


Act One   

The men go below, removing jackets. Seaview dives to 90 feet. Mike (or his name as said by Nelson sometimes sounds like Matt) McHenry of the Pentagon is received by someone Nelson calls Sparks (but this is not Arch Whiting at the radio set up! It is some other uncredited actor--Arch's name is not in the credits, nor is this actor). The southern hemisphere caught fire and a New Zealand Observatory thinks a meteor shower set the Van Allen radiation belt around Earth afire. McHenry feeds Nelson (who is using a mini computer) data as he comes en route to DC via the Flying Sub. His coarse on auto, Nelson is able to work. It turns 125 degrees at the South Pole. Crane uses periscope to see ice nearly on fire. Seaview goes due north. Nelson passes equator in the Flying Sub and sees clear skies. The crew hear new reports of forest fires and many lives lost in New Zealand and Argentine areas. Nelson sees the Washington Monument and lands on runway 14 at National Airport. A missile detonated 300 miles in the air will set the belt back in place but it must be at the correct moment and at 16 hundred hours on the 29th, latitude 58 south, longitude 125 west. The UN security council of which McHenry, a Doctor Weber, and Dr. Carleton are a part will join Nelson on the trip to fire the missile--but the whole council must approve of it. Nelson frustrates, "The whole world is in danger and we're wrapped up in red tape!"  The four fly in the Flying Sub. Weber is an expert on solar and nerve gas. Carleton tells Nelson that Weber thinks the belt will burn itself out at 173 degrees. If he is wrong, there won't be enough time to fire Nelson's missile. As they cross the equator, the sky is red, the control panel sparks. McHenry uses CO2 on it but the Flying Sub shoots downward, out of control!


Act Two

Fire is put out and the Flying Sub submerges, under control again. It goes up into Seaview. Nelson and Weber debate; Carleton needs time to think out his vote. In the Missile Room, Weber uses his ring to stick Sharkey's hand after Sharkey tells him the room is restricted. Chip tells Crane they will have to let them fire the missile. McHenry tries to talk Carleton into accepting Nelson's plan. Nelson calls Sparks Sparks but it is not Sparks! Bolivia is hit hard by the fires. Sharkey starts stirring men up. Nelson warns McHenry not to bait Weber. McHenry is in bed when a fire burns his blanket. Crane sees smoke and calls fire detail for help. They pull McHenry out but he suffered a great deal of smoke inhalation. Ski reports the man is dead.


Act Three

Seaview on surface, scrubs of smoke. Sharkey leave the Transformer Room when Weber works on him some more. Sharkey goes to the Crew's Mess Hall and starts a fight with Riley and Ski. Chip comes running in and Sharkey punches him too! Officers take Sharkey to Crane. Weber comes in and asks if there was a fight. Ski laughs, "No we were just horsing around!"  Weber touches Ski and Riley on their shoulders. Chip won't press charges and tells Crane to look at Sharkey's eyes...drugged. Crane has a man take him to sickbay. Nelson tells Carleton there were 100s of deaths today and will be millions more if they don't fire the missile. They cannot reach the UN council. Nelson yells at Carleton--he only feels sorry for himself and he is selfish--by not voting he is endorsing Weber's plan. Carleton tells Nelson the decision makes him sick inside but he votes for Nelson's plan. Nelson will tell Weber but Carleton wants to do it himself. Nelson smiles at him. Weber is touching all the crew with his ring; Ski, Riley and the men plan to mutiny. Carleton tells Weber who asks for a cigarette and then plunges the man into the Transformer Room high voltage machinery-killing him.


Act Four

Men carry the body out. The power is restored but the jet nozzle which they need to continue is no the ocean floor. Crane and divers go out and retrieve it. Chip tells Crane that Sharkey was drugged. A still shaky Sharkey apologizes and Chip can't remember a thing and won't press charges, the man is no longer under arrest. The men come busting into Nelson's room and confront Nelson and Crane. Nelson manages to turn on the intercom which makes Chip and the control room men overhear the plot: to lock up Nelson and Crane and the others until after the deadline. Sharkey takes up a detail to stop them and calls to a man named Phil or Bill on his detail to stop one crewman who tries to get away. At the nose, Weber takes out a gun and a grenade. Nelson and Sharkey run in. Crane tells the Master of Arms to have the men checked out by sickbay after the deadline but to lock them up for now. Weber shoots the missile firing control (hey, wait! Isn't there one in the missile room too?). He makes Sharkey drop his gun. Weber tells them he killed two good men and doesn't want to kill more--like Chip. Crane on the circle ladder hears Weber's mad raving. Crane, with 5 minutes left, dives outside and moves along Seaview's deck with a magnetic timer to set on and fire the missile. The ship shakes when it fires and Weber falls, the grenade igniting. Sharkey jumps on him and the grenade goes off under them!



Seaview surfaces. Crane is on the deck in diving gear, holding onto the deck handles as Chip and Nelson see him from the conning tower. The missile reverses the fire. Sharkey is in sickbay recovering and sore. Weber took the full force of the blast. The crew will be all right now. Sharkey feels better now that the world is safe.


NOTES: The promo material for this episode tells us that the crew were supposed to take over the control room (and this info is used for some episode guides in books on VOYAGE---along with other info that is not in the aired versions of episodes). This is, of coarse, the movie VOYAGE redone and it isn't as bad as one might expect. Many second season sequences have the 8 windowed Seaview from Season One and the original movie included in stock footage even though the ship was overhauled for the entire second season. The footage, despite this, fits in nicely though. One major point of the series is that we almost always see the point of view from behind the drivers of the Flying Sub--looking out the window but also seeing the pilots and anyone sitting in the chairs--here we see a wonderful sequence of Washington DC at the window in front of Nelson. Sparks is played by a different, uncredited actor. Arch Whiting is not credited in this episode. Sparks does not appear in the end credits at all. A Seaview medical person is seen in the sickbay--another doc, a male nurse, or a corpsman?







































Writer-Robert Vincent Wright

Dir-Justus Addiss



Noble prize winning (we are told in the promo material) scientist Dr. Crandall Ames and his secretery Karyl Simmons (she screams) are on board a large research ship which is attacked and sunk by a giant Portuguese Man of War jelly fish.


Act One

A sea plane lands as Nelson in his Marine Institute is told by Ames and Simmons of the lost ship--they claim to have been sunken by a sudden squall. A press release told they were working on the life cycle of plankton--this was not true. They found the most incredible discovery in science and it was lost and need Seaview to get it back. Seaview was not to put out for another five days. Sub dives (using an extensive interior dive sequence from the movie which shows Ski in a blue shirt and several other crewmen from the movie who don't appear in the rest of the episode but did appear in ELEVEN DAYS TO ZERO and any other time this stock footage is used). At 90 feet, Crane reveals he doesn't believe the squall story. Riley is bringing cases with Ski, who opens the door to a cabin and gives Riley the advice to drop the. Riley does and one case opens. Ski looks at a paper that fell out--calling Ames a clown. This paper says the pretty woman is over 200 years old due to vitiasynthesis. Riley tells Ski he likes older women. This serum arrests aging process and was found in from natural sources in the sea. Much was developed and discovered by his deceased colleagues and the info, the serum, and their notes died in the wreck along with them. Riley and Ski bring breakfast to Miss Simmons's door--she didn't eat her dinner last night and won't show herself at all. Ames takes it in.  Karyl thinks they should have told Nelson the truth. Sonar gets lots of blips. Crane sees and then shows Nelson many wrecked ships they are passing. The Man of War jelly fish electrically charged, hits Seaview with a bolt and affects all instruments. Then all is fine. They arrive at Ames's sunken research ship. Nelson asks what really sank it. The jellyfish comes head on, filling the window. The crash doors close and the thing covers Seaview's nose.


Act Two

Chip activates the force shield which repels the creature but Seaview hits bottom. The force shield is gone. Ames admits his fault in this. Nelson thinks it would be worth a try to get the serum and notes from the sunken ship. Crane vetos the idea--they have too much damage themselves. Karyl pleads for Ames to do something: he steals diving gear, goes to the Missile Room (which looks very, very big in this episode) and fights a crewman. The monitor is fixed but sonar is completely gone. They have one fourth power. The crewman reports Ames's leaving. Chip looks at him on the monitor, "I'll say one thing for him--he's got guts."  Divers follow but the thing glows and a mouth (?) chases Ames under a rock. Crane recalls the divers. A special effect that never seems to stop amazing me is viewed from the outside: we see men moving around inside Seaview's window seen from outside the entire sub. They can't fire a missile--the concussion can kill Ames. Riley checks Flying Sub and Crane takes it out to lure it away from Ames. One real flaw at times is when the Flying Sub is seen leaving the full nose model--the model is seen as being on the surface even in episodes where the Seaview is clearly not on the surface. Crane has to make another pass (at a jelly fish!) with the Flying Sub but gets too close and is taken inside the mass, electrical shocks shaking it!


Act Three

Flying Sub falls out but lands on the bottom. Nelson sees the thing over the Flying Sub and tells Lee not to make any noise. The batteries in the Flying Sub generate gas. Nelson suggests he get into scuba gear. Ames returns to Seaview. Ski says to Riley the dame is behind it all somehow. Riley wonders if she is just shy. Ski says, "Nobody who looks like that should be shy. Anything happens to the Skipper, it's everybody's business."  Chip sends Ames to Nelson's cabin. Ames tells Nelson that Capt. Crane is not indispensable. Fumes in Flying Sub could blow up. Nelson suggests he blow the depth tanks for breathing space. Karyl has grey hair now. Riley and Nelson in lab watch a small jelly fish in the tank. Nelson experiments on it with electric wires. Riley likes this size better but Nelson tells him even he (it) can knock a man out. They will plan to use the parabolic mirror to bounce and reflect the giant jellyfish's charges against it. Patterson is wearing a red uniform. Ames hold a gun on him in the Missile Room, wanting him to load the torpedo. He knocks Pat out when he is not cooperative. He loads the torpedo himself--the concussion can kill Crane.         

Act Four

Crane finds the safety hatch jammed (hey, wait--what about the back door or the ladder exit which goes up to Seaview's control room or even the upper hatch that is shown on the Aurora model of the Flying Sub-?). Ames calls the Control Room: attack the thing in ten minutes and he will fire the torpedo at it--if the don't--he will blow up Seaview using another warhead. Nelson tells Chip they can't just rush in--it would take too much time to cut through the door. Nelson sets everyone in position: Kowalski is on the parabolic mirror controls. Seaview moves in. A shake drops the warhead but Ames catches it. Seaview goes right into the Man of War and it gets the full force of its own discharge. Kowalski laughs, "That'll teach that oversized storage battery to mess with us."  The antenna burns out. Crane gets out of the Flying Sub. The radio doesn't work--they can't warn him not to come back in through the missile room--where Ames waits to hold a gun on Lee. He wants Lee to go to the wreck. Nelson and Chip think: why not lob a gas grenade into the vent (why didn't they do that sooner?)--as a last resort (?). The creature attacks again and the ship shakes--making Crane able to stop the warhead and fire the other torpedo since Ames drops his gun. The creature blows up.



Nelson tells Crane to get changed. They must head back to port--no delay. Ames picked up the gun again but puts it down---he seems almost humble now. It is too late. He tells Nelson why: Karyl was his guinea pig--only he fell in love with her. She falls into his arms after he goes into her cabin---and finds her toothless, long gray hair and horribly old. Despite her appearance, he grabs her as she falls---a 200 year old woman.


NOTES: Despite some of the flaws listed above in the production and the script, this episode moves along quite nicely. The special effects are top notch...near perfect and the creature looks and sounds wonderfully scary. Riley and Ski are well developed in this and other stories and are both quite likeable, unlike Patterson who is just okay. One major theme of this episode and of many in the second season (beside espionage and fanaticism) seems to be love. The villains if they can be called that are motivate by love. This occurs with Cara in LEVIATHAN, Krugar in both THE PHANTOM STRIKES (in the first one he is in love with life) and RETURN OF THE PHANTOM, Gundi in THE CYBORG, Litchka in TIME BOMB, a bit less in JONAH AND THE WHALE when it is told Katya and the man that died in the diving bell--Alexi were more than just colleagues but good friends and to be married, the love of father and son and country in AND FIVE OF US ARE LEFT, and Alex Holden for his work in SHAPE OF DOOM. The Karyl sequences are well played out in the dark cabin, which as does Nelson's cabin, has pictures and sea and ship maps on the walls. Nelson's has a photo of the Nautilus. The jellyfish appeared elsewhere but no where was it as menacing as in this episode and the side story of Karyl was offsetting it to good measure. A good episode.



























Writer-William Welch

Dir-Nathan Juran



Dr. Alex Holden gets a radio message from Sparks of Seaview. His whaling ship-the Bluebell, which got past the Pickett ships, is chasing a giant whale. Seaview turns 10 degrees left rudder. Holden harpoons the whale and grabs the wheel. The whale splits the ship into two, killing everyone on board except maybe Holden.


Act One

There are 8 windows on the Seaview nose in some scenes. The Flying Sub is being overhauled. They see a man on wood--the wreckage of the Bluebell. Two Seaview men pick him up. Crane orders some coffee for him. Holden says, "All I want is that whale. I've got to have him."  (Gee, Crane, isn't it time you recognize a fanatic when you see one and lock this nut away?). Alex tells Riley, "Young fella, if you're any good at all, you should have my whale on sonar."  Holden knows of Admiral Nelson. Chip tells Riley to get Holden dry clothes. Holden is one of the world's leading biochemists. Nelson criticized his methods but not his theories. Crane and Nelson tell him of the operation they are doing--all other ships were to stay away of this area. Alex has been away hunting the whale which he injected with growth producing chemicals. He needs to take tissue samples and to retrieve instruments in the whale. They cannot leave the area to put him ashore nor chase the whale. Nelson tells Lee he believes Holden's story--in the scientific community he's considered a little touched but he is a genius. In the missile room, Holden is told that a new canal is being dug with a nuclear explosion--housed in a blasting ditch. The device prop used is the diving bell from THE CONDEMNED. It is raised up and lowered out the Missile Room hatch (the hatch never seems to have an airlock? Can the water be kept out without one? Does pressure keep the sea back?). The President and VIPs are on an air craft carrier nearby for the dedication. The device is lowered down out of Seaview on the winch. Holden tells Nelson the whale cannot get clear of the area but all Nelson tells him is that the blasting will save time and money...even if it kills his whale and the other fish around. Holland is disappointed in Nelson, "Don't you have any values left that you don't measure with a dollar sign?"  Chip picks up a big whale he calls the grand daddy of all whales at 50 knots. They bring the bomb up but the whale swallows it!


Act Two

Crane tells Kowalski to cool the heating winch. Ski orders men to do so with hoses. The carrier is close at 42 miles. The cable snaps and the whale is 50 megatons of total destruction. Seaview gives chase. Nelson tells Holden that the bomb may take a jolt but in other circumstances a nudge from a playful porpoise might set it off. The men prepare 500 anodyne torpedo which enters but doesn't really stop the whale. It will be tranquilized, then all ships will be ordered out of the area, and the bomb will be detonated. Holden protests they will only make it mad. Crane says, "I've never seen a mad whale, Doctor."  Wait--yes he has--remember THE GHOST OF MOBY DICK and JONAH AND THE WHALE? Nelson calls the carrier but before he can get a message to them, the whale attacks the Seaview. When Crane orders them to brace themselves, Holden asks Nelson, "How do you brace yourself against a nuclear bomb, Admiral?"  The whale rams them and the Seaview shakes. Water fills two of the rooms below, trapping some of the men.


Act Three

Red lights glow as the power comes and goes--giving the red images to the stock footage from SUBMARINE SUNK HERE. There is a crack in the outer hull. Ski and other stuntmen--crewmen in the show--get all the men out--no one dies--that part of the stock footage wasn't used. Chip tells them they will make it and they should sure up the hatch to the water filled compartments. The antenna is out and Nelson yells at Sparks to fix it. Crane tells them there was enough anodyne to knock out a small city. Holden smiles, "My whale's a killer, gentlemen, and he's coming back."  The whale circles and they shoot another tranquilizer torpedo in him. The bottom is 920 feet below--at 900 feet, the bomb will blow up. A harpoon shot gets it to land on a ledge before it goes that deep. Nelson hopes more anodyne will kill the whale. Holden rushes in to Nelson, past the Master of Arms. He appreciated Nelson's criticisms in the past--they forced him to take one extra step for success. He asks for one hour to get what he needs from the whale. Nelson says as a scientist he has his sympathy totally but he backs up Crane. Nelson makes the Master of Arms (why was he stationed at Nelson's door anyway?) to lock Holden in his cabin. On the stairs, Holden hits the man and fights him unconscious. Holden goes into the back door to the Missile Room and fights and chokes Riley, knocks the far out surfer out, empties the anodyne and smashes the rest of the containers, then hits Ski over the head with a wrench! Ski recovers quickly though. Nelson and the others find them and help them up. Nelson says, "If the whale detonates the device, the President and all on the carrier will die with us."


Act Four

The crew search for Holden, including starboard watchmen. As Ski talks to Crane or Nelson on the mike we can see a crewman pass by him...but his shadow merges with other crewmen who are coming down the other way---toward Ski. They seem to turn, stop, and wait until Ski finishes his mike call and then move out! Ski says, "What are you standing around for?"  The gang jump...Chip Morton. Ski apologizes and runs off in the only humorous scene. Holden runs up steps. There is not enough anodyne for a full charge. Nelson wonders if they surface perhaps Sparks can use a whip antenna to contact the carrier. Seaview blows ballast. Holden calls and orders them to stop. Nelson does...Holden has the detonator to the bomb which he blew out of Nelson's safe. Crane runs up to find this out. Holden smiles, "You've seen what a mad whale can do, captain, a mad scientist is far more destructive."  He wants mini sub and supplies. He threatens them and plays with the detonator. He won't listen to Nelson. "I too have a time problem." (What is it? Is he dying? What did he mean by this?) He is launched from the missile room in the mini-sub. He tells them Seaview can get away in the hour he will give them. Seaview rises. Sparks gets through to the carrier which moves off. The whale drops off the ledge as Holden in the mini sub moves right toward it. Seaview secures for a shock wave as the whale blows up. Seaview shakes.



Seaview and the carrier come through the shock all right. Nelson says there is no point in blaming Holden for any of it...he is out of our jurisdiction.


NOTES: A strange episode. Kevin Hagen is unlikable as Holden...making him that way purposely. However, if one thinks about it...Holden is right in the environment conscious 90s...or at least more environment conscious 90s. Nelson and crew could be seen as selling out and using bombs to help a project save time and money...while killing marine life including the whale and plenty of fish which Nelson doesn't care about. Getting past Holden's fanatic ways, one realizes he is correct in most of what he says. He also warned Crane to give the whale more tranquilizer and Crane doesn't...making the first shot not effective at all. Despite Nelson's sympathizes, Holden is really more the hero than the crew is this time. A problem: his motivation for getting the whale specimen and equipment (he left equipment in the whale?) is sketchy at best: is he doing this for revenge (ala THE GHOST OF MOBY DICK?) or is he motivated by research as the characters in JONAH AND THE WHALE, LEVIATHAN and THE PRICE OF DOOM. Or what? Is he just plain mad? Lots of stock of the whale from both JONAH AND THE WHALE and THE GHOST OF MOBY DICK make this almost displace from those two..and difficult to tell the difference. At first viewing, it is not as good as either of the other two whale tales but Kevin Hagen has a way of growing on you in any role, even one that is of a man unlikable. Yet, his character did have some valid concerns. If anything, Nelson should be fighting against a large nuclear blast for digging a ditch in the ocean floor for some canal.





















Writer-Sydney Marshall

Dir-Sutton Roley



In 1524, pirates battle each other and many die. Pirates abandon ship but the pirate captain, Brent, curses those who try to steal his treasure--then he dies and the ship is blown up (noisy scene production-wise--hard to understand what is being yelled). 1978: Seaview is checking on the cable 147 Intercontinental weapon to make it clear of rocks. Nelson doesn't take serious Capt. Brent's warning about the pirate curse--he is an electronics expert and technical advisor from the Allied High Command, here to help just before the Intercontinental Defense Weapons Missiles are linked up. Brent warns the two divers not to pick up any gold doubloons, he turns and we see that he looks exactly like the pirate captain from 1524!


Act One

Divers find a doubloon after checking the telemetry and firing lines. Nelson tells them they can bring the doubloon aboard. Brent tells them superstition is sometimes based in fact. A beam on the cable hits and blows up the divers and shakes Seaview. They think the propellant fuel went off due to a magnetic impulse. Nelson refuses to believe it was the Spanish doubloon curse. Admiral Howard, the 11th fleet commander, calls on the vid phone: on 6 hours one cable will connect 275 weapons. Brent asks Chip about the Mini Sub which can do 500 nautical miles and then asks how many knots it can do. Chip tells him that is classified. Other Inspection Teams leave Seaview. The mini sub is to go out also with an electronic beam detector. Brent hits a crewman named Henderson who is getting the detector and he takes his place in the Mini Sub. Ski wants to do extra duty since the divers that died were his friends. Henderson is found hurt badly. Crane and Nelson check Brent's cabin: inside is a treasure chest and a pirate flag that rolls down over the door--with skull and crossbones on it.


Act Two

Crane says, "I've got the feeling I'm sitting on a bomb ready to do off."  The mini sub is three hours gone. Brent, they are told, is a forcefield engineer and had an ancestor in the 16th century who was a buccaneer. Sparks gets the mini sub and the control room doors are opened for Nelson and Crane who go from the nose to the control area. They hear Brent who is raving about pirate treasure ships. He claims something will hit them and they hear an explosion. Seaview shakes again. Ski reports the seismograph reading-the direct bearing of shock wave--40-45 miles near the island of Ignamore--the Isle of Death. It was a 16th Century pirate hangout. Crane sums up the mystery of Brent, "...includes treasure ships, Spanish doubloons, and ancient pirate curses."  Crane and Ski take out the Flying Sub, surface, and fly. Ski tells Crane some of the scuttlebug and Crane tells him there may be something to these pirate curses. Ski spots what looks like a Spanish galleon which fires at them. The Flying Sub falls into the sea and hits bottom.



Act Three

Sparks gets a call from DC, a Travis from the Pentagon giving new info on Brent as Nelson smokes (yuck!). Brent has gaps in time in his past, forged records. It is as if he never existed. Crane dives out of Flying Sub to the island where a pirate stalks him. It is Brent. He throws a cutlass at Crane and it sticks into a tree. Other pirates come out. Ski returns Flying Sub to Seaview. Patterson reports-an electronic wipeout at the main reactor circuit hit them. Seaview will be fitted with an electronic protective shield. Crane on Seadog Circuit 3 gets a message from Sparks but Brent shoots his walkie talkie. Admiral Howard denies Nelson's request to be relieved of this mission. The defense system will be set up. Seaview volunteered to be attached to them and must carry out the mission--it is needed. Nelson turns command of Seaview over to Chip, telling him if Howard asks tell him, "I left to treat an incurable disease called fleet commander bullheadedness!"  He and Ski break surface in the Flying Sub. Crane is in the pirate's den-a cave where he is put on a table and Sebastian, a meaner pirate than Brent, throws water on him. The treasure ship is the La Reina Isabella. Ski uses the scanner. The pirates hear the Flying Sub overhead and take Crane out to look at it as it is shot down by what Brent says is the pirate ship. Nelson tells Ski to activate the reflecting electronic shield; it appears he can't control the Flying Sub, which crashes into the sea.


Act Four

Brent's plan: destroy the underwater defense system. Flying Sub is tilted nose down on the ocean floor and is sideways. The electronic shield absorbed the force. Nelson wanted to put the Sub down here to fool whoever did this. Ski takes the Flying Sub off the floor of the sea. Nelson uses the scanner. Pirates chain Crane to the wall of the cave. Brent tells him the fool that misfired on 147 has already paid for that mistake. Sebastian takes a torch at Crane when the others leave--he wants to make him talk. Crane kicks him over the hot coals and he is out. Crane then reaches the keys and gets free, climbs out. He gets his air tank, then follows Sebastian after the pirate awakens, dresses in diving gear and swims out to an underwater sea base. In a lower main room, Brent is claiming the world. Nelson picks up a cable that runs from the island to the weapon cable--someone's patched into their cable to explode the warheads. Ski splices into the alien cable. Brent points right up to Crane, knowing he is there; Sebastian comes up behind Crane. Nelson has the cable patched into the Flying Sub and starts an electronic reversal. Brent starts up a projector of the pirate ship--which is just a film. The Western Hemisphere and democracy will be destroyed, leaving its treasures for Brent and the country he works for. A beam is fired, Nelson warns Ski to hang on as he reverses it back to the sealab base. The Flying Sub shakes.



Nelson commands SKi to give it more power, "Pour it on!"  The beam shoots back and begins destroying the base. Crane hits and flips Sebastian over the rail. He gets away as the base blows up but just: he is shaken from the blast but swims to Flying Sub. At Seaview, Nelson thinks Brent really believed he was the reincarnated Capt. Brent from the 16th Century. There will be no inquiry board hearing for Nelson's supposed desertion of post. Crane wonders what country Brent worked for. They may never know Nelson says, "but he worked for a legend of evil, dead man's doubloons."  He flips the coin onto the top of his other hand, covers it, and makes it vanish. "I'll teach you that sometime,"  he laughs. Crane laughs also. Seaview sails on.                      












































Writer-William Reed Woodfield, Allan Balter

Dir-Abe Biberman



Riley calls out that an unidentified sub is on the tail of Seaview. Sparks calls it but the sub fires torpedoes at the Seaview over and over again. The men rig for an attack and we see what looks like stock of men dressing, men wearing sailor hats, men running from the crew quarters. Seaview has the 8 windows again (stock). Missile room fires aft homing torpedoes but they are neutralized. Crane dives Seaview and the sub, a drone with no one aboard, follows. Seaview fires the ultrasonics weapon--Crane giving himself his own authorization to use it. The enemy sub blows up.


Act One

Chip doesn't approve of the auto test about to happen. Only a handful of 8 civilians will be running Seaview along with Nelson and Crane. Sparks sends Glenn Carter, the President of the firm International Shipbuilders which will make the changes on Seaview a message. Someone is listening to his message to Nelson. Two men who want to destroy a peace ship which will be in the area. The heads of seven major countries will be on board. These two men want to stop the peace treaty and will use Seaview to destroy the ship. One of the civilian scientists works for them. Ski and Riley discuss the test. Ski says it will cut down on the crew and they will be out of a job. No success with the test, no Seaview. Riley sees this as just a trial run and a chance for some shore leave. The crew, in civilian uniforms, leave the ship. Lee tells Chip to have a good liberty and Chip says, "That's one thing you don't have to worry about."  Ski brings Ava Winters to Crane. She was parted from the rest of the group. She is one of the architects who helped build the Seaview. At a fenced in estate government building, the two men discuss how their agent is planted. Arthur Chandler, a technician and Carter board Seaview. Carter explains they do not want to make sailors obsolete, only make their work easier. Nelson prattles on about ten technicians. Tracy Stewart, a pretty younger woman, a computer programmer and communications expert, is aboard also. The treaty will be signed in mid Pacific ocean. The auto navigator is set for drift currents. A man named Klaus is in the Reactor Room; Rourke is in the engine room. Seaview will eventually go to six thousand feet but as lights go out and the auto blows, Chandler cannot switch to back up. They are at 51 or 58 thousand feet. In the engine room, Nelson finds Rourke dead--crushed on the turbine; he keeps Ava from going into the room. Crane gets Dr. Templeton and while he does, Klaus is shot in the back while alone at the Seaview nose.


Act Two

Nelson and Crane search the halls while the others are in the nose. They look through the mini sub and the diving bell. Chandler, Carter and Dr. Frank Templeton bring Klaus's body to sickbay. Someone traps Lee and Harry Nelson in a room, the mike broken, and a steam line allowing gas to come in, threatening to explode. Crane says, "Chandler's right--whoever the murderer is--he's just getting started."  He blows the hatch open and they run out. Ava's cabin is found locked. Lee rounds up the others and while the nose is quiet, he lights up Tracy's cigarette (yuck!). Nelson finds Vice Admiral Jed Stroller behind Ava's door after the pair search her cabin (in A deck). Jed mentions the lab door was opened, Nelson keeps it locked. They run to it and find Carter upsidedown, drowned in one of the fish tanks (this gimmick would be repeated several years later in the movie DAY OF THE DOLPHIN). Chandler reports his getting sick when they took the body to sickbay. Tracy could have left the nose, Jed was wandering around, Ava and Tracy were on the nose together--weren't they? Chandler says, "One of us is a cold blooded murderer."  They have no power to launch the Flying Sub. Chandler asks about the mini sub but at this depth it wouldn't last 30 seconds in the water. Templeton tells them Carter said he wanted to leave Sickbay for a few minutes...any of them could have killed him. He waits in the nose as the others run to the missile room to stop Chandler...who vanished while they argued. Chandler launched the mini sub; the others race back and see the mini sub on the screen (on auxiliary power). It blows up. Tracy goes to wake Dr. Templeton who was in a chair, drinking coffee. He falls over dead from it...mercuric oxide was in the coffee.


Act Three

Ava knows about this chemical--it is for liquid soldering plugs--she holds Tracy's hand to comfort her. Jed wonders why it can't be a woman--but was sure it was the doctor. He and Nelson move his body. Templeton was an intellectual oddball..Jed never trusted him. Nelson thinks over the body...seemingly identifying with what Jed just described about Templeton. In an odd scene of the Seaview from outside, dead in the water, we see (via stock footage) what looks like someone moving around in the control room windows. This is unintentional as it is stock used in many episodes but here it lends itself to even more creepiness and isolation. The person moving around at the windows in the long shot may not be a person at all just the reflection of light as seen from outside. Nelson can't find Jeb and runs, falling on ladder. He pulls a gun on Jed when Stroller gets the ladder off him. Nelson thinks Jed pulled the hinge pin. Jed says he went to go get cigarettes. Nelson knocks him down--he tells Jed he doesn't think a woman could pull this off (I almost wanted it to be one of the women...Nelson was being quite prejudice this point I almost suspected Ava or Tracy or both!). Nelson brings Jed to the Control Room and says something like, "Sit down, chap,"  or over there or on the chair! It is hard to hear this bit of dialogue. Nelson and Crane try to figure out what is going on. They are a bit daft in this episode, aren't they. Seaview, they figure, will be used to torpedo the peace ship. Nelson destroys the firing controls (but hey, guy, there are more in the Missile Room). Jed figures, laughing, that the killer could want to use the nuclear missiles. Crane goes there to deactivate them...with small blasts (?). Ava gets a gun from the storage cabinet. Explosions briefly shake Seaview as Crane deactivates the nuclear missiles. Jed tells Nelson about Ava getting a gun and he calls her the killer. Ava tells Nelson, "You know that's not true, Harry."  Crane turns a door open and narrowly escapes death from the booby trapped grenade on the other side. Nelson goes for the first aide kit. Ava keeps slipping away (for a sedative or a gun or a headache pill...or whatever). Tracy checks Crane. Nelson goes to Ava's room and finds her there. She wants to sleep but Nelson says, "Call me. I don't want anything to happen to you."   Then the dumbie leaves her alone. Now why? Jed finds the detonator relay cell from a computer which was used to build the grenade trap--which implicates Tracy. Jed claims she knows computers almost as well as Nelson. Nelson stops her from giving Crane a sedative. Crane doesn't suspect Tracy, "Don't be silly."   Nelson checks the radio shack equipment with Tracy. Everything is operational! But nothing works! Nelson gets some kind of buzz from Ava. He and the others rush up there and he breaks find Ava on the floor.


Act Four

Ava...dear Ava...why did you have to sleep in your room while the others slept in the control room? Ava, a nice character shouldn't have been killed. We are not even told how she was. Why did the others let her sleep alone in her cabin? Dopes. Crane fell asleep. Nelson was involved in his work. Tracy tells them that she was fully awake and aware...none of them left the control room. Gee whiz, could someone else be on board? None of them had a chance to kill Ava, the roaming architect. Tracy comes up with the brilliant idea that Ava killed herself. She says Chandler did. Nelson says he didn't do that...he died trying to get away from the killer. Crane checks the Amrak circuits out...they work. Nelson touches a main power line in the radio shack and is electrified. He falls and with 10,000 volts, Jed tells Crane he is dead. Crane tries to revive him. The wires were stripped--Nelson was murdered. Crane puts Nelson's body in sickbay. Tracy sees if Crane was all right. Stroller was right behind he is gone. They race to the control room to find Stroller's head sticking out of the crash doors...his neck crushed. Tracy turns away. Crane stalks her now...he believes she, being the only one left, is the murderer. She runs and claims it wasn't her. She grabs a door to close as Crane pulls from the other side. She calls Crane, "Lee,"  as she tries to explain. One almost feels sorry for her at this point as Lee seems to victimize her but she must be the killer...right? Crane confronts her and grabs her. Someone locks them in. We see an extreme pan to the door lock turning. From the radio room, the killer activates all power and Seaview rises. Crane opens the door and tells Tracy to stay put. The torpedoes are set to fire. Seaview reaches the surface and the killer targets the peaceship in the periscope. From the conning tower exit-entrance, Crane jumps the is Chandler who fights him down. As he is about to kill Crane with his recovered gun, Nelson shoots him.



Chandler got out of the mini sub before it went out the secondary hatch. Nelson rigged the 10,000 volts to a lesser voltage and got nothing but sparks (get it, huh?). The killer was using the air vents. Why didn't Nelson realize any of this before? Tracy says, "I wish one of you would have let me in on it. For a moment, I thought you were going to kill me,"  she says to Crane. Crane, in his best girl getting and keeping line (sarcasm here), says, "I almost did." 


NOTE: Since this was one of the first VOYAGEs I saw when it was rerun in the mid to late was quite a surprise to find Nelson alive again as well as Chandler. On second viewing however, it is obvious Nelson, the hero to the show (something I didn't really know when I first saw this episode) was not dead. Chandler being the killer is a surprise. I find some of the things in this episode a bit unsound. We all saw the mini sub with Chandler go down. How did he get out? Why can Seaview use auxiliary power for the screen in the control room but not for something more important? With a killer lurking, everyone separates far too much for almost no reason at all. Nelson's sexist attitude would have been shown as silly if one of the ladies was the killer. He was wrong about so much else...Jed wasn't the killer, Ava shouldn't have been left alone, Chandler wasn't dead....and the idea of the air vents or that someone else could have been aboard never occurred to any of the others or Nelson? Phooey. On the plus side, a murder mystery set on an incapacitated sub is a good idea. I just wish the story gave more plausible reasons for the separations. I also doubt Nelson would allow this group to be running his submarine. Ava, Tracy, maybe but the men were not all stable shall we say. Still, perhaps Nelson has some kind of weak spot for the people like Templeton who are loners, thinkers, and inventors who, like Nelson himself, don't seem like everyone else. The best version of this tale, AND THEN THERE WERE NONE is an old but classic movie. The versions that came after were not as good, including this one. This was not a bad one but it could have been so much better. 




















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